Saturday, February 13, 2010

USDA Dropping NAIS! Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance

Good news forwarded from Canada. Thanks Darren!

The USDA has announced that it is dropping NAIS!


This is a major victory for the grassroots!! Thank you to the thousands of people who called, wrote, organized meetings, and more. Dozens of organizations, from across the country and the full range of the political spectrum, worked together on this common cause. And we succeeded in making our voices heard.

USDA has stated that it is refocusing its efforts on “a new, flexible framework” that will apply only to animals moved in interstate commerce and encourage the use of “lower-cost” technology. During today’s conference call with USDA, I asked whether the agency would continue using federal funding to pressure states to adopt the program through cooperative agreements. In response, Secretary Vilsack stated that USDA has gotten a “failing grade” on NAIS and that he does NOT intend to try to implement it through the back door.

You can read more details from USDA at:

We still have more work in front of us. As USDA develops its new framework, we must be involved and vocal, so that agribusiness does not develop yet another high-tech, big-industry boondoggle. We must be active at the state level to ensure that the state agencies do not implement unnecessary and burdensome rules. And we must work to roll back the unfair requirements that have already been implemented in Wisconsin and Michigan. Ultimately, it is up to us – as animal owners, homesteaders, farmers, ranchers, and consumers -- to build a positive vision for our farms and our food.

Thank you all!

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Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if 'Fabian' Vilsack says it, it's gotta be true (wink wink). After all, have they ever lied to us before?


Anonymous said...

LOL, we are watching the back and front door. We shall see. Anyone crossing borders will be marked. States like WI an MI are still NAIS. They are not doing away with it.
The states are hooked up to Global Vet link which carries all the health Certificates and all 50 states have signed up to this. And they can certainly use that for traceablity.
I wonder how long it will be before they manufacture another crisis.

the tent lady said...

Glad to know not everyone can be easily fooled. :)