Sunday, January 24, 2010

Netanyahu, Hegel and the Jewish Spirit by Gilad Atzmon

The weather has been a real challenge. Last night it was 40 below again. I spent the day out in the sunshine shoveling ice and snow off the roof, insulating the back doorway and sawing more fuel. We're in that "let's just make it through the day" phase of winter. It's easier when the sun's shining so bright and sending rays of shine across gertee. Freddie got so excited by the beams he was actually trying to catch them in his hands. There is so much hope with the January sun.. we just keep reminding ourselves just two more months and it'll be above zero every day.

So glad I have no TV or radio lately. I couldn't stand listening to all the phony concern for the Haitians. I can barely tolerate mainstream propaganda when it's my neighbors repeating it. Keep hearing innovatve suggestions for the Haitian "problem" that sound a lot like the Communist Party Platform.. wonder where that's coming from. :) Somebody on Lew Rockwell blog made a post that suggested Hexayurts for Haitians. I guess free enterprise includes communitarian dog houses in American backyards... did the writer even look at the Hexayurt to see what he's recommending?

Thanks to Mark for forwarding this link. Atzmon has, in the past, identified himself as a dialectical thinker. So was Pope John Paul the II as it turns out.

Netanyahu, Hegel and the Jewish Spirit by Gilad Atzmon

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