Saturday, December 13, 2014

Niki Raapana ends her silence

A year ago today we published our response and review to Rosa Koire's book, accusing her of plagiarizing our original research and writings. I was so drained by writing it, for having to write it, and considered never writing about communitarianism ever again. But I always say that when I get tired of fighting this uphill battle, and it killed me to take a hard look at how many people who are resisting Agenda 21 are, shall we say, not friends of the ACL, and why. The game is too complicated, the social part of it reminds me of high school (and so do the comments defending Rosa's deception) and I haven't got a huge need to pursue it further, unless I find a pro bono copyright attorney and yeah good luck with that, right?  I haven't stopped researching, even though it's not nearly at the pace I used to keep. Things are getting REALLY interesting, Pope Francis and Shimon Peres's meetings about a UN religion is an amazing development, So far none of the major press is identifying it as communitarianism, and as soon as I'm done with the Gertee book I will get right into the Green Virgin. The new world religion is communitarianism. We were right. And no matter how much our enemies don't want you to know about communitarianism, we're gonna keep right on telling you! It IS a religion, it IS law, it IS policing, and Amitai Etzioni, the father of communitarianism, the guru terrorist from that tiny little country Rosa says has no influence, is a Zionist. Facts are just facts.

Here's a great recent piece by Donna Martin, who has picked up pretty much where we left off and taught me quite a few things. She's a Christian who doesn't bother me. Highly recommend her work:

Blogger changed how to upload a picture, so I can't share all the memes I've been making. What happened to the "From your pc" option? I remember now I hated their new editing program and was losing enthusiasm for my blog before I had to go so deep into the hearts of my enemies. Funny thing, that article got us a new partner, a PhD who thinks we should get our due, and we're collaborating on a paper to submit for peer review.  Giving our entire history of the work bored a lot of people, we were accused of "bragging," but many scholars and regular readers have let us know how much they got out of it, and this scholar is so incensed at Rosa's actions he wants to help us gain in stature. Says there are lots of PhDs but hardly any peer reviewed authors. HAHA I used to wish for peer review because I just thought it meant political scientists would tear apart our thesis. Yeash, just as I was moving on to Gertee full time, the ACL takes on a whole new dimension, and it's one I like. I can't wait to present papers at conferences before political scientists. I want to hear what they have to say.

In real life, Team Gertee is a contestant in the Alaska Cabin Fever Design Contest. Judging begins February 2015. This is what I'm spending most of my time on these days, We've also got a beautiful new Gertee, with a huge 4' skylight again with a well made cover. It hasn't got much below the teens; it's a very mild winter so far. Lots of things on our plate, been a such a crazy year it inspired us to finish making a full length documentary film about our life, our work, our Gertee challenges and obstacles. and our housing research. Nordica is directing and editing over ten years of footage and making a very conceptual film, what's called a Poetic Documentary, one of the oldest styles in film history. It's called "Dirty Gertee: an Alaskan Misadventure" and it has a facebook page. The Gertee Factory also has a facebook page. Our school is now called The Extreme Climate Housing School (TECHS). It has a facebook page. I'm on facebook too. If you're a real person, look me up.

I will be writing a piece about the UN religion, but for now all I can say is Merry Christmas to any readers I have left following this blog and to my new readers who land on old posts, Happy Holidays to all my friends, a bit of Alaskan cheer is coming your way. There's a few people, you know who you are, who made this blog a not so lonely place, and I thank you for that, because I often felt very, very alone in our work. Today our network is huge, way more than I'll ever know or I can keep up with, but it's great to live to see so many people get it. I am honored to have shared this learning experience with so many fine people, and have gained so much from having you in my life. I haven't lost faith or heart, but I did age fifteen years since I started. I'm not the same woman I was in 1999 when I flipped out at the Community invasion of our neighborhood, but I'd do it again, even knowing it would ruin my life and any chance at ever having a normal place in society.Because out of my passion for an outdated idea of liberty and naive faith in the law, Gertee was conceived. I wanted to research communitarianism full time, I was compelled to do it, and it made me look like I'd become a conspiracy theorist saying I saw aliens. Not to disparage alien theorists, but at the time, I was horrified that people who were unable to understand what we were writing could say we were crazy without THEM getting laughed at. We've been down a pretty rough road but , wow, what a gift it all turned out to be, every terrible thing started trash and ended as treasure. How is that even possible?


William Linton said...

I've gone through similar feelings regarding the research I've done on the United Nations, NWO, and especially 9-11. I was going at 9-11 full bore for awhile. The reason I was able to take in your information regarding Communitarianism was due to my initial research on the United Nations and Agenda 21, but had I not done the work on 9-11 and went through the three phases of truth first I don't know if I wouldn't have ignored what you were trying to warn us about. 9-11 was an eye opener for me and to this day I am shocked at how easily I first bought into it ignoring everything I'd ever been taught about physics both in high school and college.

Basically Nikki as long as people feel safe and comfortable they don't want to know the truth. Without the unseen force of whom I call God I would have never picked up "Some Call it Conspiracy" at a library book sale. My initial glance at it was one of "yeah right" and move along but something kept drawing me back to it. After about 5 times of walking around and coming back I bought the book.

It's a long journey filled with horror and mistrust of oneself but once you know the truth it really does set you free. I no longer fear and that's exactly what those who wish to enslave us do not want. They want us to fear and they are doing a damn good job of keeping humanity in fear aren't they?

Mari said...

William Linton speaks the truth. People cannot see anything until they feel uncomfortable about something that maybe just doesn't sit right with them. Whatever that something is.

For me it was seeing certain words appear in our language with an insistence that felt oppressive and mind numbing. I also saw strange things happening post 911 in my kids education that set off all sorts of alarm bells which led me to looking for answers and I landed at the ACL.

I recognized the truth of what you wrote from the first sentence Niki. It all fit. Everything fell into place.
Thank you.

Paul Barnes said...

Good to see you back Niki! I followed you on Twitter.

Lark In Texas said...

Niki, does this mean I can finally stop lurking on Facebook? Although I signed up soon after you did, I just can't get past that infamous quote from our Harvard frat-boy, little Marky Zuckerberg. Which is why I've never posted ~anything~ there... since.

But do let me know when you and Nord are available to do radio interviews again...

... And, meanwhile, discover my own 'greatest hits' research notes [updated daily] here...

... Several of which... point to links... featuring YOU!:)

Anonymous said...

Good to see you back Niki. It's going to be a hard slog getting back an audience though, after neglecting the blog for so long. There's so much important stuff out there to digest, it's doesn't take long for a site to slip out of people's consciousness, even with as important issues as the communitarianism.

Bobby Garner said...

2015 is being widely proclaimed to be the year that the present system comes crashing down. I suspect that most people will not be too alarmed by it, and some may be only vaguely aware at some semi-conscious level. Hardships, and there will be many, will likely be passed off as sacrifice in support of the war effort.

I disagree that it is "Communitarian Law". It is rather, statute law which is written favorable to the implementation of communitarian principles, and in many instances, outright demanding it. Nevertheless, as unconstitutional as it may be, it is statute law passed through congress by dully elected representatives.

Sustainable development is being taught in the public school system, and it's actively supported by participants in most American cities. Witness the "Make-It" revolution in manufacturing. It's "Open Source Technology", and it's global Do-It-Yourself hardware production. It's being taught from at least the third grade through college. Farm To School is another hands on learning program of the USDA under authority of legislation passed by the U.S. congress. These programs, and many others like them, are being conducted under the banner of liberty and freedom, but the end result will be enslavement to the community.

All of this has very deep roots. For example The American Historical Association released a Carnegie funded report back in 1934 titled Report of the Commission of the Social Studies. They stated they were "...impelled to consider the condition and prospects of the American people as a part of Western civilization now merging into a world order." Who knew? The report also states that "...Western civilization, ... is modifying its traditional faith in economic individualism, and is embarking upon vast experiments in social planning and control which call for large-scale co-operation on the part of the people." Download Conclusions and Recommendations 179 pages. Get Full Report 596 pages.

It's being implemented in the schools: Google "School Farm".
Find more detail here.

Anonymous said...

You are a great lady ... and you deserve all the accolades those of us who have been humbled by your friendship online can muster .. for those who cannot be bothered to read and open their eyes .. there is only hope they 'figure out the scam' ... I made a youtube video for you .. don't have the money to financially support you as I'd wish to but ... for now .. you're in my thoughts Niki and family .. much love ..

sewneo said...

Wow! I thought Bobby Garner was dead or in bed with his 'wife'... Had no idea he was still commenting less than two years ago. ;-)