Sunday, November 14, 2010

TSA Screeners and Innappropriate Touching of Children

The Communitarians insist that Americans must "BALANCE" their individual liberty against the needs of the Zionist global collective.

To a Communitarian, everything we do is a privilege that can be taken away at any time, for any reason they deem reasonable. They distorted the meaning of the word "reasonable" in order to push their rationalization in ways we could not defend against.

For years the Communitarian guru Dr. Amitai Etzioni has been telling us that Americans must willingly give up some of their privacy in order to maintain security. We're following a guru without having any idea we even have a guru who's more moral than us.

BALANCING INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS AGAINST CITIZEN RESPONSIBILITIES to the collective is the ENTIRE BASIS of the Israeli terrorist Etzioni's "moral" lectures to Americans. Etzioni is the "everything expert," and while few Americans have ever even heard of him, everything that is going on in the "balancing of rights" department is his Communitarian "logic."

I am one of those mothers prepared to assault anyone who tries to touch my children. I did not allow my family or my babysitters or even my ex-husband to spank my kids or touch them anywhere. Friends and roommates were all forewarned that if they did anything to my kids I would kill them with my bare hands. My daughter was taught that nobody had the right to touch her privates, not even me unless it was to clean her after she used the toilet. When a teenage boy put his hand up her dress in a store when she was eight, she immediately screamed and ran to tell the cashier while the kid ran away. I hunted for that perpetrator all night with full permission from a Fairbanks Police Officer to beat the crap out of him if I found him.

What kind of people don't protect their children? Brainwashed Communitarians.

Listen to the father of this little girl use Etzioni's rationale for this "necessary" touching:
TSA Screener Accosts 3 Year Old Child at Security Checkpoint

So TSA can stick their hands on our children's behinds while others are arrested for it?
Subsitute Teacher Arrested for Inappropriate Touching

What other "jobs" allow this kind of touching?
What's Inappropriate Touching at Work?

People keep suggesting we should all stop flying now. Maybe instead we should give up our automobiles and all buy private airplanes and learn to fly them ourselves ... small ones are almost cheaper than a new car. Anything to avoid the real issue... right?

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