Monday, January 4, 2010

EU and UN objectives in Romania EXACTLY the same as in the US?

Is EU redevelopment actually harming small farmers and changing the face of Romania's historical landscape?,,49058,85,00.html

Here's the UN fact sheet about Romania's Local Agenda 21 Plan

Here's the UN expansion plans for Local Agenda 21 in Romania:


1. To incorporate sustainable development principles into national and local strategies and action plans.

2. To create bottom-up links between national development priorities and local needs in the framework of a triple partnership between local government/business and community/citizens.

3. To enhance the local and regional capabilities for structural funds absorption.

4. To increase strategic planning capabilities.

5. To foster a participatory and multi-sectoral development planning process.

6. To achieve a new communication and organizational culture aimed at increased performances.

Achievements & Expected Results

1) To draft local plans for sustainable development of 35 Romanian territorial units.

2) To establish institutionalised mechanisms for regular consultations between local governments and CSOs on economic, social and environmental policies and programmes.

3) To increase capacity of local and county governments to identify, plan local development projects.

4) To improve the capacity of local and county governments to access structural funds.
Can't help ut wonder how many Romanians voted for adoption of LA 21, and how many were aware that Romania's ascension into the EU placed the entire country under the new global principles for communitarian law It's fairly easy to find attorneys in Romania who studied it, but impossible to find anything to show me their new LA21 "triple partnership" idea is any different than the public private partnerships with the Third Sector in the US. Wouldn't it be interesting to see what the Romanians would do to their latest leadership if the truth ever gets out that EU-LA21 communitarian sustainable development is a scam even bigger than communism ever was?

Communitarian Law is a one year post graduate program at the University of Oradea

Romania's Accession to the EU from a very interesting perspective, and again, this paper proves beyond a doubt what role the communitarian aquis plays in integration

Here's some very interesting papers published by university professors, including one that defends Hegelian Law Apparently grants are called "communitarian incomes" and "communitarian resources" in Romania, and there are "communitarian depositions" and "communitarian institutions" too. And of course they use the phrase "communitarian integration" just like every other EU member state. One paper begins: "
The harmonisation of the national legislation with the communitarian one, being an essential component in the process of Romania ’s integration in the European Union, imposed an approach of the new principles and rules even in the communitarian area. New regulations concerning the exertion of the right of free circulation and residence within the territory of Member States by EU citizens and members of their families, the right of permanent residence within the territory of Member States by EU citizens and members of their families, and the limits set for the above rights for reasons of public order, public safety or public health."


angry cheese said...

On the subject of farmers, have you seen this?

the tent lady said...

I saw it on Myer's elist and was hopeful that Peter would put it together with LA21. Thanks for posting it here, it's extremely important that we see how the plan affects people all over the world.

Anonymous said...


Remember after we invaded Iraq and "liberated" that country one of the laws that went into effect was that farmers were no longer allowed to use their own seeds? Any farmer in Iraq that does not get his seeds through the "public clearing house (i.e. Monsanto)" is subject to fines and prison time.

In 2005 Rice set up agreements with the Romanian government to move US military bases into the "new Europe" (Germany was not the best ally for the Iraq war). The CIA especially likes Romania for its extraordinary rendition acceptance and torture procedures (they like to boil people alive while getting "information" out of them).


the tent lady said...

I didn't remember that about Iraq, but thanks for reminding me.

I have a regular reader from Romania and am hopeful they'll comment here sometime. I get lots of hits from the EU looking up communitarian law. I'm way curious to know if communitarianism is a well recognized term over there. But I can see why they may choose to remain silent. What madness will we endure when the USA is harmonized with these progressive EU states? How long before Americans will experience first hand the horrors our government inflicts on other nations? I bet our people think it will be people like me who end up in the CIA pots. Too hard to accept they're already in the slow cookers.

mudlurk said...

Communitarianism isn't recognised Niki, apart from by the few who've taken the time to do the research. Those that do rail against the what they perceive as state control, ussually identify the system as being socialist or fascist. Always one extreme or the other and not the perfect pairing of the two. Which is pretty bloody weird considering all the clues that are out their, with Blair's constant references to 3rd way politics, the push for public/private partnerships since the 90's and the introduction of a new political lexicon since that time. I mean, when I hear the term stakeholder or community mentioned these days I just want to throttle the bastard.