Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Making hate and arrogance a virtue - the war on fat people

In chapter 6 of 2o2o: Our Common Destiny, we included a snarky reference to Mayor Begrich's Task Force on Obesity. We joked that maybe if we took a scale around, along with our surveys we were taking regarding the Anchorage 2020 Comprehensive Bowl Plan, we could get a grant.

But it was never a joke, was it? It's serious as a heart attack. This War on Fat People is like every other communitarian war. The communitarians have to create conflict among people so they can step in and mediate a solution. The dialectical evolution of mankind can't progress without the full participation of useful idiots. Now, Marx (wrongly) predicted the conflicts would arise globally from poor people fighting the rich people. Our people never fell for that one. So the comms looked for other avenues to create discord amongst free people. The race wars worked out well for the comms during my generation, but then all the kids started marrying each other and had babies together, and humans don't normally hate their own grandchildren.

The creative communitarians continually come up with neo ways to build walls between Americans, walls from which one side can look easily over from their loftier side and spit down on the people trapped on the other. The communitarian walls come in many shapes and sizes. For an example of Etzioni's most successful communitarian wall to date, go here: http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE60E37H20100115

For years the focus was on alcohol, anyone who drank in poor neighborhood bars could be accused of being an alcoholic. Then community police task forces began targeting and shutting down the pubs by haraassing the patrons. Then the focus moved to smoking cigarettes, where anyone who smoked was an easy target for children, could be banned from jobs and be subjected to all kinds of new Soviet regulations in public and in private. This helped to further destroy the genuine community meeting places, formerly called pubs and bars. (The communitarian "recovery" business is thriving.) Then the coms moved on to junk storage in yards, (perfectly timed with LA21 plans for a cleaner, safer planet, starting with the neighborhoods) and anyone who didn't have a middle class home with a perfectly manicured yard was labled a pig.

Over the last decade spent studying communitarianism, I have learned to hate evolved, skinny robots who use food as a weapon against humans who've remained human. Communitarian behavior modifications are already so much a part of American culture that we all go around as either accusors or defending ourselves against accusations of being someone "bad," only because we are not robotlike in our appearance or thinking. And connecting obesity to health care costs is brilliant since that's the most convoluted scam they've presented to the already confused public.

When I first warned Nancy Rising, a Seattle Democrat about the inside home inspections planned by our neighborhood action team, she replied, "Oh my, they'll arrest me for my house!" We laughed, because the absurdity of teams of inspectors entering her privately owned home in Bellevue was just too far out there to be taken seriously.

Fed up with fat and saying something about it
As obesity rates rise alongside healthcare costs, slimmer people are saying enough already

The war on obesity is not about laziness, it's about the right to be. I've witnessed the transformation into "perfect" specimens in many people I used to call friends, and needless to say they are not friends anymore. One observation I've made is that the most jealous and empty people I know are the ones who are absolutely convinced of their superiority and right to rule, only because they exercise. Their obsession with their own petty achivements is the basis for their entire lives. They never exercise their brains (although they've become adepts at memorizing and repeating propaganda). I always thought our minds were the only thing we could possibly count on to get better with age. Our spiritual health isn't even a consideration to these neo gods, that part of human existence is being saved for later. That veganism is a religious cult is still hidden from most people, especially the ones who practice it! Like Obama says, Believe!

Now I do love my sports, grew up on baseball and will never give it up. I'm way skinny now but I have been fat twice in my lifetime, both times because I had babies. It took over a year after my second to lose about half the weight gained, and 140 became my "normal" weight. I was ready to look like my Grandma Rose and Henrietta, grow old gracefully into a stocky woman with a big bosum for hugging grandbabies. The only reason I'm a skinny bitch now is because I starved almost to death working on the Dawson lawsuits in 2002, and then my teeth started falling out. Which, in today's American communitarian consciousness, makes me just a crackhead.

My whole lifestyle has been under constant attack from people who cannot read and therefore can never understand why I devoted my life to studying and exposing communitarianism. I gave up everything, a modern home, a good paying job, entertainment, and regular meals to defend legitimate constitutional American law that protects individual natural born rights. It's a real Catch-22 to have to defend the communitarian thinker's rights along with everyone whose rights have been attacked by these very same individuals.

So yes I know that to hate these people I am making myself part of the dialectic. But I hate them anyway, and so much so that am putting them on the top of my list, above Etzioni and W.I.S.E. And again, Consuelo has provided me with a reason to write another article... thanks Consuelo! :)

Added February 11, 2010
(forward from Consuelo)
Experimental Devices Keep Track of Eating, Exercise Habits of Overweight People
Wednesday, January 06, 2010
By Alicia Chang, Associated Press

Alhambra, Calif. (AP) - The fight against fat is going high-tech. To get an inside look at eating and exercise habits, scientists are developing wearable wireless sensors to monitor overweight and obese people as they go about their daily lives.

The experimental devices are designed to keep track of how many minutes they work out, how much food they consume and even whether they are at a fast-food joint when they should be in the park. The goal is to cut down on self-reported answers that often cover up what's really happening.

In a lab in this Los Angeles suburb, two overweight teenagers help test the devices by taking turns sitting, standing, lying down, running on a treadmill and playing Wii. As music thumps in the background, wireless sensors on their chests record their heart rates, stress levels and amount of physical activity. The information is sent to a cell phone.

"I can't feel my legs," 15-year-old Amorette Castillo groans after her second treadmill run.

Traditional weight-loss interventions rely mainly on people's memory of what they ate for dinner and how many minutes they worked out. But researchers have long known that method can be unreliable since people often forget details or lie.

The new devices are being designed in labs or created with off-the-shelf parts. Some similar instruments are already on the market, including a model that tracks calories burned by measuring motion, sweat and heat with armbands.

But the devices in development aim to be more sophisticated by featuring more precise electronics and sometimes even video cameras. Many emerging systems also strive to provide instant feedback and personalized treatment for wearers.

At the University of Southern California lab, the teens alternated between being sedentary and active as researchers resolved the technical bugs. Later this year, some will wear the body sensors at home on weekends. If they get too lazy, they will get pinged with a text message.

"We'll be able to know real-time if they're inactive, if they're active," said Donna Spruijt-Metz, a USC child obesity expert in charge of the project.

The devices are made possible by advances in technology such as accelerometers that can measure the duration and intensity of a workout. They also use Bluetooth-enabled cell phones that can take pictures of meals and send information back.

Will all this wizardry lead to a slimmer society? Scientists say there's reason to hope. Getting an accurate picture of what people eat and how often they move around will help researchers develop personalized weight-loss advice.

Obesity is epidemic in the United States with two-thirds of adults either overweight or obese. It's a major health concern for children and adolescents, who are at higher risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and diabetes as they grow older.

A federally funded pilot project by the Pennington Biomedical Research Center in Louisiana is exploring whether people can lose more weight when tracked by technology.

Participants carry around Blackberry Curves to snap pictures of their meals and leftovers. They also wear a quarter-sized device on their shoe that counts the number of steps they take.

Counselors pore over the incoming data and give individually tailored health advice through e-mail or telephone. Every month, the participants get their weight checked, and their progress is compared against a separate group that receives only generic health tips.

The study involves just seven people, but researchers eventually hope to have 40.

"It's highly personalized. You get feedback very quickly," said Corby Martin, who heads Pennington's Ingestive Behavior Laboratory.

By using technology to capture eating and exercise details, researchers hope to bypass self-reporting that can sometimes give an incomplete picture.

But some medical experts are concerned about ethical questions. Even if people agree to be tracked, researchers worry about intruding into the rest of their lives and the lives of those around them.

"As a researcher, I'm a professional voyeur, and I like to find out whatever I can about human subjects," said William McCarthy, a professor of public health and psychology at the University of California, Los Angeles. "But if I were a subject, I'd be concerned about the level of detail that's being captured about my behavior from moment to moment."

University of Pittsburgh engineer Mingui Sun has developed a necklace equipped with a video camera that records where a person goes and what he or she eats. Before a researcher sees the data, it's filtered by a computer that blurs out other people's faces.

The device is not smart enough to know whether the wearer ate a Big Mac or tofu. So a researcher inputs the food, and the computer calculates the portion size, calories and nutrients.

Sun's lab workers are wearing the prototype, and he hopes to test it on real people by the middle of the year.

Another concern is whether people, particularly youngsters, will stick with it.

Fellow Pittsburgh researcher Dana Rofey recently completed a study of 20 overweight female preteens and teens who wore armbands tracking the number of steps taken and calories burned daily.

Researchers found the armbands were worn 75 percent of the time. Though the study did not include a comparison group, researchers were pleased with the high compliance rate.

On a recent weekday, Castillo and another study volunteer, 13-year-old Eric Carles, headed straight from school to the USC lab, where they strapped the sensors on and went through a sort of circuit training. The project manager timed them as a postdoctoral student recorded the session through a one-way mirror.

Through periods of sitting, standing and exercising, they chatted about scary movies and upcoming exams. Wearing the devices felt "weird" to Castillo initially, but she has since grown used to it.

Castillo admits she doesn't exercise as she often as she would like and has a sweet tooth for chocolate. Carles, who plays after-school sports, confesses he eats a lot. The teens were willing to try anything to help them lose weight.

After enduring more than two hours of required physical activity, the two were allowed to do whatever they want. Researchers called it "free living," and it offered a glimpse into the activities teens would choose when they test the sensors at home.

The two chose to play a music video game. With Castillo on drums and Carles on the guitar, they rocked out to Duran Duran and Bon Jovi as researchers looked on.

(Copyright 2008 Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.)


What's in a name? said...

Thanks Niki!
It's moving in the same subtle direction here in Germany too.
It's a spiritual thing - a very strong mindset which pervasively insinuates its way into even the minds of people who you'd think wouldn't think that way. Like with eugenics. Some of the nicest people deep down, actually believe that the world would be a better place if all the poor, low-educated people would be irradicated.

One has to stand against it very firmly and fill the mind with truth to counteract the lie.
God bless you.

Anonymous said...

I have to wonder how that TV program THE BIGGEST LOSER is meshing with this latest aspect of brainwash. I watched a few minutes of it last night. The fatties are put in the most humiliating clothing and activities. The men all remove their t-shirts so their obesity is on display. The women cannot go shirtless but they all wear very brief tops with their large, fat mid-sections exposed. The camera zooms in on their bodies. They are made to run and jog and sweat and strain. I am sure the masses are sitting in their homes being disgusted by the scenes and this will help the comms turn us all into fat-haters.

Josef Kazantski said...

Isn't the war on fatties just the same as the war of cigarette smokers? I mean growing up in 70's meant you were blasted 24/7 with Bernay's style PR [sic] that smoking was both cool and grownup. Likewise, "don't be square, eat a McD meal and be round--hey and be sure to slop down a bucket of coke to wash down that triple tier, steak burger. Have a nice day". Is it any wonder most of us smoke and eat junk food, when subjected to such extreme and wide reaching mind control. Now the turnaround, let's hound smokers and the obese and force them to give up their evil addiction. What was once an essential, cultural norm, is now a vice. Anyone get the feeling that we're being laughed at, that is a some kind of sick sport?

The spirit of Marlboro man.

Anonymous said...

Another popular TV program right now is Mad Men. It's winning awards. It takes place from 1960 on and deals with the people who worked in advertising on Madison Avenue. It is not at all flattering to them. But it too has an agenda. To show us how sexist and homophobic people used to be and now we are better because we accept behaviors that used to be considered beyond the pale.
I'm not much of a historian but before Rome fell wasn't it common and acceptable for soldiers to be homosexual? Well, now America's soldiers can be acceptably gay too.

Keoni Galt said...

One observation I've made is that the most jealous and empty people I know are the ones who are absolutely convinced of their superiority and right to rule, only because they exercise. Their obsession with their own petty achivements is the basis for their entire lives.

Heh. One thing about gaining an understand of our reality and how the Communitarians have shaped and molded it..is that it is very very difficult to share your understanding with your friends and family that you care about.

I've already given up trying to convince people that just simply don't want to here that everything they've worked for is based on a lie, a scam and deceptions designed to get them to chain themselves into debt slavery and to buy into a population control agenda.

It's hard...but for the sake of maintaining the relationships with people close to me, I keep my mouth shut and try to influence them covertly.

Sean said...

Everyone comes to terms on their own. WE can congregate and fellowship after we've come to some understanding...

But NOTHING convinces ANYONE of anything.

Niki this is one of your best over the top rants in a long time. I'd say "I love it", but it's hard to love what makes you want to cry.

I've got a decent box of wax. The request online locally gleaned various results. I have a few balls of wax yet picked up. I'll stuff it all in a box with a few other items soonly.

Shit is yet to calm down. I'm just dealing with each day as it comes.

I did finish a heavy metal song about AIDS being man made. That made me happy!!

talk soon,


Anonymous said...

Niki said: "My whole lifestyle has been under constant attack from people who cannot read and therefore can never understand why I devoted my life to studying and exposing communitarianism. I gave up everything, a modern home, a good paying job, entertainment, and regular meals to defend legitimate constitutional American law that protects individual natural born rights."

I applaud you. Your commitment to exposing the communitarian agenda is worthy of much praise.

However, why did you feel compelled to leave everything behind when you can use it to further your case?

We can play by the rules of modernity and still effect change.

Consider the Fabian model. They hijacked both parties through financing, manipulation, deception and coercion to the point where they're able to control outcomes of elections and major decisions.

However, unlike the Fabians, we don't have immediate access to the Think Tanks, Sell Side Banks, Media and Security Apparatus. We must "convert" key individuals within these groups before more like-minded others can join in our fight against the machine.

I would also add that we should be on our guard against the Alex Jones and Glenn Becks of the world. They somehow manage to avoid the typical repercussions for speaking out. That should tell you something. And notice how they never seem to provide legitimate sources for their arguments and when they do, its used in the wrong context.

Any thoughts on this?

the tent lady said...

Morning everyone! This is the most thoughtful response I've ever got to a post, and I thought it was too over the top too Sean but when a piece of it hits me emotionally that's where my writing always goes.

One my way to the dentist this morning. getting 4 teeth pulled and making a plan for replacements! I was very suprised to find out my "job" has emergency dental benefits. So I won't be able to respond to you all for a couple days, unless I come back onlne when I'm taking pain pills and too stoned to answer properly.:) This will help me get back in health and spirits with the endurance I'll need to get gertee off the ground.

John I had to give it up because I was unable to stop the research. I spent 24-7 thinking about this, and it took years for me to realize the role the Hegelian dialectic plays. The mental anguish incapacitated me for any normal life.. I dove into this work with all the zeal of a brainwashed American patriot. And for a time I emmersed myself in their convoluted, dialectical writings and spun in circles for a long tie trying to understand why I was going in circles. The choice became either quit the ACL, get it out of my damn head, or find a way to live on nothing, because no one would pay me t think this all through. There were a couple times I found a way to work and study, in worland, wy I tended bar three nights a week and we finished most of the website that year. I took a caretaker job at a remote lodge one summer, had to fly in so I really got time to think and feel what I'd been through up to that point. I worked like a madwoman to get the Dawson case into a courtroom, and by 2004 I was spent.

I did believe that I had to do it, no matter what the cost, and I chose to believe it was what my Creator put in front of me. But whether it comes from Jesus or my belief in Jesus was never the issue, and so I never made it part of the reason publically.

After my experience with the Dawson attorney Margaret Boyle, I decided I am not capable of being in close association with them. I was ready to throw Boyle out her office window by the time she filed the case. It was a sad day for me when I realized she was not one our side.. and Dawson lost. And you can take the Alaska bartender out of the bar, but you can't take the bar out of the bartender. My basic personality does not tolerate behaviors that cause trouble, and after reasoning fails, I resort to other methods. I wasn't raised to be a diplomat, I was raised by a soldier.

So this work is not only physically draining but as many of you already know firsthand, it kills pieces of our lives. It would have probably driven me quite mad if I hadn't started camping full time.

This is war. We should be on our guard aganst everyone who isn't on our side. But we can and should use every source of information we can verify, we don't have to be fans to use someone's work.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Brilliant thread, Niki.

Hope your dental treatment goes OK.



overtheedge said...

Quote "Anonymous,
I'm not much of a historian but before Rome fell wasn't it common and acceptable for soldiers to be homosexual? Well, now America's soldiers can be acceptably gay too."

You're right. You ain't, you're wrong and speaking as an old soldier, I'd sooner trust a gay soldier to defend the Constitution than trust you. Consider me one of those that sees "Anonymous" nom de plumes as one of those pieces of ... .

The war against obesity is a war against humanity. Science has disclosed that people who had a high BMI had a better chance of living through times of famine. It was less than a hundred years ago that people with a higher BMI stood a better chance of living to 50 years of age.

Now we worry about living to 100. High BMI's tend to die before reaching 70 years of age. Reality is quite specific; we are all gonna die.

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, I have a low BMI and find women with a bit of junk in the trunk to be desireable. Skinnys can be just as desireable. First wife was a skinny, second had plenty of flesh. The reality was weight had nothing to do with intelligence, wisdom or passion. These qualities meant more to me than BMI.

Here is what I've come to realize, if you haven't got any science to back up your statements, shut up. Obesity is not the problem, people against obese people are.

The easiest way to generate conflict is by encouraging one group to ridicule another. Conflict is the key element in communitarianism.