Monday, February 21, 2011

Who in the world wants UN Local Agenda 21?

The United Nations Local Agenda 21 Programme was adopted by all member nations in 1992. Most citizens in the United States were never told anything about it. To my knowledge, no nation in the entire world was allowed to vote on this sweeping plan to rebuild the world.

Over the past twenty years, the UN's communitarian system was implemented in every nation. In some nations it was an open process, because their systems were not established as governments of the people. In the nations where the citizens elect representatives and have veto power over laws passed by their elected representatives, Local Agenda 21 was hidden.

There are numerous first-hand accounts of citizens asking if LA21 was in their home area, and more than one US politician is on the record denying Local Agenda 21 was their local plan. Michael Shaw of Santa Cruz taped his local representative denying it. Seattle City Council members told me during face-to-face interviews there was no such thing in Seattle.

Today Seattle Council members openly advertise they embrace LA21 goals, visions and values. Today every government in the world promotes LA21 sustainable development principles.

For 100 years the very idea of a global government was relegated to conspiracy theory land. What life must have been like for the researchers and investigators who uncovered the plan in it's earliest stages. Some people have been studying and watching it come down since the 40s. Of course, few people took their findings seriously and the whole topic became nothing but a joke.

The emerging world governance system is not communist, although communists played a major role in setting things up. The new global system is called communitarianism. Unlike communism, communitarianism is a balance between individual and collective rights.

Under a communitarian system, individuals get their "rights" from the Community. The new Sustainable Community replaces God and any other higher authority in existence. All nations have to bow before the Community, be it the Global Community, the Regional Community or the actual neighborhood Community. Communitarian Community Law is supreme at every level.

This plan for controlling the global economy included an entirely new bureaucracy that replaces legitimate local governments. Every federal agency in the United States changed their mission statements to promote sustainable development, before anyone in the USA had heard the term. New agencies were established with names like Department of Neighborhoods, Community & Economic Development, Strategic Planning Office, Community Policing Services and Office of Sustainability. Strict new land use regulations were passed. Entire older neighborhoods were torn down and replaced with new sustainable "model" neighborhoods.

Now there are places in the U.S. where property owners cannot cut their own trees for firewood without getting permission first. Property owners can lose their property in all kinds of new ways if they do not adhere to the new regulations. New Smart Grids and Smart Meters (that cost mega bucks to install) are popping up all across broke America. Go Green has swept the world like a flu virus without anyone really questioning what exactly a "green economy" means. Smart businesses promote themselves as "green" because that's where the money is, not because they think they're saving the planet. Anyone deemed "unsustainable" is doomed.
"There is as yet no agreed definition of what constitutes a green economy. Whilst it is recognised that to a great extent a green economy will be tailored to the national context, there are a number of 'strands' that can be identified.' Earth Summit 2012
In the U.S. businesses keep moving to escape LA21 inspired regulations that kill their profits. Jobs keep disappearing. Taxes are diverted into new black hole programs that line the pockets of the sustainable developers, while more and more Americans lose everything they have. Even the Obama Stimulus Package was designed to line the pockets of LA21 sustainable developers. Construction money was for modifying homes to be more "sustainable."

A "green economy" doesn't mean earth friendly living. It has zero to do with saving the environment or anything else, except to the grass roots activists who believe the big lie. Green stands for money, not grass. It means the only people who make money are the people who know the green grant game. The stakeholders who pass these plans at the local level aren't called stakeholders for no reason. They hold the stakes over Americas' heart.
"Though it is notoriously difficult to reach agreed definitions of a green economy, it may be easier to achieve consensus on the principles that should ideally underpin a green economy in any context. This involves more of a focus on desired outcomes that a green economy should be striving to achieve. This may include an agreement that any transition to a green economy should have the principle of equity at its heart. This could also include the recognition of the environment and ecosystems as 'stakeholders' in our economic system."
In one year the planners will meet again in the same spot they met when they adopted the LA21 plan. Maybe this time, national citizens around the world will have the opportunity to vote on any Rio+20 resolution adopted by their government representatives. Maybe this time around LA21 will make the nightly news in America. Maybe we'll be told about the communitarian philosophy and law that supports LA21. And, maybe we won't be told anything at all.

On 14th - 16th May 2012, the UN Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) or 'Rio+20' will take place in Rio de Janeiro. Also referred to as the Rio+20 Earth Summit, due to the initial conference held in Rio in 1992, the objectives of the Summit are: to secure renewed political commitment to sustainable development; to assess progress towards internationally agreed goals on sustainable development and to address new and emerging challenges. The Summit will also focus on two specific themes: a green economy in the context of poverty eradication and sustainable development, and an institutional framework for sustainable development. The full text of Resolution A/RES/64/236, which endorsed the Summit is available here.
Several years ago we added this poll to the ACL website's Agenda 21 page. This may be the only global "vote" ever held over this issue in the entire world. The results show why that is.

Should national law be over-ruled by U.N. Agenda 21?
Yes, and I'm from the U.S. 13%287
No, and I'm from the U.S. 66%1,465
Yes, and I'm from the U.K. or the E.U. 2%40
No, and I'm from the U.K. or the E.U. 6%129
Yes, and I'm from Asia 1%28
No, and I'm from Asia 1%17
Yes, and I'm from outside the U.S. 2%38
No, and I'm from outside the U.S.. 7%159
I don't know, and I'm from the U.S. 1%23
I don't know, and I'm from outside the U.S. 1%21
2,207 votes total


Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Why do you suppose governments have been so eager to adopt Agenda 21?


Niki Raapana said...

I think at the lower level, mainly because it sounds good and brings in money. I know that when I asked Seattle government why they adopted the plans in all 38 neighborhoods they wanted to know why I cared. The bottom line was none of them had read any of it.. and when I asked them to read the RNP and respond to my complaints, I never heard back.

Why Bush I and Clinton embraced it is a bit trickier to discover.

Why do you think so many towns in England fell all over themselves to embrace it? England was one of my best sources for LA21 news. I suppose it helped them to have Common Purpose trained people in key positions too.

Has anyone linked the Big Society to LA21 yet? I mean besides the few of us here. :)

Stop Common Purpose said...

"Why do you think so many towns in England fell all over themselves to embrace it? England was one of my best sources for LA21 news. I suppose it helped them to have Common Purpose trained people in key positions too."

EU initiative probably. Loads of money made available and Common Purpose crooks to implement it.

"Has anyone linked the Big Society to LA21 yet? I mean besides the few of us here. :)"

Very few people in the UK know what LA21 is, let alone have the brains to link it to BS and certainly not communitarianism.


Anonymous said...

Great survey even if it's unscientific. It shows what many people desire!

Anonymous said...

Common purpose MUST be stopped, 'Communitarianism' Communist you mean?

Niki Raapana said...

John, nothing astonishes me more than the ability of the planners to keep this away from the public!

I have several unscientific methods for determining public reactions to LA21 plans. :)

Niki Raapana said...

If Common Purpose is stopped the planners lose an essential avenue to local influence in the UK. When CP loses it place, the house of cards could just come tumbling down with it. The only way we'll ever know is if the Brits shut it down. :) I know some are trying.

And no, I absolutely do not mean communist. It is communitarian.

Here's the dialectical formula:

A. Capitalism versus
B. Communism equals
C. Communitarianism

Communitarianism is the ultimate, final synthesis in Marxist theory.

It combines all sides of the political spectrum into one perfect middle. It is also called the 3rd way and market socialism.

Anonymous said...

There's a "third way" in religion too...doesn't work either.

Blair was always rabitting on about the "third way." Now I know what he meant.

Good article.

Julian said...

Any 'top down' imposed solutions lead to centralised control; benefit of vested interests; bureaucratic obfuscatory processes; large scale, homogenous approaches; corruption and loss of natural resources .
The 'bottom up', community led approach should benefit local interests at lower costs; enabling small scale, diverse solutions; with financial transparency and far better realisation of natural resources.
Agenda 21 offers that opportunity - if you take it. To enable food, water, energy and economic security within the free market - as required by WTO - and decapitate the financial monster that is marauding the planet.
It's like everything in this life - it's what you make it. Have some vision and take control. Best wishes

Connie said...

Yesterday I read that Rick Warren, that assistant to Satan, is planning to bring U.K. Tony Blair to his Saddle Back enclave to run his mouth. Warren is diabolical.

Niki Raapana said...

The Third Way in religion is very important. I've recently found a Methodist pastor preaching communitarianism, but not sure I've got anything calling it the 3rd way. I'll look that up.

Julian, "should" is the keyword. I haven't seen one LA21 program that benefited anyone but the NGOs and businesses involved in LA21 public-private partnerships. If there is evidence to support your claims I'd be willing to look at it. But there isn't anything to support it, and all the evidence I have says our locals are paying through the nose to support a vision they neither asked for nor want.

In my country, the LA21 plans include controlling "community" water as well as every other local resource. LA21 is presented as an "opportunity" and then the stakeholders implement their own vision, regardless of the public testimony at the speakouts, and the eventual plan, the exact SAME one everywhere, has little to NOTHING to do with what the local people actually desire.

I speak from direct hands-on experience, in both Seattle and my current "community." I've attended hundreds of meetings. LA21 is a vision for a future where the only visions allowed on the record are ones that fit within the duplicate parameters established by ALL promoters of the plan. Our Seattle LA21 neighborhood "vision" included SWAT raids on private homes searching for "bugs and rats." In the end, the real reason for the public "health" raid was stealing the property from its rightful owner and causing the tenants to become homeless. Yeah, it's a great plan if you share the elitist vision of a perfect world.

The WTO "free market" ideology is not the best source to cite if you're looking to convince me how great LA21 should be.

NGO funded "experts" always seem to agree on one thing, don't they?

Connie we'll have to follow that story.. should be some good quotes coming out of that meetup, eh?

SummerRain said...

Great survey!! Any other time in American history we would have thought this to be absurd, but with so many people within the country working against the constitution & freedom, it has become necessary.

Also, must read a new book out where Americans finally take a stand against tyranny. It's a thriller & must read for the rioting happening now in America. It's current & so real.

“If there must be trouble, let it be in my day, that my child may have peace. “ Thomas Paine

Niki Raapana said...

Thanks Summer, I wish it were all just a bad dream every day when I awaken to the absurdity of the plan, and especially to my place in it.

Julien, I got your message. Thank you.

Josef Kazantski said...

@ Julian
As Niki rightly said, LA21 in practice is far different to the propaganda and there's no substitute for experience. The proof is in the pudding. The scribes at the UN, like 3rd Way politicians, are adept at promoting their products by utilizing, co-opting and exploiting traditional left leaning issues (community, environment, poverty, human rights, etc), to create a facade of altruistic concern. As Niki has said, they only pay lip service to democratic processes in the community, in practice the outcome of a meeting is predetermined and therefore steered to that conclusion by cynical, manipulative practices --always. I'm sure Niki has many examples.

Anyhow, stick around. There's lots to learn here.

Julian said...

LA21 in Seattle sounds really horrendous; when rule of law is subverted in this way, all is lost.
But the norm has long been ignoring indigenous rights, trashing international agreements ... erm, think we are rather prone to bomb nations for that, us Anglo-Saxons, yet at the same time we are the biggest offenders ... two conventions on Biological Warfare (and more) blatently ignored by both UK & USA ... digressing somewhat. But, as we all know, its all bo**ocks (sorry, am close to the land) not just LA21 implementation - everything is subverted and corrupted. Most laws & conventions are often generally twaddle in the first place, though LA21 wasn't that bad - but hopelessly implemented for sure. These are the classic effects of ‘Design by Committee’, often in the drafting of legislation as well as the policy processes behind implementation. The defining characteristics here are needless complexity, internal inconsistency, logical flaws, banality, and the lack of any unifying vision or responsibility.
According to US academic Joseph Tainter's 'Collapse of Complex Societies', societies become more complex as they try to solve problems. Many reasons may be the apparent causes of societal collapse, the ultimate cause is usually an economic one, inherent in the structure of society rather than in the external shocks which may batter them: quickly diminishing returns on investments through needless social complexity.
Yup, sure looks like we're headed to hell !
German Historian, Karl Wittfogel in 'Oriental Despotism' describes a recurring pattern of 'civilisation', as 'Hydraulic Empires', that is concentration of power by despotic 'elites' around their control of vital natural resources (formerly water, energy now), with ever ballooning bureaucracies. Typified, as a direct consequence of their large scale water engineering (centralised irrigation, water supply & sewers), by loss of soil fertility, recurring flood & drought, destruction of natural resources, locations of many deserts today.

So ... everthing is quite normal. -

What to do ?

Anonymous said...


Interesting comments. Thanks for posting.

For me, the bottom line is that Agenda 21 was created and organized by unelected central bankers who have no intention of losing control over governments worldwide. If anything, Agenda 21 will ensure the central bankers gain even more power and control than they already have.

These central bankers use lies and manipulation to control the masses. They say they seek a more peaceful world, yet the manipulate through their media, and they fund both sides of nearly every war, so they can profit.

Ultimately, one has to look at the character of the individuals who created the thing, to understand the real intent behind it.

If central bankers do these deeds openly and with transparency, and they allow their positions of power to be available to anyone through unmanipulated and free elections, I think I could go along with Agenda 21.

Until then, it will likely continue to be crammed down my throat.

olmon said...

We can expect all sorts of things to be coming in regards the United Nations. The UN being given such power has long been expected. It is prophesied in the Bible. Revelation 17. The wild beast that is an Eighth King in verse 11 is the UN. Babylon the Great, the woman sitting on the scarlet colored wild beast, symbolizes all the false religions of the world, (of which apostate Christendom is a major part). The seven Kings, verse 10, symbolize the major world powers that have existed. At the time Revelation was written, five had already fallen, one was (Roman) and one had not yet arrived (the Anglo-American Power) The 10 Kings of verse 12 symbolize ALL of the political governments (10 symbolizes completeness in the Bible) and shows that ALL the governments will 'give' their backing to the Wild Beast (the United Nations). In verse 8, The wild beast 'that was, but is not and yet will be', signifys how the wild beast started as the League of Nations but disappeared at the start of WWII then reappeared in the 50s as the United Nations. All these thing that are occurring have been anticipated by those who have an understanding of Bible prophesy. Soon, the UN, along with all the governments of the world, will turn on all Religion, seizing all the properties and monies that they have amassed. As is brought out in Revelation 17:16-18

Provarications said...

The following paragraphs sound especially scary:

"5.49. Reproductive health programmes and services, should, as appropriate, be developed and enhanced to reduce maternal and infant mortality from all causes and enable women and men to fulfil their personal aspirations in terms of family size, in a way in keeping with their freedom and dignity and personally held values.

5.50. Governments should take active steps to implement, as a matter of urgency, in accordance with country-specific conditions and legal systems, measures to ensure that women and men have the same right to decide freely and responsibly on the number and spacing of their children, to have access to the information, education and means, as appropriate, to enable them to exercise this right in keeping with their freedom, dignity and personally held values taking into account ethical and cultural considerations." --

Whoa. Who would want that, besides well-adjusted and reasonable people?

Niki Raapana said...

Have you ever read the Chinese or the Russian Communist party platform? They sound reasonable too. As long as we only look at the declarations and ignore the realities Utopia sounds very reasonable. Limits on number of babies is considered reasonable as is forced sterilization. Access to information isn't the only goal and the plan is a lot longer than 2 paragraphs.

Whoa. Did you vote to adopt these principles in your country? Who would want the opportunity to do that?