Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Gertee Traveler - 4 Season PVC Yurt

This unlisted video is an experiment with product advertising (and copyright negotiations) rather than my usual straight up informational or semi entertaining productions. The music is from my favorite duo back in the 70s. I followed them from their happy hour gigs in Fairbanks to their concerts in Anchorage. They were at all the music festivals too. In 1985, when Nordica was 3 months old, JoAnn's sister, Nancy Malloy choreographed a show I was in, Old Songs and Lipstick. After being a faceless fan for many years I got to know JoAnn personally. Now I'm back to thinking about having a "freedom festival" at Camp Redington this summer... with lots of music, ACL seminars and gertee building. uh huh.

Good, bad, indifferent... your reviews and feedback of this video would be very helpful. :)


Stop Common Purpose said...


Excellent vid.

I admire your enterprise and hope you are successful.


John said...

How Much

Niki Raapana said...

Thanks John! You're a sweetie.

to the other John, good question!

I'm starting the ebay bids for a 12' Gertee Back Country Traveler Basic Kit at $699. USD. It has the metal roof ring, 2 door frames and one layer of tarp roof and wall covers. This is a very basic package that is functional now but will require some redecorating in the future. I'll include detailed instructions for set-up and ideas for adding materials and putting personal style into the coverings.

ericswan said...

That PVC pipe makes me think you could design your system to collect water or snowmelt into a barrel inside gertee. Stay well.

Angry Cheese said...

Makes you realise how phoney advertising is when you see a film like this that is genuine informative and helpful. The music is great and suits it. One point, the writing disappears a little too fast, we need just a little longer to read it - otherwise, I liked it.

Niki Raapana said...

Eric, the water idea definitely needs to be developed, and there's some really good hot water ideas too for making in floor heat!

Cheese, I wondered if there was time to read them all. I started it out with one easy liners. :) It's good that you found it informative and helpful and not too pushy or obnoxious.

You know, I just think we'd have a lot of fun together if I ever make it to England, or if you and your family make it out here. We should do a house exchange, in summer of course!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Good job Niki.


Sarah~ said...

15- F* is totally tropical!

Anonymous said...


This is absolutely awesome! Would it be possible to get blue prints? I would love to build something like this and adapt it to live in it permanantly.


Niki Raapana said...

Zach, I am working on that but all i have so far are hand drawn blueprints. I have a lot more ideas for materials now too. The Traveler did fantastic under the big snow load we had this past winter, I had to leave it for 3 months and just assumed it would cave because it had no center braces. The 3/4 inch pvc poles were bent almost at 45 degree angles but they didn't break! Neither did the pvc zip ties holding them on the tension cable, and the 1/8th inch cable didn't break either. But the walls were the new way I'm trying, which is rectangle squares of wood which can be made into walls, windows, doors after theyr're built, unlike the khana which you're stuck with. Mine always turn into "condos" because I like to hook 2 or three together. I'm in 2 10' Travelers now. With the 2 rooms connected by a 4x5' doorway, it's perfect for one person, or a couple. T

Too bad you're not in Alaska, I'd sell you these! But I will keep your comment and let you know when I have something worth selling.

I can make a Gertee update on here with a bunch of new pictures and you might not need a blueprint. It's Sat nite, may as well do it right now. Ask any questions you want. Appreciate your feedback.