Sunday, November 21, 2010

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Here's the latest news from the mainstream viewpoint, includes a story about a man with a urostomy bag having a humiliating experience during a TSA pat down, videos, and a list of all the U.S. airports now offering the new enhanced security.

Does anybody else remember how fun it used to be to fly? People had huge parties at the airports, meeting arrivals and seeing people off was normal for Americans. I tended bar at both major Alaskan airports so I know airport bars were our old social hubs, even for people traveling with children. Then the communitarians came along and started regulating Americans' public drinking and smoking and eating and in my opinion, it's all gone straight downhill from there. I believe that when we allowed trained facilitators to tell us what was bad for us and allowed them to press their opinions into law, we gave up our adulthood and became wards of Big Mother. If our neo government has the power to tell us how many drinks we can order in one night, then why would we expect to be able to say we won't pull our pants down if we need a spanking?

Seems like all kinds of horror stories about tsa harassment that happened over the past eight years are being revived for recently planned "opt out" days. I read a new old story every day. Makes me wonder what it would have been like if the Germans and Italians had internet in the 30s and we moderns had all their blogs and facebook pages to study for similarities.

It's kind of weird but I'm getting regular hits on the TSA job post I made of the local craigslist ad for Anchorage Airport TSA testers, from people looking for information about how to apply. Is it ethical for me to trick unsuspecting people into coming to my blog?

TSA pat-down leaves traveler covered in urine

SNL TSA spoof

Song/video: Don't Touch My Junk (with a blatant pitch for Alex Jones embedded in the script)

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Kevin Eggers said...


My sister has bought into all of this "security" as being necessary to save us from terrorism. Hitler would have loved the American citizens of today as his own citizens.

Of course, then there's my hero Senator William Borah who said if America joined the League of Nations, Americans would become Europeanized and accept the scheme of European feudalism in whatever name given it. Borah believed that the European citizens had grown accustomed to living under the feudalistic system, whether called a monarchy, communism, fascism, socialism, etc.

Anonymous said...

If you think about it, you can see that the mobbing of individuals by TSA agents is a literal enactment of fascisim. I had a similar thing happen to me at a Staples store. I was trying to decide whether or not to make a purchase and trying to compare two items. The information card of the one item really didn't tell me much so I asked to see the box. Out of nowhere, and for no reason I could dissern, I was suddenly surrounded by 6 men. They were acting like I was being irrate or out of line or like I had made treats or something, when all I did was ask to see the box! They made a point of surrounding me and standing very close to me...much closer than is socially acceptable. It was clear that they were mobbing me in order to frighten and intimidate me, and it worked...I was frightened and intimidated. I can only assume that they are trained by their employer in such methods and how to use them, but for the life of me, I can't imagine why. And to this day I have no idea what I said or did that caused them to react to me the way they me, their reaction was completely irrational and out-of-proportion. After they surrounded me and began crowding against me, I don't remember anything...I must have dissociated from fear and anxiety. I left the store, but went back later and asked somebody else if I could see the box of the product I was interested in. He said, "Sure." and climbed up on a ladder to get the box for me to see. The only thing I can think is that they were doing training of some sort, probably in psychological intimidation tactics, and that they used me without my consent in one of their training exercises. But what they did to me, and what the TSA does to people when they mob them in a similar way, is a LITERAL enactment of fascism...and its totally creepy and it is meant to order to frighten and intimidate people into submission.

Josef Kazantski said...

It gets worse, much worse. Apart from the few comments, grown adults are standing around watching a child being stripped searched and patted down in public without so much as a raised voice, let alone an intervention.

Anonymous said...

Here in Columbus, Ohio the storm troopers at the airport are prepared for trouble. They announced through the local newspaper that when you go to the airport today you will be interviewed before you get to the check point and if you say you plan to opt out you will be sent out of the airport and you will not fly. I assume all the airports are doing the same. It's quite a game that we are involved in now.

Niki Raapana said...

quotes from the columbus dispatch:

"I think the 'opt out' is going to be a huge bust. It's clearly a fringe group that's concerned about privacy," said Billie Vincent, a former director of aviation security at the Federal Aviation Administration who's now a security consultant in Chantilly, Va."

"Typically, about 1 percent of fliers at Port Columbus have been declining body scans in favor of pat-downs, Barker said. Additionally, scanners are used an average of 70 percent of the time because of an availability of trained staff, he said, adding that the rest of the time traditional metal detectors are used, although they eventually will be phased out, he said.

"Much of the hype over planned protests is driven by "guys wearing bunny slippers up at night, blogging," Barker said. But he said the TSA takes seriously the possibility of disruptions."

The communitarian "game" always includes ridiculing your opponent. Calling the protesters "guys wearing bunny slippers" is the best argument TSA has? We win.

Anonymous said...

Considering that you take other peoples best interest to heart, I think there's no issue with tricking people to come here. It's not as if they can't close the page upon sight. The nanny state on the other hand would latch on and not let them go. There's more people getting opinionated on the TSA issue which makes it the perfect springboard into related issues, namely communitarianism.

It's a good psychological approach. You get your foot in the door and individuals, who might not otherwise find your page out of desperate curiosity to understand the world around them, come into contact with very important information that DOES involve their best interest.

Don't second guess yourself wummin! You're on the right side and you're "doing no harm".


Niki Raapana said...

Okay, no more second guessing meself!

In an email from Charlotte Iserbyt via Maggie that relates directly to my COMPASS and COPS research:

"I believe this "new" patdown stuff at the airports is being done to create the crisis needed to go to something more extreme. If American citizens complain enough & are outraged with TSA, I am sure Obama is ready with legislation to do psychological profiling on EVERYONE , not just terrorists, with cross referencing capabilities that monitor EVERYTHING that we do. The gov't is using fear & terrorism to move to a new data collection scheme. The technology is already waiting in the wings, all is needed is the legal authority to cross reference gov't data bases. Create the crisis then crush personal privacy & liberty.

"Michele, I have the prototype for gov't psychological profiling. This was heavily funded under the Dept. Of Education years ago, the testing, the coding, the retrieval system. Pretty scary stuff-like monitoring predispositions, thresholds of when you might do something because of reward or punishment, locus of goes on&on. There's a bigger picture here...controlling American citizens.
We tried to expose this in the '90's with a book called Educating for the New World Order written by a DOJ lady who told my story about how I found this junk by accident. I worked closely with PA State Representative Sam Rohrer. Most people are not aware of this research that could be used to make psychological profiling an instant reality.
I hope we are not this close.
Your friend in research.
Anita Hoge"

Anonymous said...

Niki: Anita Hoge. Her book EDUCATING FOR THE NEW WORLD ORDER written by B.K. Eakman. It was one of the first I read when I began this study of what in hell was going on in the government schools when I caught on to our child being brainwashed in the so-called GIFTED class. I drove to northern Ohio and heard Anita speak in the home of a woman who was with the Phyllis Schlafly group. Anita came over from PA and warned us about what the government was doing there, warned us about what a lying bastard Arlen Specter was/is, warned us about the tests and super-computers and all that. Then I met Charlotte at another Ohio meeting at a church in Cincinnati and read everything she wrote. Why is it nearly always women, and I include you, who do the work and take the blows? And I am not a feminist. This demonic government has been collecting all our data and hooking computers up for many years. They are closing the noose and still the majority of people are oblivious.