Saturday, November 27, 2010

What happened to the ACL website?

We are getting emails and comments about taking all the research pages off the Anti Communitarian League website. Some of them are friendly inquiries wondering how long it will take us to put it all back online. One person offered to help us restore it. And more than one person is criticizing us because they used the old site and often referred other people to it.

One commenter just told me that removing my research is "disappointingly Jewey." I suppose I was supposed to take that as an insult since I oppose Zionism and often expose the role Israelis play in rebuilding America under communitarian community leadership. Their obvious assumption is that only a Jew would try to make money off their work... and I find that hilarious. But it does get to the heart of the issue, one that has plagued me since I started my research in 1999... eleven years ago.

For almost a decade I was willing to be an unpaid servant for "freedom." I was more voluntarily communitarian in my actions than any communitarian writer or thinker I oppose. I believed it was my duty and obligation to share my research with the world. I believed sharing what I know was more important than the money I stopped making because I spent all my time researching, or the respect I lost from almost everyone I knew because I wasn't making any money. I believed that sharing what I know was more important than any of my own personal needs or comforts. I was willing to die if I had to... it was that important to me.

So when I lost my home and became homeless in January 2002, and spent my first winter in a tent writing time lines for the Dawson attorneys, I barely noticed that I almost starved to death. Had it not been for my friend Patty Flanary insisting I come stay with her in April, I would have. From the beginning I made the ACL my first priority and dragged Nordica into it. Every time she quit helping, I forced her to help me again. I could never have built the ACL myself, I'm not a web designer or master, and the fact that she was only 14 years old when we started the ACL research made it almost child abuse.

When I started blogging about my tent lifestyle in 2006, I got quite a few donations from readers who felt I deserved it. But over the last couple years donations trickled down to zero. So by the time I lost my front teeth and broke my glasses... I had no way to replace them. I put my name on everything I wrote, so even if I had teeth and could see, any potential employer can find my name along with all the rude comments about me being a wacko conspiracy theorist, and it's no surprise I don't get any responses to resumes I send out for jobs. Even if I want to go back to being a "normal working person" I doubt I can anymore. But for some reason, even with the hardships, health dangers and lack of support, I still believed it was all worth it.

But now I get it... and believe me... I'm not a believer anymore. I realize I don't owe the world anything, and I never did. My sense of duty to my country was drilled into me by my Army father, but even he got a paycheck every month from the U.S. government and a LOT of respect for his work. I not only don't get paid regularly, I am constantly disrespected for my efforts.

I am beyond certain that not one of the people rudely complaining about the status of the ACL has given up anything near what I have, and they never would. What kind of person would demand I stop trying to make money now and get back to work on the site because THEY need it? What kind of person thinks they can insult me into being a slave? How many of the people who "need" the ACL would be willing to work on it in a tent in Alaska with no teeth, no car, no plumbing, no fuel, no money, no food, under constant harassment, just so I could use it?

This does not mean the ACL will never go back online. But the ACL website is NOT my number one priority anymore, and it never will be again. I'll work on it after I get what I need just to live, and no, I don't expect to make it off 2020 book sales... we'd starve for sure waiting for that. The new book edition is for the small number of people who put value on our research.

"Nothing ain't worth nothing...but it's free."


Stanley said...

Well said Nikki. I have done a similar thing for many many years in agriculture, trying to bring awareness to the importance of food, how we grow it and how it relates to many things in society including a vast amount of money. Many want good, nutritious quality food but they want it for cheap or free! or at least produced at a peasant's lifestyle. And I have news for those who view "farmers" as heroes for growing food: Farmers only care that they can grow it cheap enough to make a profit. Eugenic GMO's, toxic foods, toxic chemicals all over the environment are all OK if it make it makes a buck. And when it doesn't we will get our food from foreign sources who care even less, just like we are getting our communitarian law. But still, it is gratifying to know that we are dealing in the truth of things and from that I derive a great deal of satisfaction. Please know that I for one have a great deal of respect for what you do. "The men the American people admire most extravagantly are the greatest liars; the men they detest most violently are those who try to tell them the truth."
-H.L. Mencken

Angry Cheese said...

Niki, you are a true hero and my greatest inspiration. You must eat well and, as you get older as we all are, keep yourself warm and well - otherwise you are no good to anyone. I worry about you every winter. Your work is detailed, comprehensive and an astonishing credit to you, and to Nordica. If you stopped it all right now your legacy would be priceless, your blog is a goldmine of anti-Communitarian gems. What on earth do these selfish people have to complain about? They need to hire your gerti and give it a go themselves! That would shut them up!

Angry Cheese said...

And I have just ordered your book.

Anonymous said...

Just as the Apostle Paul built Tents in his spare time to finance his long Missions, you should continue to also work on your Gertee Books/DVDs. You can produce a step-by-step instructional E-book on Yurts/Gertees and sell it for $5 a pop without much in expenses on your end. Dee Williams of Tiny House fame is pushing her new book for a whopping $20! Lloyd Kahn is a best seller in this genre. He just chronicles how others have built their homes using available and natural materials.

The possibilities are endless.

In my neck of the woods, people possess impressive academic profiles and pedigrees. Yet, they are absolutely clueless on how to survive outside of the machine. During the summer, we experienced a water crisis due to pipe burst. This activated the back-up system from an alternative reservoir.

And how did people in my State respond? They panicked and rioted over remaining water bottles at grocery stores when all they had to do was boil tap water or harvest rain water.

This is the market.

Sean said...

Fine! Be that way! If I have to pay to help rebuild the site AND make it a private club with dues I will. Geee whiz.

Where do I sign? *wink wink*

...and do you have a template? (big grin) ----------------> s

Kevin Eggers said...


I understand the frustration of not getting the respect you deserve for trying to get the truth out. The truth doesn't provide shelter of put food on the table.

If everything stopped today, you have earned my fullest respect for your accomplishments.

We saw so many beautiful things when we toured Alaska last May. But spending the day with you was the highlight of our vacation.

Thanks for all that you have done.


Josef Kazantski said...

Niki, considering the conditions you live and operate in, I'm always struck by how often you manage to post and how well thought out and crafted your articles are.

In regards to ACL and ongoing support for disseminating info on Communitarian ideology in general, I think the whole truther movement field is simply too awash with competing 'conspiracies' for people to generate much enthusiasm for any one in particular, regardless of the evidence presented. And even when, as in your case, a coherent argument is constructed, the complexity and enormity of the thing is simply too much for most people to get their heads around, in my opinion. It's hard for most not to nod back off again in the face of it all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Niki and Nordica,

Your monumental endeavors are neither unnoticed nor in vain, though at a great personal cost to you and yours. You have started something which will expand and unfold in unforeseen ways and with unimaginable consequences.

Above and beyond what anyone else in the alternative research community does, your work has informed and inspired to greater depths and grander heights than all others I know of.

And Niki, if I may say so, judging by your interview in the One Nation Under Seige documentary, you're certainly the cutest independent researcher I've seen. (Granted, that was with teeth and without glasses - broken or otherwise.) But you can't have it all, I guess.

Anyway, you have every right to take care of you and yours without excuses. You've done so much for so many already. I wish I could help in some significant way, but I have so little myself. I did preorder a copy of 2020 though, and I will donate some money as soon as I can spare a decent amount.

Thank you for everything you've done and for all you've sacrificed. I pray that God has, and will continue, to bless you.

Anonymous said...

Don't underestimate the potential for talmudists to pose as fans of the ACL website, while attacking you, in order to create a rift between you and your audience.

Do what you need to do to address your own issues first and foremost, and if you still have the same mind set when things are better, then pick up where you left off. Individuals who make unreasonable demands of you are not individuals whom you should pay much mind. Stay focused on what's productive for you.

Warm regards

Teutonsuet said...

So, what's it's going to take to get the ACL site back up then? If it's a matter of fundraising maybe you should make that clear there. Gee, I can't believe someone with teeth and glasses got miffed just because all they found when they went to the only anti-Comminitarian website on the whole Interwebs was a single ad for a $24 book about the UN. What a snidely snoid! Everyone knows websites aren't officially "Jewey" unless there's nothing there and at least six ads with one of them tauting The Belly Fat Cure. BTW How is "Lark" getting by without it these days? Shouldn't we be thinking about taking up a collection for him, too?

Niki Raapana said...

Thanks for all the nice comments.

Kevin Eggers said...

I noticed that Tom Deweese just had another article posted on newswithviews warning about Agenda 21. I find it strange that the only time Deweese ever mentioned communitarian law was in his "Is the Security and Prosperity Partnership the beginning of a North American Union?" Posted February 3rd, 2007:

"...It begins in secrecy and slowly builds incrementally. But step-by-step a structure is put into place run by communitarian law and regional governing councils of appointed, well connected, yet unknown and unreachable officials hiding behind public/private partnerships, not answerable or responsive to citizens."

I've called and emailed his office a few times, but Deweese has never communicated with me. Has Deweese ever communicated with you Niki?

Niki Raapana said...

I saw that article too Kevin, and I can't remember if I contacted him when he wrote that or not, but he's never written me. Our work has been mostly ignored by the U.S. "leaders" exposing SD, many of whom I suspect are controlled opposition. My recent article about DeWeese was posted at rense and got about 5000 views, but it generated no response from Tom or his followers. The connection to Hayfield and JB Society may be a key to understanding their motives.

Would you, or anyone else here, write a review of 2020 for us? We'd like to add some of your feedback to the next edition.

Kevin Eggers said...

I would love to write a review for you Niki. Can you give an idea of what kind of word count works for you?

Do you still submit articles to newswithviews?

FishTaxi said...

Not everybody has ignored you including me' your sister in arms, love Kath

Sean said...

DON'T FORGET! I wrote you a review back in the day.

If you don't have it handy I'm sure I can find it on my old hard drive...


Eric Nashlund said...

Don't let them get you down. You only have a debt/duty to yourself. Nobody else has a valid claim to your labors.

Hope the cold snap didn't get you down. I only had -31F, but was told it punched through -41F by the lake.

Keep warm,

Kevin Eggers said...

Devvy Kidd just wrote another article in newswithviews referencing communitarianism:

"...And you wonder why so many public officials hate the Ten Commandments and want any reference to Christ eliminated from Christmas? I don't. They are the product of government brainwashing in public schools and further reinforcement of communitarianism in colleges and universities..."

When I first started writing in 2006 I phoned Devvy a few times regarding facts on the Federal Reserve Banking system. I remember Devvy telling me that I could plagiarize any of her work; she just wanted the information out. I can't plagiarize, but I believe Devvy has a pretty good understanding of the system.

I think that you and Devvy could have great correspondence regarding communitarianism.

Kol Nidre said...

Devvy Kidd. Talk about Trojan horses. She still carries the ball down the field for the Islamophobes. Anyone pretending to know "truths" about what's happening to us that's whipping up anti-Muslim hysteria is only furthering the Talmudist and mega money power agenda of destroying the morals and means for independent survival of the entire world so as to neatly fold every "human resource" (i.e. goy) under the loving custodianship of Big Hymie.

Anonymous said...

The "wayback machine" at the Internet Archive ( is a nice resource to re-visit an old website or an old version of a current website.