Thursday, January 28, 2010

Is America communitarian?

Did communitarianism arise naturally out of society in the United States? No. Is there any evidence to support the claim that it not only arose from our society but that it was the very foundation for our revolution? No, not unless we also have evidence the US was established as half a dialectical equation that would lead to world communitarianism. But the fact is, nothing having to do with American communitarianism is based on factual information. In 2010, we are all just supposed to believe communitarianism is "what is real about this country."
"Why should the Tea-publicans, these Tea Party baggers deform what is real about this country, which is communitarianism, which is about a responsive, strong government?" {emphasis added} VANDEN HEUVEL,
Wild Bill Clinton keeps telling his audiences a little bit different explanation of communitarianism every time he mentions the word in public. Now communitarianism means: people who know we're all in this together. Heh.
"“You need to take back this tea party idea,” he told the wildly cheering crowds in Boston and later in Worcester. “They say that the original Boston Tea Party was anti-government, but that is wrong. The Massachusetts Bay Colony had a strong government. They weren’t liberal or conservative, they were communitarians, which means they knew we’re all in this together. What they opposed was the abuse of power.” But the aim of the Republican Party and Senate nominee Brown, he charged, is to “protect the modern abusers of power” – namely, the corporate and financial leaders whose depredations can only be curtailed by strong, responsive government." {emphasis added} Bill Clinton in Massachusetts campaigning for Coakley.
Relating back to my earlier post, I'm trying to download Religious Justification in the American Communitarian Republic, Robert Justin Lipkin, Widener University School of Law

And here's an article I just found that includes information about the ACL in the Canada Free Press, The worldwide debut of the Communitarians, by Judi McLeod, Friday, January 15, 2010. Thanks Judi!


thomas said...

Its been real surprising for liberal democrats to watch Obama advocate for policies like bank bailouts and health care using communitarian justifications. It seems MSM and the two party system is more aligned now than ever around communitarian-oriented politics to achieve corporate and social goals.

thomas said...

Did communitarianism arise naturally out of society in the United States? No.
i'd be interested in learning what you find out from the articles...

but i would suggest republicanism is a conservative democratic form of communitarianism, yes?