Thursday, February 18, 2010

Gerteeville labled ghetto (favela) chic!

The Tinyhouseblog article's been picked up by a few places that are interested in it because of its obvious sustainable properties. Even the Alaska Dispatch linked to it with a funny summary of what the guys at said about it, and about where we live. I appreciate all the positive attention on gertee. I do want people to see what's possible and inspire them to make what has yet to be discovered. I'm assuming that the green sites perused my work enough to see exactly what it is I oppose. That they did not refrain from sharing the ACL link with their readers gives me a lot of hope. Common people may just find the way to get outside the communitarian traps, avoid the staged conflicts, and start getting on with real living together.

Woke this morning with the word "community" running around my brain. I had this great idea for an article addressing Robert Putnam's Bowling Alone and I started writing it in my sleep. By the time I woke up and started a fire in my gertee and thawed out my pc and cords, it faded into vagueness, as dreams often do. In my dream I was a kind and gentle person writing a beautiful introduction to my understanding of what makes a natural community. But that's not how I write when I'm awake. Because of my directness and intensity, heck, I am often assumed to be a man.

I am not against building communities naturally or living in them. I've often been accused of being an uncaring, selfish individualist who does nothing for other people. That's because my opponents need me to be that person in order to discredit my ACL research. The truth is my lifestyle has always included making room for others. Hundreds of people have slept on my couches and floors, and I've often found myself in the position of caring for people I hardly knew. There's a lot of things about me that don't fit the designation the communitarians give me, and Professor Crawley from the University of Wyoming, when helping me via email to understand deductive and inductive reasoning for our thesis in 2003, insisted that my voluntary collective lifestyle made me a communitarian by default. I remember thinking yesh, I do know firsthand how communist collectives work... I do all the chores and the laziest of my roommates get to sit on their butts and do nothing. :)

I've been traveling and living across the US and Canada for 53 years. I've been helped out and offered a place to crash by countless generous North Americans, and I've never felt as if our people didn't have a sense of community. What I experienced was an abundance of community spirit wherever I went. Not that I was always welcome in those communities (I was spit on in Hawaii for being white) but some places were unbelievably welcoming (is there anyplace friendlier to strangers than Wyoming or along the Alcan Highway?)

When I found out that the plan was to eliminate people like me and all the other individuals who are born "helpers" and replace us with a government funded community council, I was horrified.

I can't help it, at my core I oppose government manufactured fake communities that destroy genuine community. I read, study and try to interpret government and NGO publications that contribute to rebuilding America and the world into micro-managed police state collectives. We began by opposing specific COPS' ordinances and regulations mandated in UN Local Agenda 21 in Seattle in 1999. We expanded our research to include every piece of the communitarian theology-philosophy that ties to the communitarian's global political agenda. This naturally led us to examine many of the ideals promoted by the communitarians that we thought were "good."

Is recycling "bad" just because the global communitarians seized the idea as their own? I never believed that. In fact I still believe many of the things the communitarians plagiarized from the natural world are "good." Protecting land and water from poison and decimation always appealed to the "healthy instincts of the plain man."

Just because the communitarians named their horrendous system "Community" doesn't mean they own the word. Just because the communitarians use the gay community to further their horrendous hate laws doesn't mean we oppose gays. Just because the communitarians use Christians, Jews, Muslims, and Native spirituality doesn't mean we oppose these religions. The communitarians use everyone and blaspheme every belief they can; like parasites they cannot exist without piggybacking onto something that already exists (good or bad). They have no original ideas of their own.

Public-private partnerships are not new. (British and Dutch East India companies may even be the modern EU models). Corporations began destroying the North American continent and everyone on it long before the communitarians published their sustainable development plans. Protected imperial corporations stole the land and harbors in all the places that became known in the 20th century as The Third World. Indigenous people across the planet wrote Declarations of Independence much like the Americans did, but today they're all completely communitarian. Somewhere along the way everyone and every place got sucked into the communitarian plan.

As a nature lover all my life I used to identify myself as part Green. I thought some of it was too bizarre to take seriously, but I automatically, emotionally subscribed to the principles, before I knew what they were. The con doesn't change the way I live or my level of respect for the natural environment. The fact that environmental legislation became known as EU Environmental Communitarian Law should have been disclosed to the common people who complained about the poisonings and destruction of their communities in the first place.

Our studies in the Hegelian dialectic indicate a purposefulness behind the legitimate government's refusals to control unchecked and irresponsible corporate destruction of the planet. Commmunitarian solutions would not have been possible otherwise. People were seeking justice and restoration of their local degraded resources, but it's simply not possible that everyone in the entire world came up with the exact same communiatarian plan at the same time. That should be all the evidence of an organized plan we need. But it's not, it's so not.

Community Services Officer SPD Hope Bauer told 100+ people at a Town Hall meeting in Seattle that the police were advised to not enforce the noise ordinance in City code for five years prior to the 1999 Revised Noise Ordinance proposal. The revision proposed a $250. first time no warning fine for any discernible noise over 50 feet! A second infraction of the new code was $1000. fine and/or six months in jail, plus the authority to abate the property (always the ultimate goal). SPD Officer Hope Bauer said she had no idea why the police were told to stop enforcing the established law, even though she was on the start-up committee to revise it. Hope was also the friendlier neighborhood COP who guarded the Dawson clients during the hostage taking incident and told them to "shut-up" about their rights. She told them, "You people already have too many rights in this country as it is." That's what the COPS mean by promoting a livable community, and community police play an active role in all sustainable development.

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iamdeb said...

"...Professor Crawley from the University of Wyoming, when helping me via email to understand deductive and inductive reasoning for our thesis in 2003, insisted that my voluntary collective lifestyle made me a communitarian by default."

The difference between you and a communist (as we know them today) is exactly your choice of a "voluntary collective lifestyle" versus what is being forced on us, against our will without free choice, by threats and violence.

My thinking, developing and expanding as it has rapidly over the last few years, has taken me from a Christian conservative Republican position to a voluntary individualist who chooses to practice a modified version of Christianity. I definitely support voluntary anything. is responsible for my current thinking; while I agree in principle, throwing off half a century of indoctrination is not easy. Today I live very conscious and deliberate.