Thursday, February 25, 2010

What is the Church Growth Movement (CGM)?

And now for an updated Christian perspective (thanks Consuelo!):


Anonymous said...

That article about the church growth movement makes it so much clearer how this method is used by nearly everybody. Our child's teacher/facilitator in the so-called Gifted Class, who claimed to be a Christian and who in her retirement is a facilitator in the Walk To Emmaus Movement (an ecumenical endeavor of Catholic and Methodist origin)used the very same methods on her students. This is also called DIAPRAX by Dean Gotcher. Special text books are used that have been written in a way to introduce certain subjects and then cause the students to come to certain conclusions. The teacher facilitates the discussions and any students who balk are pressured via peer-pressure to conform to the group view. The authors of the specialized books were Globalists but I think we would call them COMMUNITARIANS today. Many of them are/were of the Frankfurt School and Jewish. I have to wonder if they were also into the Kabbalah. A few years ago a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer was included in the Jr. Great Books Program about a Jewish Rabbi in Poland who was a Kabbalist and it was written by Singer who, I believe, came from that background. Writing this paragraph will cause me to be labeled an anti-semite of course.

Anonymous said...

This is 10 years to's well rooted now. This is the method of late Peter Drucker. It's a "new age" business model based on Systems Theory (Theosophy) and it is Kabbalistic. Church Growth Movement is headed by C Peter Wagner. Rick Warren is the master at getting Churches onboard through his Purpose Driven books designed for Pastors and laity.

As Alice Baily said......"The Plan" would be put in place by using the Churches. The Churches are all British Israel and part of the problem. Communitarians are building the counterfeit kingdom of god. It's Luciferian.

Anonymous said...

The article reads as the Obama began the faith-based initiative. This is a falsehood. The faith-based initiative bean with Bush.

Obama is only expanding what Bush began.

The truth of the matter is that the British are at the heart of "The (Babylonian) Plan" not real jews. Judaism is Pharisee - ism and the zionist today are not the real jews.

It's a good article but still fails to pinpoint the real problem.