Thursday, January 28, 2010

God's role in politics, society, economics and culture

16' prototype gertee on 1/20/10

downtown Kenny Lake, 1/20/10
view from gertee's front doorway

Working on a new chart and article that incorporates what I've learned from Henry Makow, Malachi Martin and E. Michael Jones in the past month without internet. Here's what's been running through my brain while I'm doing my daily winter chores:

The Communitarian belief that "sacrifices must sometimes be made for the common good" is the global government's emerging moral standard. Unlike communism, communitarianism values the rights of individual's and their liberty to freely choose their own destiny, unless it intereferes with the common good, which unfortunately requires mandatory individual volunteer sacrifices.

Why do the Earth's people need to adopt laws only trained religious and scientific magicians have the spiritual enlightenment to decipher? The synthesis to all the most important dialectical conflicts is so complex mere mortal minds can never expect to understand the Big Idea.

God v Devil
good v evil
Heaven v Hell
Salvation v Damnation
Faith v Reason
Celtic Tree of Life v The Babylonian Kaballah
Rabbi v Rabbi
Jesus v Rabbis
Christian v Pagans
Kingdom of God in Heaven v Kingdom of God on Earth
Martin Luther (Freemason?) v the Catholic Pope
Non secular (religious) law v secular (non-religious) law
Roman Catholic Europe (Poland-France) v Protestant West, Prussia, England, USA

As a third generation poor immigrant American, my ties to geneological heritage is murky. In my social circles, even what my parents were is considered completely irrelevant. In a half century of traveling and living among Americans, I've seen much hostility between whites and people of color, but I've rarely seen it between white Europeans based on their grandparent's nationalities.

My mother is confirmed Lutheran. I was baptized but never confirmed. I am, like all my countrymen, a product of the Reformation, the Enlightenment, and the Age of Reason. I was born and raised in a secular nation, taught to believe the best form of government allows for "no established state religion." I never saw the scism between catholic and protestant as that important to my ACL research, as it turns out I've never been more wrong about anything, in all the wrong things I've published. Not that I've changed my mind yet, but it's sure interesting to realize the core beliefs that the war against Catholic authority made possible.

I didn't know the basis for the American Revolution and the government established in 1776 was believed by Roman Catholics since the fifteenth century to come from a Luciferian, masonic, anti-church movement with global plans to destroy the one true faith. Not only does this agree with Bobby Garner's assessment of the masonic intentions to establish a new world in the Americas, it fills in the underlying accusations against my core principles. To a traditional Catholic, my devotion to God was easily converted into an abomination because my beliefs existed outside the parameters established under Peter's Church. It appears to be commonly understood among Catholics that my voices come from the Devil. I just never knew that.

It's been kind of interesting to me that my paternal family name is Friedrich and possibly Prussian. My dad used to joke that we were direct descendents of Frederick the Great. I assumed he said it to help us kids to overcome the social stigma of our obvious poverty. I saw our family claim to fame as part of his "hold your head up" and "chew with your mouth closed" training. My father hated slouchers and our elbows and wrists never, ever touched the dinner table when he was around. He also often reprimanded me to "open your damn eyes" whenever I smiled so big my eyes disappeared. I don't think my father honored his Mongolian ancestry in quite the same way as I do. (and what I wouldn't do to know what he'd say about gertee!)

Early in my ACL quest for answers I purchased a lithograph of Friedrich der Grosse on horseback I stumbled on when browsing an antique store with my sister Susan. Looking for heros who would guide me in my 4th Amendment legal battle against the City of Seattle, I romanticized my Prussian ancestors as moral defenders of Eastern European Christendom against Mongolian invasions. It was easy to romaticize about the Prussians, they've been completely wiped out of history by their enemies. I began to see my ancestors in a very similar way I see the American Indian tribes. All of our religions, language and culture are dead. Every surviving culture must be retrained in their duties and obligations as global citizens. Holdouts against the nwo or refusal to adopt its norms (busily transforming every continent), are on their way to being wiped out or "reinvented" beyond recognition.

Dr. Kelly Ross may be the best source on the internet regarding the complexity of God's role in all of this reinventing society. The "battle" between Good and Evil goes back thousands of years:

It's beginning to make more sense to me why former British PM & Third Way Communitarian Tony Blair came out as a converted Roman Catholic last year. The utimate Third Way includes a geopolitical church.


Anonymous said...

What dad would "say" about your gertee and what he would "think" would be two differant things. After hundreds ( or thousands ) of discussions about my sisters, always over endless cold beers, I believe I am the one person in this world who could answer your question. He had a driving need to know what was going on with you four, and I was the one who had to deliver the "goods" on you. First and foremost, he would say that only his "tiger" would have the balls to try such a thing, let alone stay with it, AND tell the world. What he would think, in my opinion, would be why in the world wern't you a man, taking the god given smarts ( as he would call it )combined with your "balls", and be leading the finest troops in this man's Army. Deep inside of this son of a bitch father of five, was a man who was deeply saddend by the lack of communacation with the four women who mattered more than they will ever know. I truly believe that he would rather you had said, "this is what my dad would say", rather than you having to guess! God, Country, and the 82nd Airborne, Hoo Rah. I'll be the bathroom, wiping the tears from my eyes, thinking about the last "thousand" talks I had with the man who loved you all.

the tent lady said...

Oh brother, this was the last comment I expected to find when I opened it. Thank you Jimmy. I love you. I hope our sisters read what you said here sometime too.

He did always think I had balls, didn't he? How many thousand times did I exclaim, "But I'm a girl dad! I don't want hair on my chest!" :) But am I glad he made me the fighter that I became? Yes.

In the early days of my ACL fight I used to be so worried for America. It bothered me that I was the best we could get to stand up for what's right in that Seattle neighborhood. I knew I was beyond inadequate, I wanted dad to lead us, and it crushed me when he gave his copy of War on Words to Nordica and said he didn't need it right before he died. I dreamed for years that him and I were able to discuss my work as if it all made sense to him and that he would take over.... like my own personal calvary to the rescue.

Isn't it crazy that the Hegelian tutorial in our stupid board game, the one we wrote for him, ended up being the basis for our entire anti communitarian thesis? It's as if my need to enlist him was the only way I could begin to learn to critisize Etzioni and expose his lies, which is apparently what I was ultimately driven to do.

Dad is why I never backed down even when I was warned my life could be in danger from these creeps who stole our country. I have never met a man who could be more intimidating than our Fred, nor one who could so inspire me to be better than I am. I hope to be reunited with him in the afterlife, and just in case it's possible, I'm going to request to be buried like an Eqyptian with plenty of cold beer!

AngelaMVK said...

YOUR voice comes from the devil???
The reason they want to cleanse the world of 80% of the population is because no trace of human conscience is permitted to taint the new Garden- remember, selling children to brothels? They are the ones whose bogus Gods require constant bonfires of human flesh- not yours.
My,my how the catechism has changed.
Or it was all bunkum to begin with.
If theirs is God, damn right I worship the devil.

It's funny to see how easily they do it- just reverse every word they say and all that love and light is revealed as pure hate.