Monday, January 18, 2010

Alaska Pride and Real ID - Not just for humans only

My phone cord's been knocked out for over a week, so even though it's been below zero the whole time since it doesn't mean we froze or anything. No need to go looking for an old tinder box barge yet. Thanks for all the emails womdering how we are. I've used the "free time" away from the internet to clean my house, stack wood, haul water, finish the Sarah mini and box it up (finally!) and finished Makow's and Martin's books.. both very interesting additions to my body of knowledge. I now have an entirely new awareness of the most rotten layers of the onion. Writing a new article while I await a phone fixing event to come my way.

Many thanks to Giesla for bringing this blog to my attention. Here's old news that just seems to stay current for some reason:

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Patrick said...

Clinton: Take back the Tea Party!

When Bill Clinton flew up to Massachusetts on Friday afternoon to campaign with Martha Coakley, he brought a special message for Bay State Democrats facing the enraged right-wing activists mobilized around her opponent Scott Brown.

“You need to take back this tea party idea,” he told the wildly cheering crowds in Boston and later in Worcester. “They say that the original Boston Tea Party was anti-government, but that is wrong. The Massachusetts Bay Colony had a strong government. They weren’t liberal or conservative, they were communitarians, which means they knew we’re all in this together. What they opposed was the abuse of power.” But the aim of the Republican Party and Senate nominee Brown, he charged, is to “protect the modern abusers of power” – namely, the corporate and financial leaders whose depredations can only be curtailed by strong, responsive government.