Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Who is Cassandra Anderson at

I got this link today and found it to be an informative website.

I've never heard of this woman Cassandra Anderson before and went looking to see what I could find about her. Unless she's a fictional character in a fiction plot, there's nothing... nothing at all. She just appeared out of nowhere this past fall. This bugs me. People have always been very interested in who I am and while I never thought it mattered, my readers sure did. I have been forced to talk about myself and why I started researching Communitarian plans in almost every radio interview I've ever done. The "beliefs" page at morph city is a little suspicious, the "creating heaven on earth" statement is too much like the plan to me.

I have to know, does anybody else here know who Cassandra Anderson is and who is behind her website called Morph City? Even Daneen Peterson who jumped on the scene for a while in 2008 with had a posted bio. Morph City has several direct links to Freedom Advocates and Michael Shaw... which also means there is ZERO information about Communitarianism at Morph City. Cassandra also writes for Alex Jones. Just since last month, Cassandra appears to be taking on where Joan Veon left off? Is Cassandra Anderson a pseudonym for Steven Yates (or Terry "the borg" Hayfield!)? Someday I will discover the connection between Freedom Advocates, the Fusionists and the John Birch Society.


Stop Common Purpose said...

Very perceptive, Niki.

Alex Jones is a disinfo merchant for sure.

They seem to be afraid of the word "Communitarianism".

I wonder why.


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Could not make it up.

Niki Raapana said...

So John have you ever heard of this Cassandra? I hate to make snap judgments about anyone trying to expose LA21, but I have learned to be suspicious as hell.

You're the second person who got a weird word verification here. I guess I have to consider who owns my blog. very strange times, eh?

And, I'm in a discussion on my last post about global governance, there's a complaint over my muddy, overly detailed explanations of communitarianism. Can you think of a way to describe it in one paragraph that any reader can immediately understand?

Anonymous said...

Niki, The name "Robin Miller" appears on several of her pages as "author".

Have you tried a "whois" on the website?


Anonymous said...

A red flag for anyone affiliated with Alex Jones.

It's so obvious to any clear-thinking person that he's a Disinformation Agent.

Niki Raapana said...

Pete I didn't see that, and don't know how to do a whois on the website, a search for Robin Miller gives me nothing. Any idea who it is?

John I agree that Jones is not what he appears, but I know a few writers who post there that I do trust. Plus, a lot of people learn from Jones because he is able to simplify his ideas into one liners, and that seems to be what many people need to hear.

Joseph : Phạm Minh Tâm said...

( Vào đây mà xem - )

Niki Raapana said...

Joseph, I used a translator to understand your last post on your blog. It sounds dangerous there, I have a couple of bloggers i've met from Vietnam and now I'm very worried for them and you. 17 bloggers are suffering what we can only wish would never happen here. That's hard core news. I will do what I can to expose this for you.

"In Vietnam, the government proved tougher attitude, increased measures to suppress dissident voices and bloggers critical of the regime in the context of the Vietnam Communist Party to prepare the 11th Congress, will be in early January 2011. It was received by the AFP. Only since the start of October to date, there have been 17 for democratic dissidents, bloggers have been arrested, prosecuted or sentenced to prison."

Niki Raapana said...

The more I think about this I can't help but wonder if I am dangerous to link to, and if any of the arrested were my readers. Are you a priest?

Niki Raapana said...

Here's more of Joesef's post:

The most recent arrests occurred on Friday, 05/11/2010 relating to Mr. Cu Huy Ha Vu, who has used the law of Vietnam for the condemnation of acts of corruption, abuse rights, the authoritarian regime. Dr. Law was the son of Ha Yu famous poet Cu Huy Can, a member of the Provisional Revolutionary Government was first established in 1945.

In two days, his arrest on charges of Cu Huy Ha Vu constantly changing and until 6.11 pm on, the police representative told the press conference is Vu prosecution, investigation on charges of "propaganda psychological warfare, demanding the overthrow of the regime, slander, insult the honor leaders of the State "under article 88 of the Penal Code of Vietnam.

Cu Huy Ha Vu was his opinion known at home and abroad through the first he filed a lawsuit against Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung in the bauxite mining project Highland and promulgate regulations prohibit class action.

The closer to the time of the 11th Party Congress, successive administrations have carried out the crackdown, the arrests, imprisonment of opposition voices. According to a foreign diplomat, quoted by AFP, the current wave of repression in a cycle is started since 2007 and has increased in intensity over time. Meanwhile, a struggle for democracy, using the internet, told AFP he was unaware of such arrests will stop at nà.

Today Thursday, 04/11, Nguyen Huu Vinh, the owner of the blog Anhbasam specialized information "sensitive" to know that his blog was shut down by hackers. Earlier, on 23/10, Le Nguyen Huong Tra, blog owners and Dragon Lady, was arrested on 01/11 and urgent, she was prosecuted on charges of abusing civil liberties, sexual violating the interests of the State. According to the official press in the country, the blogger has written two articles critical of a senior security official and his family.

According to a struggle for democracy would remain anonymous, the blog is now in Vietnam is very dangerous and the situation becomes more serious due to power struggles within the Communist Party of Vietnam.

AFP quoted to Mr. Phil Robertson, the organization Human Rights Watch - HRW, responsible for Asia, according to which, the leaders of Vietnam has instructed the police crackdown to demonstrate that they are Protection Party, in the context of the government is also criticized from within, particularly Vinashin scandal. A few days, the annual session, a National Assembly of Vietnam has proposed to clarify responsibilities in bankruptcy cases and Vinashin vote of confidence for the government members involved, including the prime minister Nguyen Tan Dung, because the prime minister was appointed general manager of this group.

Anonymous said...

Niki. The “beliefs” page on has everything to do with the Zionist British Israelism doctrines and The John Birch Society backs this belief up 100%. My latest post exposes these types of vermin for who they truly are. The “creating heaven on earth” quote follows exactly to what The United Nations pounded into the heads of many Churches when they created The State of Israel in 1948, which was funded through the Rothschilds. You wanted to know about the JBS? Here you go:

Niki Raapana said...

thanks Louis! Sent me on another search that took me right back to stuff I was reading in 2000... amazing. Helps though, since I need to be reassured from time to time that it is a GOOD thing that I am shunned and ignored by the conservative right as well as the Marxist left... all part and parcel of the same creepy agenda. It's one thing to know the comms are the merger between left and right, it's quite another to identify *how* they're merged.

Anonymous said...

You are quite welcome Niki and I must say that I LOVE the new look and your updated picture on your Blog. There is an old military saying (I hope I get it right), “If you are not receiving flak, then you must not be over the target.” Both sides have always had a hidden agenda that was well hidden until you “Strafe-bombed” them with their own description – Communitarian. As far as the “B'nai Birch” goes (JBS), those Communitarian squirrels will always be a ball and chain attached to Patriot communities until “Patriots” wake up and smell what the Communiversities are spreading. Thanks for you comment on Shock And Awe Graphics. The same article will be posted on the hopefully later on tonight. Jeff Bennett loved your comment and asked if you would reply the same when it gets posted.

Stop Common Purpose said...

"So John have you ever heard of this Cassandra?"

No, Niki, never heard of Cassandra Anderson.

"Can you think of a way to describe it in one paragraph that any reader can immediately understand?"

Now that is a challenge. I'll have to think about it.

Lark said...

Today she works for one G. Edward Griffin, and has been interviewed on RBN.

During a ceremonial protest visit to Jekyll Island in 2009, Mr. Griffin was a co-signer of "The Acknowledgment Scroll."
Jekyll Island: A New Beginning for America

Of the attendees, only Adam Kokesh refused to sign it.

Kevin Eggers said...


Regarding the Birch Society. After learning about Agenda 21 I attended my first Birch Society meeting. They talked about the Constitution, about getting the United Nations out of the United States, about everything that an American would want to hear. But, just like mainstream conservative radio, they tell you what they know you've been conditioned to want to hear, without telling you what you need to know to make a difference. When I brought up United Nations Agenda 21, not one of the 20 members attending the meeting had ever heard of it. Some had been members for over thirty years. Talk about controlled opposition.

By the way, my speech went well at the Toastmasters. As I suspected none had ever heard of Agenda 21 or communitarianism, which I only hinted at.

My next speech I am required to use props. I figure I will buy about ten small boxes and label them "Republican", "Democrat", "Birch Society", "Conservative", "Liberal", etc. and maybe draw out a large chess board to place them on. Then move the pieces around on the chess board to demonstrate how most of us place ourselves in these boxes and allow ourselves to be controlled and divided as a group. Then I'll pull out the big box and put all of the small boxes in the big box that says communitarianism and Agenda 21. Then I will explain how we are debating over the issues they want us to debate without telling us the big box they want us all to fit into. Maybe you have some ideas where else I can go with this.

Niki Raapana said...

Lark, I assume you mean Daneen? I wondered what happened to her.

Kevin, you are coming up with some great ideas lately. Using boxes is so appropriate and should be a good visual aid, just imagining it both Nord and I were like yes! Maybe someone will tape it for you and you could put it on youtube too.

I feel bad for the people who belong to orgs they expect to be up front and sincere... like those sweet local Shriners in Worland, Wyoming who were taken over by their creepy northern city slicker "brother" who came to the basin to introduce phony community economic development programs.

Anonymous said...

Kevin. What a great testimony concerning the JBS. I wish more people would speak out against this Masonic organization. I was also a member back in 1998 and all hell broke loose when I caught one of their “star” elite mentioning “A meeting after a meeting” (After the JBS meeting), and then later whispering his “Lodge Number” to another member. I latched onto their Freemasonry” connections like a Pit Bull and took quite a bit of heat from them in the San Diego Chapter. They did everything in their power to silence me from posting snippets of their “Get Us Out Of The UN” articles on other sites like the under their “Copyright” clause including ordering me NOT to send “Unapproved Emails” out to prospective members unless it was approved by the head office. This led to me questioning their entire program, which led to my expulsion. Are they an “Opposition Front?” Yes they are and the fruit of this demonic Society proves this beyond a shadow of a doubt.

I thought I was alone in this battle to get the whole truth out until I met Niki Raapana. I would have never heard the word “Communitarian” if it wasn’t for her and I’m truly grateful for finding her site; and now with your comment Kevin, I’m a happy camper. I will continually bash the JBS but it looks like you have finally put the last nail into their Masonic Coffin – Amen to that!

Anonymous said...

Cassandra Anderson is a pen name for this writer. The women who portrays herself as Cassandra Anderson wants to remain anonymous.
She happens to be a very beautiful women physicaly along with possessing an exceptionaly creative mind. You will never see a picture of her because she has to hide her idenity because she fears the authorities. She is a devouted follower of Michael Shaw.

Lark said...

Niki, I'm referring to the person calling herself Cassandra Anderson.

cassandra anderson - Google Search

1. Republic Broadcasting Network

"22 Aug 2010 ... Guest: Cassandra Anderson. -- How elites neutralize the middle class through everything from food to media ..."

2. ARCHIVED PODCAST ( RSS ) - RBN - Declare Your Independence w ...

"Jet welcomes Cassandra Anderson of to the show. Cassandra is the author of a four-part article entitled "Food and Depopulation," which ..."

Did you read "The Acknowledgment Scroll?"

Johnny English said...

Cassandra just did an interview with TF52 on my station I haven't listened yet, but your ideas are interesting for sure. It's on the download page episode 26 of TF52 if you want to listen. I have the station up for informational purposes, not as a "news breaker".