Friday, February 12, 2010

Enlightened Propaganda - the Principle of the Whopping Lie

The Teacher's Guide to the Holocaust - Nazi Propaganda

Another area of world history that's never been a big part of my studies is Nazi Germany. I was raised to feel the collective guilt for everything the Nazis did, and just because I learned that was a bunch of bs doesn't mean it left my psyche forever. Effective propaganda stays with the victims for life, unless we make a focused effort to destroy it, piece by piece. When we are tearing out these lodged pieces of bs deep inside our minds, these severely emotional and irrational pieces that were implanted by evil genuises, it leaves a gaping hole in our heads that's kind of vulnerable to alternate forms of propaganda waiting to jump into the gaps.

One of the earliest forums I was invited to join ended up being a racist site and I quickly left it. I personally think it's a little late to focus on racial purity in my country because most Americans are already of mixed blood. There are those who are convinced the US was established for this purpose. But it's not just Americans. Even my German/Norwegian ancestry has to have some Asian in it because some of us Friedrich's have very Asian facial features. Just as I have refused to allow my ACL work to change my core belief that everyone has value in the eyes of God, I have tried to respect other people's beliefs. And yes, part of the big plan is to destroy all cultures and races into one big homogenized melting pot. The racial purists appear to be convinced the only way to stop the eradication of entire races (like the Indians, the Prussians and every other dead race) is to fight for their race, and I can admit there is substance to the cultural and racial arguments for nationhood, no matter how much I disagree with racism on principle.

Minister of Propaganda and National Enlightenment.

We have a nation that already has many different cultures and our law is supposed to protect us all now, equally. Our constitutions were living documents that changed over time to include women, non property owners and people of color. This is what I honored in our system, and this is what we have today regardless of how we arrived here. I cannot as an American fight for "white" anything, because that would be to deny the blood flowing in my veins, my childrens's veins, and it would thoroughly disrespect all the people of color I love. Plus, I'm sorry, but this whole body of racial propaganda against "inferior" races, including eugenics, has been just as well used by the imperialists against American Indians and the Africans.

Racial propaganda is always under the layer in many online discussions about national independence. I guess it's time I faced this part. How can we study the Israeli-Palestinian conflict if we cannot at least acknowledge that the Israelis call the Palestinans "dogs." How can I continue to ignore all these patriot calls for returning America to white Christian values? To write racism off as another aspect of the communitarian dialectic is my lazy way of avoiding studying it or forming an educated opinion. In our manifesto we briefly touched on the ideas for not assimilating with the American Indians and why US public policy changed to genocide from the early friendly trader colonial ties to the Cherokees and other eastern tribes. Much of that neocon policy was based on Charles Darwin and HenryLewis Morgan.

From what I can tell so far, this whole white nationalist versus jewish nationalist mentality expanded into a white nationalist versus Arab immigrants in the UK and Europe. In the US, it's going beyond black v white and growing into white nationalists against Mexican, South American, former USSR, etc. immigrants. Racial dialectics are almost more effective at dividing people than religion; people don't get to choose their skin color or heritage.

Lately I've seen my blog linked to white racist sites and someone even added my email address to a white nationalist group on google. Anyone with gmail should know they have to go into their account and change their default setting from anyone can add me to nobody can add me.
There are two kinds of propaganda - rational propaganda in favor of action that is consonant with the enlightened self-interest of those who make it and those to whom it is addressed, and non-rational propaganda that is not consonant with anybody's enlightened self-interest, but is dictated by, and appeals to, passion. Were the actions of individuals are concerned there are motives more exhalted than enlightened self-interest, but where collective action has to be taken in the fields of politics and economics, enlightened self-interest is probably the highest of effective motives. If politicians and their constituents always acted to promote their own or their country's long-range self-interest, this world would be an earthly paradise. As it is, they often act against their own interests, merely to gratify their least credible passions; the world, in consequence, is a place of misery. Propaganda in favor of action that is consonant with enlightened self-interest appeals to reason by means of logical arguements based upon the best available evidence fully and honestly set forth. Propaganda in favor of action dictated by the impulses that are below self-interest offers false, garbled or incomplete evidence, avoids logical argument and seeks to influence its victims by the mere repetition of catchwords, by the furious denunciation of foreign or domestic scapegoats, and by cunningly associating the lowest passions with the highest ideals, so that atrocities come to be perpetrated in the name of God and the most cynical kind of Realpolitik is treated as a matter of religious principle and patriotic duty.

Who is Aldos Huxley?

Does enlightenment change with the propagandist?

"Hitler himself, in Mein Kampf, laid down his rules for dictatorship. He stated the “principle of the whopping lie... See More” and of the gullibility of the masses. If you are going to tell a lie, he said, and nobody doubts that he intended to, don’t tell a little one, because it will be recognized as a lie. Tell the biggest and most unlikely lie you can think of, keep on telling it, and the people will think it must be the truth and believe it. “The greater the lie, the more effective it is as a weapon,” said the master of the alleged “master race.”"
Sure was a lot going on when McKinley died in the Harriman's attorney's home, wasn't there?
The Harriman railroad fortune paid local charities, such as the New York Bureau of Industries and Immigration, to seek out Jewish, Italian and other immigrants in New York and other crowded cities and subject them to deportation, trumped up confinement or forced sterilization.

The Rockefeller Foundation helped found the German eugenics program and even funded the program that Josef Mengele worked in before he went to Auschwitz.


Teutonsuet said...

Are you sure you know what "racism" is?

Africa for Africans, Asia for Asians, White Countries for Everybody

Annihilation by Assimilation

The Netherlands is more crowded than Japan, Belgium is more crowded than Taiwan, but nobody says Japan or Taiwan will solve the RACE problem by bringing in millions of third-worlders and assimilating and intermarrying with them.

Everybody says the final solution to the RACE problem is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries to bring in the third world and assimilate with them.

Immigration, tolerance, and especially assimilation are being used against the white race.

All this immigration and intermarriage is for EVERY white country and ONLY white countries.

Anti-white is called anti-racist, but it leads to the disappearance of one race and only one race, the white race.

It is genocide.

Follow the White Rabbit:

the tent lady said...

I do understand this argument and see how the white European nations are being assimilated. I have seen countless examples of the process and read the theories for why it's happening now. I don't argues against these theories, that's not my role nor do I have anything to add to the body of evidence to support the claims. I do see the strong similarity though between Jewish and white racial purity ideology, and of course the Nazis understood and used the racial purity arguments in the 1930s.

If I were going to research it further I would begin with finding out what it is that's bringng so many Africans, Asians and Arabs to Europe in the first place. I may do this too because the French use of communitarianism is directly tied to the Zionists living there.

As a non 100% white woman I am already assimilated. What role do you see for my children and future generations of these mixed blood ties? If it's genocide, then my family is already dead.