Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Bill calls for protecting people over wildlife in Anchorage

2020 says on Wildlife: "A wide diversity of fish, wildlife and habitats throughout the Municipality that thrives and flourishes in harmony with the community." http://www.accalaska.org/title21.html
We included this sharing the trails with the bears issue in 2020: Our Common Destiny. The Anchorage 2020 Plan called for sharing the trails with wildlife. We joked that maybe we Alaskans could timeshare with the bears, people could use them in the winter (when they need them most) and the bears can have them in the summer (when the tourists come). These trails are a central part of the new plan for creating a vehicle free vision for Anchorage. This is how Alaskan commoners of the future will travel from their assigned homes to work, to consume and to report to their community centers for their mandatory service assignments. According to the plan, Anchorage residents don't utilize their parks and trails enough. What a perfectly crafted dialectical conflict between the greens and the greens. :)

"Fish and Game estimates there are roughly 200 to 300 black bears and 60 brown bears in the general Anchorage area."

BEARS: Legislator wants police to have authority to shoot threatening animals.

It's been nearly two years since a pair of maulings on a popular Anchorage trail. It's been months since plans fizzled for the city to hire a "bear cop" to prevent more problems.

Now, the battle over bears in Anchorage is back.


Where we live now there's a lot more bears than in the city. For self-preservation, we're keeping a close eye on the LA21 plans and visions they're writing for this area. Plus, now Etzioni's volunteer program has been introduced in Kenny Lake, it was in the last month's community league meeting notes.

Here's the goal, since it's always about retraining people to have more communitarian behaviors.
"I don't understand why as a community we refuse to be responsible. Clearly we all want to live near wildlife. Why won't we as community make it a requirement, a law, to be bear responsible."
Now here's the same people who helped write Anchorage 2020:


“Safe Walking - the foundation of healthy communities

February 5, Noon - 1:30pm, FIFTH Floor Conference Room, City Hall

Anchorage Citizens Coalition brings Lynn Peterson to Anchorage on Friday, February 5, 2010, to speak to the health effects of balanced transportation systems. Lynn is a highway designer and urban planner who chairs the Clackamas County Board of Commissioners. She lives in Lake Oswego and has worked with 1000 Friends of Oregon, Fregonese and Calthorpe, as well as Portland's TriMet transit system. Mt Redoubt's eruption interrupted her March 2009 visit, now we have another chance to work with Lynn. Her March 2009 presentation can be found at http://www.clackamas.us/bcc/peterson/alaska.htm

Also join Lynn for "Green Drinks," Friday, February 5, 5 - 6pm. Bernies' Upstairs Lounge


Anonymous said...

I'd rather offer Lynn some green bologna or some green weenies. Maybe with a few green flies crawling on them.

the tent lady said...

Go green, go bold, go mold!

Just checked my carbon footprint and I'm worse than Kenya but better than Mexico! Americans began selling carbon credits yeesterday... now I'm thinking if all this craziness comes into law, I may be able to make money off my lifestyle? Gotts to look at this a lot more closely.