Saturday, November 6, 2010

"One Nation Under Siege" interview

I have this link listed somewhere over on the right but one of my ACL associates just wrote and told me he just found this youtube video of me talking about communitarianism last night. This is an excerpt from William Lewis's documentary, we taped my portion in Anchorage 2005.


Anonymous said...

In this you mention "visioning". Some years back I read something that said if you find the word "visioning" in some program, know that this is U.N./Rio Summit/Sustainable Development stuff. In my small, rural community this happened some years back. The tiny town down the road from me has a library that was put up in the 20s by a woman as a memorial to her parents as she was the daughter of the Wagnalls who were of Funk and Wagnalls dictionary/publishing fame. The usual crooked stuff has gone on there for years. But a few years back they must have been chosen to be used for this because out of the blue they were having "visioning" meetings that were being held to supposedly make plans for land use in the future. It boggles the mind to know that in little podunk towns and in the Alaskan wilderness these connivers are working feverishly to take over our country and us.

the tent lady said...

We attended the visioning meetings in Seattle, and it was like walking into the Twighlight Zone. When I found myself at a visioning in my tiny Alaskan community ten years later, it was like walking into Rosemary's Baby.

They do work feverishly, you're right, and like Etzioni, they brag about all their volunteer jobs that they get paid to do and then scam us with their volunteerism to prove they care more about the future than anyone else in town.

None of these visionings happen out of the blue, and it's very weird how the hosts never explain exactly how they came to adopt this new planning ideology.

How are we to accept the idea that the whole world spontaneously came up with the exact same plan, a plan that just "happens" to have an adopted blueprint and a signed charter? It also boggles the mind to see local people accept the con simply because it makes no sense.