Saturday, January 2, 2010

Alaskan Yurts in the NYT

Stuart Isert for the New York Times
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Thanks to my sister fishtaxi for sending this link! She found a very recent New York Times article about a family who live in a $14,000.00 yurt in Seldovia. The maker of their yurt, Nomad Shelters, a Homer based manufacturer, have their yurts all over Alaska now. They've narrowed their line to one model, an Alaskan 4 season dwelling.

This is very good news for Gertee and yurt dwellers everywhere. Now, obviously, there's a political slant behind this article, and it wouldn't suprise me to learn these scientists are in the same league as WISE.

It's reassuring to see interior pictures of another Alaskans' yurt.. it's as cluttered as mine, filled with everything from snowpants to water jugs, uh huh! I really like their dome covers. They only have one layer on their walls though, and the article says it's below freezing when they wake up. They say they feed their fire every half hour or so, and with our insulation we feed ours every couple hours, even in 40 below. (It doesn't get this cold down where they live, Homer is on the other side of the state.). It was ten above in here when we "woked up" and 36 below outside. So, I think my model with interior wall covers over the khana holds a lot more heat. :)

Just think of the millions of people who saw this already and are now a bit more "open" to the idea of living in the round. People who can't afford the 14k will soon find out they can build one themselves for a fraction of the retail cost. I couldn't have paid for better exposure. Now I want to buy an ad for my Tutorial Package in the online Times!

Broadband, Yes, Toilet, No.


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Anonymous said...

If those Haitians had been living in Yurts they would have been better off. They all need to buy yurts from you.