Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Comic relief, by Chris Katko

"Handing over the reigns" by Chris Katko

"baaaaarak" by Chris Katko

"Change" by Chris Katko

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Ted said...

Take the test.

FIRST QUESTION: Who IS the actual and lawful 44th President of the USA?

ANSWER: Joe Biden

Biden was initially the Acting President for at least 5 minutes under either the Constitution’s Article 2 or the Constitution’s 20th Amendment, from 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, having already taken his Oath of Office and before Obama completed his ‘oath’ at approximately 12:05 PM, 1/20/09. Under the 20th Amendment if the President-elect shall have failed to qualify, or alternatively under Article 2 if the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term, being 12:00 Noon 1/20/09, which ability and/or qualification includes that he take the Article 2 oath “before he enter on the execution of his office,” then either the Presidency shall devolve on the Vice President under Article 2 or the Vice President shall act as President under the 20th Amendment. (The importance of the oath in ‘commencing’ an ‘Obama Presidency’ — rather than merely the 1/20/09 Noon time — is confirmed by the re-take of the ‘oath’ by Obama at the White House on 1/21/09 after the first ‘oath’ was NOT administered by Justice Roberts NOR recited by Obama in the words as required under Article 2.)

This is significant because at such time that the Supreme Court finally rules on the merits on Obama’s disqualification as not being an Article 2 “natural born citizen” (clearly he is NOT), Biden’s automatic status (without needing to take a separate Presidential Oath) of being President would be predicated upon four different bases: First, having been Vice President under Article 2; second, having been Vice President-elect under the 20th Amendment; third, having been actual President in the hiatus before Obama took the ‘oath(s)’; and fourth, retroactively deemed President during the full period of the Obama usurpation so that the acts of the Federal Government under the usurpation can be deemed authorized and/or ratified by Biden’s legitimacy.

SECOND QUESTION: Who will be the 45th President?

ANSWER: Hillary Clinton

One must assume that Bill and Hillary Clinton have been aware of all of the above. Biden’s wife recently “let the cat out of the bag” on the Oprah Show that both Biden and Hillary had considered alternatively Veep or Secretary of State, in either case, setting up Hillary to be President on a vote of the Democratic Congress if need be.

THIRD QUESTION: Is Obama an unwitting victim of this troika or a knowing participant?

ANSWER: Yet undetermined.

Sean said...

...economic woes are showing everywhere...

even the shills on the internet are underpaid. How low does your pay/morale have to be to constatly linger on some poor woman's blog and pipe 'ombama-aint-legit-' comments...

I'm either unimpressed or impressed. Anymore I guess it means the same thing.

the tent lady said...

It is interesting to think that the whole thing is to set up Hillary. I guess I haven't thought about it that far. I like these cartoons because they say a lot about how little it matters anymore. At this point it's all both impressive and unimpressive at the same time. Once we recognise that, we can actually choose to be either, or neither.

Bobby Garner said...

As a spectator in the real life drama of the greatest tragedy civilization has ever faced, I can say that I find it very educational. All the actor's on stage are wearing masks to hide their true identity. Those who came to be entertained will see only the decorative masks, while anyone wishing to be educated will focus on the role of each character in the unfolding drama. These two versions of the story will naturally be quiet different, and the tragedy will be proportional to the emphasis on the entertainment value of the performance.

This could mean that we are witnessing the beginning of the shift to the transcendence, or fourth phase of the Dialectic Tetrad.

Bobby Garner said...

One theory is that Soros, a British asset, backed Obama in the campaign in order to block Hillary. Think of the irony in the event that Hillary should become president anyway. The Clinton's probably are that smart, but who chose Hillary for the Obama team? Its a pretty safe bet that there is more going on here than meets the eye.

Lark said...

I've read about [and saved] much information regarding malfeasance and unprecedented amounts of financial fraud among the Clinton's [and their hangers-on], the spy agencies [everywhere], the bureaucratic elite, outside power player apparatchiks, and a whole host of dual-citizen and non-American elements within, and in some way intimately connected, to our [supposed] government.

There is some high-stakes games of 'chicken' being played-out at the top right now; and it appears the country is in its death spiral. My info also tells me 'the People' are completely on their own, with no-one in charge to defend 'them' whatsoever; as a fifth-column wields the reins of power over just about 'everything'.

It's as if 'our' government leaders have virtual shotguns pointed directly at the heads of just about anyone who might seriously object to this fast-moving final takeover - even 'our' public safety officials and the military brass seem to be in on it.

My take is that the British Crown represented by the monarchical and central banking elites [and their proxies] are swooping in [in vast droves] with [vast amounts of] counterfeit dollars for the final 'kill'.