Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Feds to Focus on Securing "Communities"

I got this story in a forward from Citizens for Legitimate Government (CLG), another one of the many elists I get that I never signed up for. I barely get time to open most of what I get but I thank them for this. Kinda brings it all into focus for me too.

Napolitano: terror threat may be highest since 9/11
By the CNN Wire Staff
February 9, 201

There is an increased reliance on recruiting Westerners into terrorist organizations, Napolitano said during testimony before the House Homeland Security Committee. State and local law enforcement officers are increasingly needed to combat terror, and a greater focus is needed on aiding law enforcement to help secure communities, she said.

Along with the joint terror task force led by the FBI, the nation's four-pronged counterterrorism response includes locally run "fusion centers" aimed at facilitating intelligence-sharing and analysis; a nationwide reporting initiative for suspicious acts; and the "If you see something, say something" campaign designed to "foster public vigilance," Napolitano added.

The campaign has been rolled out at major public events such as the Super Bowl and at retail centers, Napolitano said.

What's our "potential for crime" analysis? Do we think they have enough of our private data to determine our potential value or problem status in our home community?

And I have to say it, GO PACKERS!!!!, because I was born in Wisconsin and my dad thought Vince Lombardi was a saint worth quoting at every opportunity. My cheesehead people must have had a great time watching that game. I wonder if any of my people felt compelled to write down the FBI contact information on how to report "suspicious acts." I'll bet some did.

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