Tuesday, February 15, 2011

UN Agenda 21 in Idaho, by Vicky Davis

Last night I was a guest on Rick Adams Radio Avenger RBN Radio show. I totally forgot to post it here. (It dropped back down to 40 below last night and that shifts my focus a bit.) Pete sent me mp3 files so I can make the show available.

Before I forget again, I'll be on the Jeff Rense radio show tonight at 8pm.

During the second hour last night, Rick took calls and I enjoyed it very much. Could be the fact that I'm alone most of the time lately, but every caller touched me and I felt very connected to each one of them. One of the callers introduced herself as Vicky and asked whether Communitarian Law is part of Maritime Law. As this is one of the most serious omissions in my legal research, and very few have ever noticed it, I knew immediately I was talking to another researcher. When it clicked with me that it was Vicky Davis, a woman whose work I've been studying lately... I was like, "Hey! I need to meet you!"

Here's an example of why of her work is so relevant. I chose this article because I have family in Idaho and many friends there too, some of whom may already be familiar with Vicky's work.
UN Agenda 21 in Idaho, by Vicky Davis

Recently, the Citizens for Smart Growth, a citizens group in Star, Idaho asked Idaho Eagle Forum for some help researching what could be done to stop Mayor Nathan Mitchell from turning Star and the surrounding area into a California style suburban bedroom community. Ada County with Mitchell’s support approved a planned community development of over 600 homes near Star with the option to build many more after that. Star does not have the roads or infrastructure to support the Avimor development and apparently there is no market for the homes anyway because many of the homes they’ve already built are being rented.

Star is a rural community. The residents like it that way and they want to keep it that way so the objective is to recall Mayor Mitchell and send him packing.

The parent company of the Avimor is SunCor, an Arizona corporation that has thousands of acres under development in Arizona, Utah, Idaho and New Mexico. They also have developments in California and Mexico.

What started out to be a minor research effort became a "Holy Smokes! What Do We Have Here Project!" It turns out that the United Nations Agenda 21 program is being implemented in Idaho. If you don’t know what Agenda 21 is, then you’d better find out in a hurry because it will affect every aspect of your life, your children’s lives and in fact the direction of this country. Here’s a hint: Think Al Gore and ‘Earth in the Balance’ and Mikhail Gorbachev, Maurice Strong and the Earth Charter. Think centrally planned and managed economy hiding behind environmental issues.

“The real goal of the Earth Charter is that it will in fact become like the Ten Commandments.” Maurice Strong

Agenda 21 is not simply about land use. The implementation plan calls for a complete societal ‘transformation’ to make preservation of the environment the single most important thing in a person’s life - a religion as both Maurice Strong and Mikhail Gorbachev have said.

So how did Star get caught up in this nasty business? To understand the present, one must understand history. This history begins in 1977 when Ada County surpassed the population density needed to be classified as a ‘transportation management area’. Once that density is reached, the federal government requires that a Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) be established and the area is then eligible for federal grant money for planning and infrastructure. Ada County formed an MPO that they named the Community Planning Association. In 2003, Canyon County reached the population needed so they joined the Community Planning Association and it became the Community Planning Association of Southwestern Idaho (COMPASS).

Jumping ahead to 1983, the United Nations established a commission to produce a report on the environment and anticipated global environmental problems and to formulate strategies to deal with those anticipated problems to the year 2000 and beyond. In 1987, the commission’s report, the dubbed the Brundtland Report was published. From the Brundtland Report came Agenda 21:

"In 1992 leaders at the Earth Summit built upon the framework of Brundtland Report to create agreements and conventions on critical issues such as climate change, desertification and deforestation. They also drafted a broad action strategy—Agenda 21—as the workplan for environment and development issues for the coming decades." http://sdgateway.net/introsd/definitions.htm

In 1993, President Bill Clinton signed Executive Order 12852 which called for the establishment of a commission to oversee the implementation of Agenda 21 in the United States. This was never debated and Congress never voted on it. They just allowed it to become law by doing nothing.

The various federal departments of government have their own programs to implement Agenda 21 in their area of responsibility. Non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) with grant money are being used as the surrogates for federal government implementation. The NGO’s show up in your community masquerading as public interest organizations when in reality they have a very specific agenda towards ‘transforming’ the community. Idaho Smart Growth is one such NGO established for the purpose of implementing Agenda 21 in Idaho.

Timeline of regionalization in Boise Idaho

From this point on, the story is best told by following the timeline of the regionalization project of the Community Planning Association of Southwestern Idaho paying close attention to who did what - when. Before reading the timeline, it is helpful to know that the Communities In Motion Project is a five county regional plan. The 'Blueprint for Good Growth' is the Ada County plan of which Boise is the hub. In reality, it's all one plan with two phases that neuters elected local government and implements unelected regional governance by committee.
I also met Jeff Black from Chicago on Rick's show. He's a candidate for the U.S. Senate who's challenged Rham Emanuel in court. I haven't seen this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LIObTCfcvg4


Anonymous said...

In central Ohio we have the Mid Ohio Regional Planning Commission (MORPC). Columbus, Ohio is in Franklin County and the county just southeast of Franklin is Fairfield and they, too, have a Planning Commission. The sobs on those commissions, when accused of big brotherism, always claim that they do not have the power to force these rules and requirements on the people but somehow they do it anyway.

Niki Raapana said...

Is there anyone that you know in Ohio who is studying the plans and researching any of the local ICLEI connections or organizing an effort to expose the plans to the public?

I'm going to see how many people I can find and list as local contacts for people coming from those places.

Offhand I can name more than a few now and I haven't really looked yet.

That "somehow" has a process and there's a paper record of how they were able to force the rules. Of course getting access to their docs through PDR's isn't exactly an easy trail to go down either.

Anonymous said...

Niki: I don't know of anybody doing anything. I have observed what happened in this area in regards to trying to wake people up and I have no reason to be optimistic. 15 years ago I observed the militia movement and that flopped. I took part in the Ron Paul movement and found it very disappointing. In that case, the local group was headed up by people in their 20s and 30s and even though they were newbies (and had lots of energy) they had disdain for we who were older and had spent some years learning much about this stuff. I got the impression we made them uncomfortable and they wanted us to beat it. The Tea Partiers in this area are mostly clueless and they have been co-opted by neo-cons. When some of these Communitarians step up and make a move on our freedom and one of us tries to tell others where to go and learn the source we are ignored. I guess they'll never understand until it's too damn late.

Anonymous said...

Another thing: 15 years ago when I began putting things together I ventured into the Christian group connected with Phyllis Schlafly (Eagle Forum?). I was the newbie. After a while I caught on to a few problems. One being that the biggies are/were members of the Council For National Policy. A secret group made up of some questionable people, people who are/were clearly up to no good. Sorta like the Spiritual Counterfeits Project in SF who are counterfeits themselves (Tal Brook and others). Even Michigan's Mike Kornke was questionable. The list goes on and on.