Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tiny House Blog publishes Gertee article!

%Up on the roof% at campredington.com

Fred trains to take over Friedrich & Sons

Thanks Kent!

Tiny House Blog site has so many different ideas and instructions for building some very amazing little structures. I poked around there after one of you suggested it a while back. Thank you whoever that was! The first comment on gertee is one we hear all the time and seems to be the biggest barrier to living small. Where do we put all our stuff?

It's one I slip in the conversation whenever I talk to my brother or Tim about gertees. I want someone to design portable kitchen/bath/lr/br shelving and cupboards for round rooms. We've been studying Ikea catalogs and other places, but I think there are a lot more options as yet undiscovered. In our kitchen now we are using 3 baker's racks, one large bulky counter and one 2 1/2' wide shelf. I too get clausetrophobic by clutter and was hoping to build some cupboards, and finally just covered what I could the old-fashioned way.

Our situation in AK requires us to have a few more things in order to survive the winter, and having the 16' bedroom/bath addition would have helped if there weren't three of us living in it still. :) I have wondered many times HOW the people in Mongolia and traditional Americans lived without so much stuff! I haven't seen huge kitchens in their pictures, and the Mongolian beds look like they double as storage. It's the cooking that amazes me... our kitchen just gets bigger and bigger, this summer the front 16' will be all kitchen and dining.


Nordica took this because I match the scarf on the wall

Annika of Kenny Lake Diner & Bakery, Jeremy, and Nordica

Entry a bit more open now that it's warm (above zero)

Kitchen - covered the broken shelf door with fabric scraps


Anonymous said...

MMMMM... Let me think about that. How big is your kitchen area, don't worry about the radius, just let me know the area ( such as 6' x 8' )and I'll figure it on a 16' Gertee.


the tent lady said...

yes brother! okay, the kitchen is a pie shape that starts to the right of the door and goes along 20 feet of wall now, but I want it to go all the way around to the back doorway which is about 25 feet of wall. there is about 7 feet of useable floor space.

The stove is in the center of the room at the 8' mark. I'd like to make the kitchen more open around the fire/stove with easier access to it from the work space too, if possible. I need a shelf for a water spout over the dishes, the old wash stations were perfect and designs can be found in minis :)

The walls are only 5 1/2 feet high but the center is 9 feet so it goes up 4 feet across the room.

Love to have a design for a counter with two stools like your house in Belfair had. :) Better yet I'd really love to see you and Mary and Gavin this summer. We got lots of 4 wheeler trails, we can fish and can reds and even go bear watching if you want. Tim has all the tools..... and Kathy might be back in Valdisease! Think about it...

Anonymous said...

Even if you never meet most of your readers, know that your courage, research and principles have touched so many of us who return to this site day after day.

My props!

robrob said...

wow how do you cope with cabin fever? I live in ohio and the winters almost kill me (my spirit) i hate to be holed up, which is why I hate agenda 21, it is about destroying the spirit of people by holing them up in boxes and enslaving them.

frankly I thought about living similar to you because I figure with the economy as it is, we could very well become one of the millions homeless and I do not want the gov to help me. you know what I mean, fema camps anyone?

frankly I dont see rights as the problem, lack of rights is the problem for the majority of people in the world, if their rights were protected then poverty would be alot less and enviromental issues with regard to mans use of resources for high standard of living would not be an issue. except maybe on the corporate level.

I mean if you cant use oil gas or solar to cook your food or keep you warm what is next? trees, yea trees then you have destruction of the area by detreeing, and lets not forget the trenches down the middle of the street where they throw their sewage, yuck! saw that in a video. they blame our rights for this, personally I can't see how. I live here they live half a world away.