Wednesday, November 24, 2010

New Zeal from Maggie at Unsolicited Opinion radio

Maggie sent an email update about her scheduled guests, Henry Lamb and Trevor Loudon. I've never heard of Loudon before and at first glance of his site I wasn't interested in reading any more of the left v right nonsense libertarian political pundits continue to peddle. But then I scrolled down and got to all his research about Marxist and Communist ties to Mark Ritchie:

Loudon links to eye opening research like
Wouldn't it be a bonus if Trevor has also researched "right wing" radicals like Rand, the Libertarian Party, John Birchers, Freemasons, and Christian Zionists with the same scrutiny? He recovered from his socialist upbringing after reading Atlas Shrugged. What book will help him recover from Rand's Hegelian Libertarian ideology? At what point do Libertarians move to the communitarian middle? Before they know what it is.... or after?

A search of Loudon's site shows the use of the word Communitarian... in the comments:

"theSandMan said... Communitarian thinking at its best! If you do not know the term, look it up. It is the Trojan Horse ideology that has spread through corporate America, government, Associations and even Churches like a cancer. In this case, most Doctor's don't even know what it is, let alone how to stop it."

and in quotes:

Nothing else at New Zeal about Communitarianism. Amazing, isn't it? Maybe our friend Maggie will ask him about why he hasn't written anything about it, for us. :)

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Teutonsuet said...

Is there a mirror site for the old Anti-Communitarian League website/archive? Or some way to access it again? Why was it removed and would it be possible to put it back up while you tweek with the "new look"? The old site was fine and easy enough to navigate. I sent people there often and I think it's unfortunate for curious newbies to land there only to find an ad for your book which they're probably not going to purchase if there's no place to go now for an introductory critique of communitarianism.

If the idea of replacing the old site with an ad for the book is a way to get people to start paying for the research then it's a disappointingly Jewey one.

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