Thursday, January 8, 2009

Radio interview with Dr. Stanly Monteith at 5pm AKT

One of our ACL supporters mentioned it looks like I'm being led through the gamut of Right Wing Christian Radio shows. Monteith did contact me after Constance recommended he have me on his show. I have no reason to think Monteith's followers have the same inabilty to tell the difference between a thesis and a magazine article, or that Monteith provides them with a forum to voice their obvious mis-understandings. But, based on my new found understanding of these tactics, I will not be led into another dialectical argument about the role Zionism plays in Communitarian thinking.

My apology to Constance in no way means I admit she is right about my false premise. All I admitted to was falling for a sucker punch delivered below the belt. Our thesis about communitarianism has in no way been refuted by Buber's connection to Theosophy. Indeed, it has only been strengthened by this confirmation. Constance's information about Buber backs up both Bobby's and my work on the Theosophical portion of the overall divine plan.

If I recall correctly, Nancy Levant, who always seemed so "real" to me, also did this same "circuit" before she suddenly disappeared for over a year. ACL work has led me down many strange paths, but nothing is freakier to me than the shell who returned.


Bobby Garner said...


You mentioned the "Theosophical portion of the overall divine plan".

Way to go girl!

There are a number of "Plans" for the end game. Some of them are:
Lucifer's plan, the Master plan, the Trialateral Commission plan, the Bilderberg plan, the CFR plan, the Communist plan, and God's plan.

The Theosophical plan is of course synonymous with Lucifer's plan, which Bailey called "The Plan", and since Lucifer is the angel of light (2nd Corinthians 11:14) who has illuminated the world through his hierarchy of Master's and loyal World Servers who work in all governments and religions, his is also the Divine plan (Divine may mean only "being or having the nature of a god"). Lucifer is one of the names associated with the "original Serpent called Devil and Satan" as indicated at Revelation 12:9, and whom Jesus identified as the "ruler of this world". In this capacity, the New Age often refers to him simply as "Source". He is the source of everything he promised to Eve.

So, its the divine plan of Lucifer, or Source which is in the process of being realized at this time. Its also known as the Brave New World, and the New World Order, although there is evidence that the NWO is merely the synthesis stage in the dialectic, whereas the forth stage, the Transcendence, doesn't have any particular name, but we know it will be built upon Transtopian Transhumanism. the ground work for this final stage is being laid under UN agenda 21. This is the plan I have characterized correctly I believe as a counterfeit, of the True God's plan which virtually no one is talking about.

Sean said...

The work you are doing to uncover facts about communitarianism continues. It certainly IS NOT painless.

I see the major problem of "media" and "religion" and "politics" like this: (and i've said it before)

Information comes down from one of 3 ranks. The first rank are the "Official Rank" i.e. Government/Military/Corporate sources etc. The second rank are the Talking Heads. They spew information, they expect you to become emotional about it, they want to to agree or disagree, with violent gusto. CNN/Fox/ABC/CBS/Major Newspapers/Magzines/Geraldos/Limbaughs/Hannitys/Amy Goodman/Noam Chompski/Norman Finkelstein etc.


Their job is to REALLY get an emotional response from anyone growing weary of the first two ranks. Once you get wise to Sean Hannity, and you suspect he is a WHORE... They offer you Alex Jones, who appears to be a patriot with a bullhorn. In actuality, he is a much bigger whore.

The purpose of their design is protective REDUNDANCY. If you don't believe the Government i.e. the President or General Schwartz-cough... Then you have Limbaugh and O'Reily to stir you up about it. Once you doubt O'Reily and Oprah, then they supply the JOYCE RILEYS and the DAVE VON KLIESTS and the ALEX JONESes... as a saftey net against people starting to truly think and research for themselves.

If you look at ALL of the so called "alternative" radio shows guest lists, the NAMES ALWAYS REPEAT.

Alan Watt, Nancy Levant, Charolette Iserbyt, Eustace Mullins, Greg Kaminski, Lindsey Williams, Christopher Bollyn, John DeCamp, Eric Hufschmid, Sofia Smallstrom, Stephen Jones, Michael Shaw, Constance Cumbey, Joan Veon, John Stadmiller, Ralph Epperson, AND THE REPEATING LIST OF NAMES GOES ON! When you've downloaded and listened to as many mp3's as I have... the patern is quite obvious.

Can we claim each of these people is knowingly practising a lie? NO. Do a large number of them stick to a single subject, and NEVER allow themselves to be steered away from it? YES.

Constance is a perfect example. Get her away from her DOCTORATE in anti-New Age, and drag her a few feet from her dogmatic religion, and she cannot answer questions or maintain a discussion any longer. It becomes damned obvious that she is truly a LAWYER when you ask her about Zionism and/or anti-semitism.

It is the same for nearly all of the people listed above. Michael Shaw is stuck on Agenda 21. Stephen Jones and others are stuck on 9/11. Joyce Riley is the alleged expert on "gulf war synrdome" and DU. Constance Cumbey is the New Age exposer. For John Decamp it is Satanism and Child Abuse. Joan Veon: The UN. Charolette Iserbyt: Education.

These are the puppets of the THIRD RANK FALSE MEDIA. Some of them KNOW they are puppets. Some do not know. The fact is, it DOES NOT MATTER if they know or not. A puppet is a puppet.

Find the audio of Peter Kawaja's 14 hour video "The Conspiracy to Cover- up Peter Kawaja's Evidence". Good luck in your search. Once someone can find a genuine american patriot like Kawaja... or Raapana, it becomes easy to recognize when someone is a PUPPET. They can't make EVERY person attempting to tell the truth into a puppet. I consider Niki an example of what the 3rd rank media whores would call a DEMON POSSESED PINOCHIO.

They chop her up in video, they corner her on fake paytriot radio, they send spies and cops to her houses, THEY JUST KEEP TRYING to get those strings to stick to her arms and legs and mouth...

But she just shrugs it off and walks away. She's a person. Not a puppet.

Sorry. My comment was far too long.


Bobby Garner said...

Bravo Sean! I fear the astuteness of your observations, and clarity of expression may hamper your success in this business.