Sunday, January 25, 2009

NOTO Patriotism and the GSY Revolution

I'm always extremely wary of any use of the word "revolution" because it usually leads to a Marxist based ideology promoting conflict between common people. The American revolution in 1775 was specifically focused against the British Empire and its imperial economic policies. The Americans won that war. But, almost immediately, the elitist supporters of imperialism began undermining the new American system. The history of the United States is the history of how we eventually lost that war.

What if Americans simply quit participating in the renewal of the empire? Reminds me of the old 70s saying, "what if they had a war and nobody came?" (I modified that for my fence in Seattle in 2000 into a sign that said "what if they had a war and nobody knew?") Now we've come full circle to Nancy Reagan's "just say no" campaign.

Bobby got this perfect non-dialectical solution via Linda Kimble:

OTO Patriotism and the GSY Revolution (the New American Revolution)
Written by Dr. Jack Wheeler
Wednesday, 21 January 2009

The young son of a friend of mine, conservative author and pr exec Craig Shirley, goes to an elementary school in Alexandria, Virginia. The principal, Tish Howard, last Friday (1/16) had red ribbons passed out to all the students, together with a flyer saying they were “encouraged” to wear the ribbons “in support of our new president, Barack Obama.”

Craig has a research assistant who grew up in Communist Yugoslavia, where all the students were indoctrinated to show their love for their leader for life, Marshall Tito, by wearing red scarves. “Here it’s red ribbons,” he observes. “Needless to say, the school did nothing like this four or eight years ago.” His son refused to wear the scarlet badge.

Thus it starts, a new definition of patriotism, a freedom-destroying fascist patriotism like that imposed by America’s first fascist dictator, Woodrow Wilson.

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