Thursday, February 18, 2010

Citizen's Advisory Commitees - Real or UN-NGO driven?

"Communitarians sometimes sound like conservatives of both camps because they want to shore up the social and psychological foundations of virtue but also to keep the state in its place. Solving this dilemma calls for a new approach, and this is where communitarians stand apart: they reconcile the social conservative's quest for shared virtues and the laissez-faire conservative's devotion to limited government by relying on the community—not the state or the individual—as the first and foremost protector of the social order." Amitai Etzioni, Community, Yes. But Whose?
Just got an email from Kristin Smith with an update on the Copper River Stories Mapping groups progress. They set up a google group for comments, but you have to join it in order to comment. Kristin is the Director of the Copper River Watershed Project, closely affiliated with major NGO player EcoTrust (although that's not prominently displayed on CRWP's website). No suprise to learn Janelle Eklund, Director of W.I.S.E. is the former president of CRWP. It's always the same people in all these new citzen groups; it's similar to a very small, intermarried coven.

So why do I care about them and what they do? Well, they claim to represent all of us. They claim they provide a forum for our local interests in the region. Yet not one person I know out here is part of this group... not one. And when I showed up at one community meeting and expressed my verifiable concerns for their innovative approaches, I was chastized for being a selfish person in the Copper River Record, in two dfferent editorials published last December. Janelle Eklund and her WISE bubba were given five columns in the local paper to respond to my allegations; my actual complaints were never publically printed anywhere except on this blog.

The Copper River Watershed Project provides residents with a forum to consider and implement innovative approaches for achieving balance between a diverse economy and healthy ecosystems while maintaining our quality of life and our cultural heritage. {Ed note: Notice how the balance is no longer between rights and responsiblilities, they don't even have to mention individual liberty anymore.}

The communities we serve:

* Chisana
* Chistochina
* Chitina
* Copper Center
* Copperville
* Cordova
* Gakona
* Glennallen
* Gulkana
* Kennicott
* Kenny Lake (Editor's note: where we live)
* McCarthy
* Mendeltna
* Mentasta Lake
* Nabesna
* Nelchina
* Paxson
* Slana
* Tazlina
* Tonsina Upper
* Tonsina Lower
* Tiekel
* Tolsona
Here's their latest attempt to further represent my interests. I contacted my ex-husband about this about a year ago when he was still working for Alyeska and asked him if the company was aware of the expansion of powers these citizen groups assume. He barely responded. :)
Groups seek citizen oversight of trans-Alaska pipeline

CITIZENS: Advocates fear spill in salmon-rich copper river tributaries.


Published: January 25th, 2010

Environmentalists, fishermen and others in the Copper River region are spearheading a new effort to boost citizen monitoring of the trans-Alaska oil pipeline.
Whose idea was it to start empowering citizen groups? Amitai Etzioni's?

Will it become our responsibility as all volunteer citizens to serve on these committees? Or was the program designed to make it look like the people who do serve are the most moral among us? The Essential Commuitarian Reader
"To quote from "The Responsive Communitarian Platform," a manifesto that I helped to draft, we must recognize "that the preservation of individual liberty depends on the active maintenance of the institutions of civil society where citizens learn respect for others as well as self-respect; where we acquire a lively sense of our personal and civic responsibilities, along with an appreciation of our own rights and the rights of others." Communitarians aim, in short, to strike a balance between individualism and social duty," Amitai Etzioni, Community, Yes. But Whose?
I still say we kick the bums out.
No longer will the country be ruled by the huge and unwieldy councils (known as soviets) that the Bolsheviks packed with milkmaids and factory workers and turned into handy rubber stamps for their party machinations--or which more recently, as democracy took hold, turned into the last bastions of the Communist elite.


Anonymous said...

I am so glad I stumbled across your blog. I am especially interested in reading and learning what you are sharing about a "communitarian platform". This is a new word to me, but I think we share a common view.

My original reason for coming to your blog was to learn how to cook on a wood stove, or so I was led to believe. There are no accidents and all things happen for a reason.

I look forward to reading further at your blog.

the tent lady said...

thanks iamdeb! that's very inspiring. just recently consuelo suggested I begin writing about all kinds of different things at the ACL because maybe somebody would come for one of those benign topics and stick around to read the other stuff I have there. You've just proved her point!