Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Jan 19th, National Day of Communitarian Service

I tried to sign up for the Obama's Kantian Transcendence Ceremony. I'm willing to contribute my volunteer efforts to the MLK Challenge. I already serve America for free, and it's not getting us anywhere.

Not all of us have benefited from studying and exposing the purpose for mandatory voluntary transcendence. While my tent/yurt lifestyle has turned out to be a wonderful experience with a profound impact on my entire psyche, I still live in a tent in Alaska without plumbing or automatic heat. I'm obviously not a marketing genius like the movers and shakers behind the Obama camp and their dialectical opposites in the Alex Jones' camp. Funny how both teams just seem to keep finding new and exciting ways to fund their Promoting Tyranny versus Fighting Tyranny hoax. I saw Jone's ebay auction on Matts' site and was blown away by the high bid. Do I have anything anybody wants that much?

I just can't decide which category my ACL service fits into. The MLK partner with USA Freedom Corps lists five areas I can volunteer to serve in: Hunger, Environment, Classrooms, Mentoring, and Disaster/Crisis.

Maybe we need to start a new category of "service" that includes defending our neighborhoods, towns, cities, and nations from corporate communitarian governance. It might help us a lot if we had JUST ONE US law school devoted to constitutional legal principles too, rather than allowing every law school (and institute) in America to teach only the communitarian principles for peer pressured state volunteerism.

The bottom line is my kind of volunteerism is not recognized by the communitarians as worthy of inclusion in their categorization of rebuilding America's spirit. That's because I work for non-evolutionary principles of legitimate people's law. I am considered backwards and un-evolved because I volunteered to defend a legal system that protects each individual from the democratic collective.

So here's my dilemma. The communitarians claim Americans need to learn how to give more back to their communities. Etzioni calls it the road to a good society. He says the key is that we learn the "balance" between our rights and our responsibilities. He says we have gone too far in the direction of individual rights. He has written 27 books explaining how individual rights destroy the bonds of community. He Say "we" a lot when he talks about America, but I don't know the America Etzioni describes, and I don't think Etzioni knows it either. That's because it doesn't exist.

I'm a natural born American. I didn't grow up in a communist kibbutz in a British colony stolen from the Turks. My dad didn't serve in the Israeli military (at least not to his knowledge). I've lived, worked, and attended school in over 25 of our fifty states. I spent 3 of my childhood years in Erlangen, Germany living on a U.S. Army Post. My mom was very active in the Post Chapel back then, and we lived the Christian ethic of helping new families adjust to their overseas assignment. My dad was the kind of guy that if he took us to visit somebody who was behind in their chores, our dad would make us help them finish. My best friends growing up in Renton, WA (where we were stationed while my dad was a DI at Ft. Lewis) were Americans like Patty and Jill Flanary. The Flanarys are, in my opinion, some of the best stock that America has to offer. They're smart, feisty, half Irish half Cherokee Indians, raised with the exact same American work ethic as I was raised to respect.

We always helped each other with our daily and weekly chores. I knew they were real friends the summer they helped me pick buckets of rocks out of the newly planted grass seeds. They helped me deliver the baskets of vegetables my dad sent out to the neighbors every year when we had an abundance in the garden. I loved the way their mom protected the kids in her care, and we were pre-teens when I joined them in escorting home any kids terrorized by the neighborhood bullies. At my twenty year high school reunion we all sat together, the Flanarys and all those chicks targeted as poor or weird girls who are now beautiful, grown, healthy American women with hearts and minds that never forget and "pass it on." I wonder if Etzioni ever felt compassion for the Palestinian people he "helped" move from their homes when he was stealing their land. Does he even know of the American value called "pass it on?"

Who ARE these people presuming to teach ME how to give MORE back to MY community? Is this an actual rare opportunity to build an authentic movement to counter the phony communitarians? How many more years can I afford to volunteer my time?

We may need one, and I may be a "leader" by default, but I never wanted to build an organization. I don't know how and I'm so very suspicious of the ones that already exist. The question is, how many more years can our real people afford not to get involved in this whole reinventing government process? What if we could co-opt the genuine volunteers back into genuine volunteering? The game is all about tricking people into working for them without knowing who they're doing it for. Millions have already been tricked. I tried for a decade to tell my people who the communitarians are. It didn't work, obviously. So, am I now allowed to consider optional "game" tactics? If the rules allow for suspension of the rules, then what rules do I go by?

The only rule I still go by is the Golden Rule. When I learned it's included in every major world religion, I was like, yeah. Of course it is, because "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is the REAL "Spirit of Community." Anything that violates the Golden Rule is a mockery of the human spirit. So if I start doing unto Etzioni and his followers what they have done to me, am I still following the rule?

I've already risked my life, my livelihood, and my reputation in the service of my country. And I'm not alone. I know many other people, just like me, around the globe, who have selflessly volunteered their time in the preservation of individual freedom. The very fact that I don't make much money from the ACL made my devotion to the work an object of contempt among my peers. The American work ethic includes the assumption that you get paid for the work, or it has no VALUE. Volunteering is all well and good for people who can afford it, but for a poor person to volunteer is considered nuts. It's always been too hard to explain to my working class family and friends why I think that unless people like me do whatever they can to STOP the global confiscation of individual property, there will be no private property for me to work for, let alone defend. The issue is ALWAYS the land, all other individual rights come under the basic premise of American independence, that is, we own ourselves and everything we work to attain is ours to sell, trade, or give away as we see fit. (Of course the 30 Year Tarrif War is another aspect of American Policial Economy I need to study more. It was a paper/gold war fought between Americans who favored a republic and protecting cottage industry from cheap imperial imports, and some other Americans who insisted on mob rule democracy because free trade principles benefit everyone.)

All this "new" communitarian datagathering, these calls for volunteers and community development visioning plans are in related UN Local Agenda 21 documents. It's the global LAND management plan for the 21st century. If the communitarians want your land, believe me, they have various ways to get it. From Palestine to Wyoming, the principles are the same. It's called Human Resettlement's by the World Bank.

What is happening now is the emerging communitarian government is locating the lowest level people who will assist them in implementing the rest of the community plans. They are identifying people with leadership capacities and rewarding them the same way they found and promoted the Obamas. ABCD capacity inventories have already been taken in all the major urban areas of the US and in many other countries as well. Micro managing a global society requires microscopic information for ultimate control over populations. There are several layers to this LA21 GIS international police peacekeeping military civilian database, one layer is called Potential for Crime Analysis, and it includes "anecdotal data." Neighborhood "leaders" who come out now will be the ones pointing their fingers at their "potential for problems" neighbors. (This also gives their term "Identified Hot Spot" a whole 'nother meaning.)


Their theme is protecting the "common good." Our theme is protecting the "common man." Is there not one global organization dedicated to preserving individual rights for all citizens? Not UN "human rights" or vague EU "social justice," but clear and apparent individual rights to genuine freedom from being hanged by a well funded mob?

Be it the KKK or the MLK, when a group acts on communitarian principles, individuals can be (and are, often) sacrificed for the common good. When Americans are fined and arrested and their homes abated for refusing to sacrifice their time, property or religion to the Global God/State, which law do you think they'll be charged under? US State Constitutional or Administrative? Maybe the time to ask your lawyer is now.

Would it be worth my time to study the recent rift between the European Court and the UN? Or is my time better spent working on repairing the leaks in GerTee's roof and building a dogsled and training the dogs to mush? How can I plan ways to make a living in the regulated global economy if I oppose the global regulators? I'm tired of winter camping and researching and writing for the ACL at the same time. I have to do one or the other. Even Volunteer America only asks for 4000 hours or 2 years. My volunteer service to my country far exceeds communitarian requirements for global citizenship. Maybe it's time to register the ACL as a non-profit, educational, faith-based, rebuilding community initiative. I need a sustainable write-off.


Sean said...

Holy Shit.

That was excellent writing Niki, albeit conclusory.

I see you are at an end. I think it is good.

"If you can't beat em-join em"
"Fuck em if they can't take a joke"

I cut off all my long hair yesterday. It feels great. Now I look like a damned preppie... all I need is a collared shirt with three buttons and an embroidered polo horse, or an aligator.

I wish I had somthing to say about your writing here.... I don't. It says it all.

Wake Up people.... you are being swallowed by a black hole.

ZZZzzzzzzzz and hit the snooze button.

damn it all to hell anyway.

Get the grant money flowing.... they'll never know you are not one of them...

after 5 years of helping them, when you pull your 180 degree turn, it would be a helluva spanner in the works.

Bobby Garner said...

Niki, I appreciate your ironic humor expressed with a passion which is true to your genuine American character.

One of the unique characteristic features of individual initiative is the very fact that it is an individual effort. It is not organized, and its funded by ones own resources. When you organize or accept outside funding, of course, it becomes a collective action which is obliged to follow the rules of the collective.

What is seriously lacking is the replication of individual action as individuals. That is, we need individuals who will stand for the American way which has been trodden under the collective foot by misguided individuals believing its their duty to help others rather than themselves.

The question is: Are we selfless worker ants, or self aware human beings? If we profess to be human, then that crucial distinction obliges us to tend toward self reliance and self preservation so that we can share with others from our excess. In that event, we would understand the wisdom of Solomon when he wrote:

"And I gave my heart to seek and to investigate by wisdom concerning all which is done under the heavens. It is an evil task God has given to the sons of men, to be afflicted by it. I have seen all the works which are done under the sun; and, behold, all is vanity and striving after wind! What is crooked cannot be made straight; and that lacking cannot be numbered. I spoke with my heart, saying, Lo, I have become great and have increased wisdom over all that have been over Jerusalem before me. Yea, my heart has seen much wisdom and knowledge. And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness, and folly. I know that this also, it is striving after wind. For in much wisdom is much grief; and he who increases knowledge increases pain." - Ecclesiastes 1:13-18

That in my opinion explains both the feelings of inadequacy, our own pain, and rejection by those who are pained by our exposures of the truth. It indicates to me that we are doing something right, and endurance is the thing needed rather than a more comfortable position.

Sean said...


...and please realize that my comments about "joining up" and turning on them are not only tounge in cheek, but an expression of the frustration that comes from knowing that those who "go along to get along" get paid nicely along the way!