Thursday, November 25, 2010

The communitarian's "Tea Party" paranoia

The communitarians are freaking out because Americans are finally challenging Agenda 21. I didn't realize how many people were going to their local agenda 21 meetings and asking direct questions about the plans. The LAST thing LA21 planners want or need is a room full of Americans asking them for definitions of legal terms, authority of law, grant sources for pilot tests and developments and other such "nonsense."

This is fantastic news and gives me a reason to give thanks today! For the first time in almost eleven years I have hope that the communitarian agenda for reinventing American government will go public, be debated (legitimately) and finally go before ALL the voters who pay for it.

Why are communitarians so quick to sling mud in the faces of Americans who want to know more about Local Agenda 21? Because American voters were never told anything about it. Our people were never supposed to have any voice in the decision to implement it. And, up until now, we didn't. The irrefutable FACT of this whole matter is the same as it's been since I first uncovered it in Seattle in 1999: most Americans have never heard anything about it, not even the ones who participate in passing the plans! LA21 changes our entire legal system and anyone who asks where the authority for doing that comes from is a nutcase? Yeah right.

Here's the communitarian's idea of damage control: Insult your opponent and hope that deters others from thinking they have any right to answers. Slander them, mock their education, ridicule their lifestyle, dis their culture.. whatever is easiest to identify. Show zero respect for their nation, their laws or their customs. Violate their space, threaten their livelihood, bribe, steal, trick, deceive, lie, cheat, sneer, yawn, disrupt, stalk, terrorize... it's all okay because the ends justifies the means.
The Tea Party Targets... Sustainable Development? If you believe conservative activists, smart growth is really a global conspiracy to herd Americans into "human habitation zones." By Stephanie Mencimer

"The scene in Maine is repeating itself across the country. Only sometimes the activists are less polite. One planning consultant I spoke with, who requested anonymity, recalled a recent meeting where he was on the receiving end of tea party rage. "I got called a communist," he says. Someone in another tea party-heavy area recently told him, "We don't need none of that smart growth communism." The people he's been encountering are new to the process, short on solid facts, and many are "spitting mad." Combined with what they see as an "elitist" bent in planning consultants, he says, it makes for a toxic and intimidating mix for local officials who aren't used to being accosted by conspiracy theory wielding activists."
For the past ten years I've heard the claim that UN Local Agenda 21 is a conspiracy theory. It never seemed to matter that the document exists and that America is being modified to adopt its principles. The term conspiracy theorist is thrown out EVERY TIME an average American citizen asks a legitimate question about the plan to rebuild America into communities. And no matter who responds, the questions are never answered honestly, and insults are all we hear.

Isn't it amazing how many different ways communitarians can skirt direct questions? It must be part of their academic training because they all use the same meaningless insults no matter what kind of people they're confronted by. Anyone outside the "development loop" who shows even the slightest interest in questioning the validity of UN sustainable development is a: tin foil hat, conspiracy theorist, paranoid obstructionist, credulous fool, ignorant back woods hick, mad hatter, wing nut, terminally moronic, white racist, Nazi thug, 2oth century Neanderthal, etc, etc.

The Tea Party's "livability" paranoia, by Jonathan Hiskes, 23 Nov 2010 5:23 PM

I am not a right wing conservative, I am not a Libertarian and I didn't vote for Ron Paul, but I did send out a letter to the Tea Party asking them to consider making communitarian community development one of their issues. While my "open letter" may have only reached a very small percentage of those members, it's entirely possible I had something to do with putting LA21 on the Tea Party's agenda. Maybe that's why one of my readers told me I've reached millions of people through my work. Nordica and I laughed at that... we just did a count of how many books we've sold and joked about putting "Over 400 copies sold!" on the new cover. I am going to work my butt off to get the new books ready asap... we can certainly fill in those "short on solid facts" areas for some people. This is why understanding the communitarian philosophy and system of LAW is so necessary to seeing the truth about SD.... otherwise objecting to it makes no sense. We have to decide on whether to adopt the principles as well as the plans.

Happy Thanksgiving from our house to yours. We're fortunate enough to have a ham and some fixin's, and we hope you are too. Might just turn on the piano and pretend we're at my moms too. Our family always started rehearsing for Christmas after Thanksgiving dinner. Been many years since we were all together for the holidays... the last time I sang Christmas carols with my sisters and my brother was during a family reunion in 1998.. in August. Ever since I began researching LA21 I stopped enjoying a full life. I'm thinking of happier times today.


Stop Common Purpose said...


Using the term "communist" may not be strictly accurate but it is a good way to get through to Average Joe who has some idea what a communist is (and does not like them) and no idea at all about communitarianism.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Niki Raapana said...

John, you know I disagree. To call it communism leaves out the BIG part that capitalists and conservatives play, and it plays directly into the dialectic between right and left.

The right is just as misled as the left, and there are thousands of writers in the USA whose job is to KEEP us all stuck on one "side." I see no need for me to join their ranks. But thanks for thinking of me! Have a great day.

Niki Raapana said...

Here's a good example of a dialectical middle road solution from a pro-Israel conservative:

The Third Option

by Robert Santoski

"Let's acknowledge that when it comes to flying, we're all willing to make a few compromises in the interests of safety. We're willing to subject ourselves to some minor inconvenience if other passengers do the same. To be honest, we'd prefer that every stranger who gets on a plane with us go through the most stringent of tests - body scans, pat downs, strip searches and waterboarding, topped off by an interview with Jack Bauer. But unfortunately, these strangers have the right to expect the same of us. Therein lies the dilemma. How do we fashion a security system that satisfies the sensibilities of a very diverse populace, while ensuring fairness to all? The TSA's answer is to offer essentially a Morton's Fork. Behind door number one is the full-body scan and behind door number two is the pat down. Take your pick. That's like offering death by hanging or death by firing squad. Both are equally unacceptable. And the TSA's choices are equally humiliating depending again on your sensibilities. I, for one, have had the pat down and quite frankly was only mildly uncomfortable with the procedure. But I can see that others might feel differently and I would probably not care to have my wife or daughter undergo this treatment. Others object to the full body scan as a major intrusion on our privacy. After all, the purchase of what other product or service requires that we agree to basically strip down in front of strangers? It's a ridiculous notion and Americans are waking up to the absurdity of it all. But again, if that's the choice some of my fellow passengers want to make, more power to them.
"The problem is that there is at least one other option that we're not being offered, and that's to be profiled. I understand that certain people believe that profiling is un-American, not consistent with our principle of equal treatment under the law. So be it. Don't choose to be profiled. Choose one of the other options. But I want to be profiled. I want my fellow passengers to know that I'm simply interested in getting from point A to point B, and not a threat to end their lives. So give me the option to be profiled. Look at all the information you have about me - nationality, ethnicity, religion, sex, age, destination, prior travels and behavior. Ask me questions about my travel plans. Judge the sincerity and veracity of my responses. Add it all up and then decide whether I'm a potential threat to other passengers and therefore should undergo a more thorough check. If my profile is statistically inconsistent with a terror threat, then send me through the non-invasive metal detector and on my way. In practice, this can be implemented very easily. When you buy a plane ticket, you select one of three security options 1) Full body scan 2) Pat down or 3) Profiling. Your ticket is issued with your selected option clearly visible and you're treated by security appropriately.

"We're Americans and we expect options. When it comes to travel security, we want a third option - Opt-In Profiling. When profiling is an individual choice instead of a TSA policy, it becomes much more acceptable and an option that many travelers would select over the alternatives."

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving !

Kevin Eggers said...


It's hard to get people to think beyond the capitalist communist dialectic because we've been trained to think inside the box our whole life.

Isn't that the primary purpose of a central education system?

When I was standing in front of the Republican Central committee explaining Agenda 21, they wanted to know why they hadn't heard about Agenda 21 from Rush. Many of them actually believe that Rush doesn't know anything about Agenda 21.

Regarding Democrats and Republicans and their blind loyalty to their Party, I keep thinking about Toy Story and the little green toy monsters in the arcade game that keep saying "The claw is my master."

Wishing you and Nordica a happy Thanksgiving.

Maggie said...

See kiddo, I told ya millions were waking never know what impact you have.
Glad you had a happy day yesterday...try to have many more...don't let the bastards get ya down.
Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus...On Dancer, on Dasher, on Donner, on Vixen...