Friday, January 23, 2009

Radio interview on Secret Truth, Saturday 9pm CST

I'll be on George's show again tomorrow at 6 pm Alaska time. He was a very nice and informed host and I'm sure this will be another good show.

I was able to finally list the coat on ebay! Now, won't it be interesting to see if anyone buys it after all the trouble I went through to get it to stay up. heh.

I joined facebook the other day. Didn't want to, argued against it, but now that I did I have to say it's pretty cool to reconnect with so many people I love. Plus there is an ACL group there started by a young man we didn't know. The group is growing and promises to be something I never thought I'd live to see. Please send me an invite if you're also on facebook and want to be my friend. See ya there!


Bobby Garner said...

Niki, I listened to both hours, and I thought you did very well in making your points. I noticed that George didn't try to spin your comments as some interviewers do and thats good. He seemed knowledgeable of the subject so his questions were well stated and kept the discussion moving along nicely.

Some of the callers didn't appear to have any questions or any recognizable point for that matter, and George could have handled that better I thought, but I bet the audience was interested enough by then to stay with you. I think a lot more people are ready to hear about Communitarianism, because it really is the only satisfying explanation for all of our problems.

Congratulations on a great show!

Lark said...

Bobby, I too thought Niki did great - especially when she laughed.:)

Nice to know you were listening in. I was impressed that George did some research before having her on. I knew that because, like I had myself only learned a few days ago, he noted the full name for the London School of Economics [and Political Science].

Now If we can just convince Niki to have 'em laughin' hysterically and dancin' up a storm in the aisles, we might just get where we wanna go that much faster!

I think these communitarians need to be held up to public ridicule!


Gisela said...

Hi Niki, I'm in the process of listening to the show on podcast, and its the second part. Where is the first part? Good Job my friend and thank you for mentioning NAIS.