Thursday, January 29, 2009

Communitarians wear many disguises

In 2002, Tom DeWeese wrote an article published at newswithviews about the Community Character Act. The Act was entirely based in communitarian principles. Tom said,
"In closing, we must become acquainted with yet another term called Communitarianism, which places the importance of society ahead of the sovereign, unfettered rights of the individual. The dictionary defines it as a member of the Communist community. Our neighborhoods or communities are becoming part of the global community which is based on the belief that true community is rooted in the equitable sharing of values like political power, social justice and economic well being." (boldface added)
In the 7 years since he wrote that, he's only mentioned it once (that I can find).
"It begins in secrecy and slowly builds incrementally. But step by step a structure is put into place run by communitarian law and regional governing councils of appointed, well connected, yet unknown and unreachable officials hiding behind public/private partnerships, not answerable or responsive to citizens." IS THE SPP THE BEGINNING OF A NORTH AMERICAN UNION?, By Tom DeWeese, January 26, 2007,
I think the American right is purposely leading their followers away from communitarianism. Accepting the authentic, verifiable legal and academic term for the changes means they have to admit their part in helping to bring on the emerging global communitarian synthesis.

Just as many on the left are completely fooled into believing Obama's change means benevolent, anti Wall Street, socialist populism, the right is even more fooled into believing Obama's change is just some barely veiled form of communism. How convenient for the communitarians that both sides are still so totally stuck in their dialectical roles. The only way Americans will ever defeat the communitarians is if they can identify exactly who they are, exactly what they're doing, and how they're doing it.

The environmental common-ism DeWeese mentions in his "report" is actually called COMMUNITARIAN LAW in the EU. The integration procedures for nations merging into "unions" under Free Trade Agreements includes the supremacy of communitarian law clause.

Recognising and challenging communitarian supremacy of law at every level of govt is THE KEY to DEFEATING UN Local Agenda 21, Community Economic Development and NAFTA, CAFTA (and all the new "trade" agreements). The Andean Parliment is not drafting a North American Union using commonism law. Commonism law isn't the supreme law ruling all member nations.

Here's how Tom is "acquainting" his readers with the term Communitarianism:
Imagine an America in which a specific “ruling principle” was created to decide proper societal conduct for every citizen. That principle would be used to consider everything you eat, what you wear, the kind of home you live in, the way you get to work, the way you dispose of waste, the number of children you may have, even your education and employment decisions.

And imagine that these decisions were called “voluntary” – but that the federal government would use its full power to enforce what it has decided is “correct behavior.”

A world of common security, common standards, common markets, common currencies, and common borders in a world defined as a global “commons.”

That, my friend, is COMMON-ISM.

Incredibly, most Americans – including many of your elected officials are virtually unaware of the dangers in the Common-ism agenda. That’s because it is moving forward very slowly, one law and one regulation at a time, disguised as popular environmental policy, or education reform or even as more efficient government. Dawn of the Era of Common-ism,
Here's an article he wrote promoting his "new" term back in 2007 (written a couple months after my CAFTA-EU-Communitarian Law article appeared at newswithviews):
"Republicans too, have embraced the agenda, all the while proclaiming the Commonism brand of free trade as the vision of our founding fathers. Even after the Republicans gained control of the Congress, Speaker-to-be Newt Gingrich agreed that the lame-duck 103rd Democrat-controlled Congress should reconvene to pass the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA)." DAWN OF THE ERA OF COMMON-ISM, By Tom DeWeese, May 23, 2007,,
Sorry Tom. The EU, the UN and the WTO don't have any case law on their court record books called Commonism law. What they DO have is fifty years of Communitarian case law at the court in Luxembourg. And, in case you're all wondering, no, Israeli senior WH advisor, guru of the US Communitarian movement, Dr. Amitai Etzioni, didn't start a Commonism Network either.

"We have met the enemy, and that enemy is us."

For more about Tom DeWeese and his expertise and influence:

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Sean said...

Common-ism. How bout we start a COME-ON!-IST Revolt?

Come On Tom! Don't be a sick little puppy. You said it once, now say it again:


I'll admit: it was hard to spell the first few times... but now I can just rap it out.


and No I Didn't Cut and Paste.

Once again Niki, they want to make it communism. Common-ism? Communism. Give us an Effing break.

To quote your daughter Nordica: WTF?

The last full novel (as far as I know) that Kurt Vonnegut wrote was called TimeQuake.

The plot went like this:

Everyone in the world got stuck doing the exact same things they had done 10 years ago all over again. They were all aware of it. They were conscious. They were just repeating the past...idencially.

Hmm. Sounds like Common-ism to me. If they can re-build it the same, they can tear it down the same.

Maybe they'll even get a new senator to expose it. His Name could be Johan Mac-Harthy.

Then, 10 years later, when this "Time Quake" is over... we can all wake up as Mac-Harthyists... and do it all over again.

aye eye aye.

play it again sam.
give us an effing break.