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A Testimony of the use of the Dialectic Process to bring about Systems Theory Philosophy through Education in Social, and Religious Reforms

Edith Gorton commented here recently that she had lost her job because she refused to be communitarianized at her job. She said she has since gone into business for herself so she's now very happy with where she's at. I asked her if she would share that experience with me. This is what she sent. It's a powerful testament to how hard it is to resist going along with the innovative changes to our system. That she worked for the US Dept of State is a sad indicator of what's happened at all levels of US govt. The good news is there are people like Edith willing to take a stand for what they know is right. Thank you Edith for sharing your very moving and relevant personal account of the current state of our once free and independent union.

A Testimony of the use of the Dialectic Process to bring about Systems Theory Philosophy through Education in Social, and Religious Reforms
by Edith Gorton, 10/11/07

Old "American" Order

One teacher

Teaching one class

Built On






Fact Based

"I Know…"


Bottom Up

A very solid foundation

New Order "World"

For every student or worker

The Facilitator

The Counselor

The Psychologist

The Social Workers

The Mentors

Built On



No Right, No Wrong

No Absolutes


"I Feel…"

"I Think…"

Top Heavy Inefficient

Top Down

A very shaky foundation

Diagram from Organizational Flow

The above columns show two structures. The first one is Western based Biblical Didactic thought based on absolutes. The second is Eastern based on Occult Dialectic thought based on feelings. I want to show how society has been brainwashed by this thought transformation process. The process moves through three stages called Thesis, Anti-Thesis, and Synthesis. Two philosophies hit each other head on and what comes out of it is the new synthesis of thinking or paradigm shift.

"This century-old plan, HERE for "socializing" the masses gathered momentum when Julian Huxley, brother of Aldous, was chosen to head Unesco. Two years later, he wrote a book titled, "UNESCO: Its purpose and Its Philosophy." This 1947 blueprint for change called for a universal implementation of Georg Hegel’s dialectic process:"

Excerpt from part 2 The Mind-Changing Dialectic Process

"The task before UNESCO... is to help the emergence of a single world culture with its own philosophy and background of ideas and with its own broad purpose. This is opportune, since this is the first time in history that the scaffolding and the mechanisms for world unification have become available.... And it is necessary, for at the moment, two opposing philosophies of life confront each other from the West and from the East....

"You may categorize the two philosophies as two super-nationalisms, or as individualism versus collectivism; or as the American versus the Russian way of life, or as capitalism versus communism, or as Christianity versus Marxism. Can these opposites be reconciled, this antithesis be resolved in a higher synthesis? I believe not only that this can happen, but that, through the inexorable dialectic of evolution, it must happen...

"In pursuing this aim, we must eschew dogma - whether it be theological dogma or Marxist dogma.... East and West will not agree on a basis of the future if they merely hurl at each other the fixed ideas of the past. For that is what dogma's are -- the crystallizations of some dominant system of thought of a particular epoch. A dogma may of course crystallize tried and valid experience; but if it be dogma, it does so in a way which is rigid, uncompromising and intolerant.... If we are to achieve progress, we must learn to un-crystallize our dogmas." [3]

"Today, a more sophisticated version of this brainwashing process drives the social transformation. Governments, schools, businesses and service organizations -- even churches -- are using it to mold compliant citizens and group thinkers. It usually serves their purpose, for it helps root out individualism and the "intolerant" attitudes that could bring conflict and division. When bonded to the group and trained in the new relational rules, few dare offend the majority by taking a contrary stand. "

The above brainwashing link describes what I went through at the USDA Graduate School and within my office at work. I also experienced this process in many different trainings and seminars.

God says, "Do not be conformed to this world." Therefore, I made it my aim to "obey God rather than men." Though the world demands consensus, I took a stand on the unchanging, eternal Word of God. [Romans 12:2; Acts 5:29]

These Charts will help understand the two ways of thinking.

Consensus vs. Biblical Thinking

Biblical vs. Postmodern Thinking

This site also helps explain what is happening in our Country today

My story begins in 1985 and I want to tell about my contrary stand.. I was hired by the US Department of State in Miami, FL. I began this job as a contract employee on August 12, 1985 as a shipment clerk. It was my very first real job. I had never worked in an office setting before. I was thrilled.

I came on board as a Government Employee in 1987 to begin my career ladder. I was very happy and excited about my job in the same office I had worked as a contractor for 2 years. It was so prestigious. I was so proud to be an American as I took my oath of office at the US Despatch Agency. We ship freight for the Foreign Service Officers and American Embassies in Central & South America, and the Caribbean. I would be learning Logistics Management Skip down to 14 FAM 232.4

It was a very structured environment. We did everything according to US Government regulations, and Standard Office Procedures all laid out in files and books. It was easy to learn because once you learned how to do something it was always the same procedure the next time. We had to follow Protocol. Nothing left the office unless it was perfect.

As the years went by, I grew in knowledge and was becoming a very important part of this office. I did my job with integrity. I learned the office inside and out from my bosses who were the best at what they did. I earned promotions every year and my evaluations were outstanding and excellent.

In 1997, the Office Manager retired. This man opened the office in 1968, he built it into what it had become. He taught me everything I knew. I would miss him, and little did I know nothing would ever be the same.

Things began to change quickly. This new man was slack. Did not pay attention to details and did not care how things were done. He seemed to not care about order or protocol, or rules. He just relaxed, and went from office to office talking all day long. It was hard to get any work done. Then he started going through the office records and throwing things away. Management records that were to be followed, and updated. Then he was throwing away files, and historical documents. He was destroying a foundation that was laid before he ever arrived. I was very upset when all this was happening. I did not understand it. I was trained very differently and he was so out of order from what I knew. I kept trying to reason with him to not destroy things. He was tearing down the office structure. Today I realize that this man was sent by Washington officials to replace the retiring manager to make way for the next office manager that would ultimately cement the dialectical synthesis.

In 1999, my new boss approached me with a chance to attend the USDA Graduate School to become a leader. My last evaluation was outstanding with the added potential of becoming a supervisor. I was unsure about going but I wanted to grow and be able to be in the operations end of this office. To try to redeem it from it’s current condition. I wanted to be an Official. My boss had to nominate me and the USDA Graduate School would decide if I was to attend. I was chosen and attended this course for 6 months.

I did not know it at the time but this is where my nightmare begins. The office had already undergone some drastic changes the last couple of years with evaluations and studies, and new processes. It was the beginning of the transformation process. The Officials in Washington DC brought in Non-Government Organization consultants who represent the United Nations to help restructure the State Department. NGO

At the USDA Graduate School, I encountered something I had never seen before. It was a very strange program. It was actually trying to change the way I thought about things, and processed information. It was a brainwashing tool. It was all about “teams” group thinking, and consensus. It was very touchy feely. They separated people out into groups of about six. They wanted us to be open and share our deepest thoughts and feelings. It was so strange. I was completely against it immediately. I hardly participated in that part. In order for the group to function, everyone had to agree. Those who believed in absolute truth concerning any given thing were required to compromise their stand for the sake of the group. I hated it and I did not conform. These teachers knew it too because they were observing people as the groups brainstormed as they called it. I did my work, and I participated to a degree but I did not conform. I did not understand it when it was happening. I knew something was wrong with this but did not know what it was. I was an outsider in my thought processes. .

When I returned to the office everything was different. My co-workers did not respect me anymore. My position of authority disappeared without explanation. I was left hanging in limbo. No one did what I asked. They would go to the boss and complain about me. They did not like how I spoke or acted. I had not changed at all but the office had changed how it operated and thought. They expected me to act, and think collectively. I was not in a position of authority any more but the position had not officially dissolved just subjectively. Middle management was gone. I asked questions but I was told, nothing had changed. Everything had changed. My boss had turned on me and so did the second in command. I was being forced to conform to a square pegboard when I was a round circle. I was the third officer in the chain of command. I was in a position of delegation. I was over the office functions, and computer management. I made certain things were done properly. I was very dismayed at this situation.

Jesus Messieh had come into my life in 2000. I was baptized and I received the Holy Ghost in March of 2000. I was totally changed. It was a glorious new beginning spiritually. Jesus rescued me from a world of sin, and disobedience to God. I needed him and he was there for me. He knew what was about to engulf this world. He had mercy on my soul.

My co-workers were key to trying to make me conform to the group, and to think collectively. When I did not they complained to the boss. I was so confused and upset. This is when the headaches began. I would get severe headaches. I did not know why at the time. Now I understand it was cognitive dissonance a form of mental confusion when two opposing ideas clash. I fought it, not allowing the dialectic to work on me with the help of the Holy Ghost. Jesus kept my mind intact. I was supposed to be one with the group. I was being treated equally with my subordinates. It made no sense to me. I could not function the way I had been functioning for the past twenty years in this office. Everything that was once right was now wrong and everything that was once wrong was now right. It was all chaos and upside down.

I understand that when I had gone to the USDA Graduate School I was flagged while there. I was to become a target for harassment for not conforming. They informed my employer. They were going to try remediation on me and use peer pressure to make me submit. I was supposed to return to the office, function, and go along to get along. I was supposed to forget who I was as an individual and be a collective sheepal.

"Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death nor life, nor angels nor principalities nor powers, nor things present nor things to come, nor height nor depth, nor any other created thing, shall be able to separate us from the love of God which is in Christ Jesus our Lord." (Romans 8:37-39)

This was the most horrific experience I have ever had to endure. I was tormented, I was abused, and I was attacked mentally, emotionally, and physically hurt by this. The Lord carried me through it all. He helped me stand my ground and not cave in to pressure to conform. I was hated for his namesake. I am hated for standing up for the truth. Most people assume when I say stand for the truth that I mean one verse in the Bible Acts 2:38. No, this is not all the truth there is. Acts 2: 38 is a ticket into the Kingdom of God. Once there we must stand for the total and complete word of God about right and wrong. The book of Proverbs is a good place to start to get to know the mind of God and how he thinks.

The Lord Jesus gave the web sites and the charts I use in this paper to me when I was going through this ordeal. They helped me to understand what was happening to me. I was able to think clearly, and hold onto God’s unchanging hand as he walked me through the darkness. Brainwashing&HowToResist

Returning to my story five years have passed since the first office manager retired. It is 2003. The second office manager has destroyed the foundation that the first office manager built upon with solid old paradigm values. I watched it happen. I watched the destruction of the old paradigm as it was torn down within the United States State Department. I knew it was Department wide. It was also affecting the Embassies, and how we processed work and thought with other agencies. Everything that used to be right was now wrong and what was wrong was now right. It was all backwards.

After all the heartache that the second office manager put me through, as he was leaving on his last day he came to my office. He looked up at me and with a tear in his eyes; he said, "I hope you will be alright". I then said to him "I will be ok, I am a child of the King". He looked at me as he nodded his head saying; "Yes you are".

When this man first came to the office, he was so thrilled. My first boss had sung my praises to him. He told me he had plans for me. He told me he would have me promoted to supervisor. It never happened. The only thing that happened was that things only got worse.

His replacement was a woman. She started in on me right from the beginning. She did not like me at all. She began to dismiss my knowledge of office operations and started changing everything. She talked down to me as if I was stupid. She tore down things even further than what had already happened. Security measures went into effect that we had never had. One thing that sticks out in my mind is when we had a fire drill. She spoke to everyone as if we were 3 year olds. Telling everyone where to stand and where they could and could not go. I was appalled at this. I am an adult. I can take care of myself. This was not the first fire drill for me. If there was a fire, I could leave if I wanted to. I did not have to stay. She told me afterwards that she was responsible for my safety. I said no you are not responsible for my safety. I am responsible for myself. Once I am out of the office building, you have no authority over me especially when it comes to things that do not pertain to office functions.

If I had gone along with all of this as if I had been “brainwashed” at the USDA Graduate School then I would have been ok and there would have been no problems. I refused to go along with the Process

This woman is bringing us the synthesis from which the thesis and the anti-thesis clashing will create.

She put locks on all doors, and passwords everywhere. It was like a prison now. The computer room was my territory. No one ever touched anything. I had all my equipment where I wanted it. It was functional and it was my responsibility to make sure the computers were in working order. Everything that concerned the computer came through me. It was all in my position description. What she was doing, and was requiring was something outside of what was already in place in the official position descriptions and standard office procedures. She went in there and took over.

The more I tried to function the more trouble I found myself involved in. I could not instruct or delegate as I once did. I could not do my job as my position description required. I was not to act as I once did. They told me I had no authority. I was a drift. Everything was subjective. No facts were given for these drastic changes. There was no right and no wrong in anything anymore. These subordinates were supposed to come to me when they had problems with documentation. I was to help them with it. All computer issues were to come to me and I would call Washington for the fix if I could not handle it. Now they were going over my head and calling on their own. They did whatever they wanted to do. The worst part was the bosses condoned it, and expected everyone to be responsible and call for them selves. They had decentralized decision-making. They did all of this with out changing the standard operating procedures in writing. It was not only my office it was the whole State Department. They were changing all of it into Systems Thinking by using General Systems Theory bringing everyone into conformity to UN Standards not US Standards which I had been trained to operate under.

Total Quality Management

"Drucker’s 'Management by Objective' was not an original idea, but rather emanated from within the ranks of 19th Century esoteric Germanic philosophy. The outcome-based, systemic concepts can be traced directly to the teachings of Hegel, Marx, Nietzsche, Wellhausen, Blavatsky, and others who were heavily influenced by Germanic paganism. In turn, these same principles were then adopted by the Fabian Socialists in the early Twentieth Century and easily communicated to the likes of John Dewey, 'The Father of Progressive Education' (thus the origin of OBE). 'Disturbingly, a deeper look into the basic tenants of this system reveals far darker, more esoteric undercurrents. This is no secret even to secular business sources that have the courage to make an honest evaluation of the system. For instance, in an article in The Journal of Organizational Change Management, David M. Boje and Robert D. Winsor address Total Quality Management (TQM)-- the lodestone of the Deming/Drucker methodology:

"The thesis of this article is that as an economic phenomenon, total quality management has been positioned as a carefully engineered set of technological process modifications which purport to lead to enhanced levels of product quality or lower costs and thereby provide the ability to achieve and sustain a global competitive advantage. To achieve these spoils, however, TQM directly and covertly alters the values, culture, and mind-sets within an organization. As a result, and parallel to these technological modifications, TQM establishes a carefully integrated programme of social and psychological engineering which is critical to the ‘successful’ implementation of TQM and which has a significant impact on the behaviour and consciousness of both managers and workers." (7)

"This same article states, 'TQM seeks to perfect control systems that produce and enforce uniformity within the products, parts, workers, suppliers, and the overall system of production. The problem is that a majority of this control, in line with Taylor's (1911) principles, is directed toward workers' bodies, souls, and spirits." (8) ... This aspect of the Drucker /Demming methodology seeks the same results---a paradigm shift—a change of mind from the old to the new, from the past to the future, from individualism to group dynamics, and from nationalism to globalism. ...

"...the esoteric side of this issue comes to the fore when one begins to direct management principles toward the worker’s body, soul, and spirit. This methodology crosses a threshold from the secular to the religious; and once one delves into religious arenas with humanistic methodology, the situation quickly transitions from mundane to esoteric levels.

"(In the 1950s, the American public was not exactly enthusiastic about embracing Druckerism or Demingism. As a matter of fact, the previously mentioned esoteric undercurrents were critical components in the rejection of Drucker’s methods by American industrial magnets. However, esoteric mysteries were at the core of the Eastern religions, and thus these aspects were more of an incentive than an obstacle to the Japanese mentality. ... With the success of TQM and 'Management by Objective' in the East, General motors opened their doors to Drucker and the implementation of his plan. Once the first doors were opened, the floodgates opened. Today, the little manufacturing left in the United States struggles under the curse of Drucker/Demming philosophies, and these very philosophies are a major contributor to the mass exodus of American manufacturing jobs to the low cost labor pools of third world and Pacific Rim nations.)

"In reality, there exists a very logical explanation for the esoteric nature of the Drucker/Deming methodology. These individuals based their philosophies on “General Systems Theory” (GST).

She began to zero in on my work. She found fault with everything I did. She twisted things so it looked like I was a bad employee. The functions that I had done for 20 years with every year receiving outstanding and excellent evaluations were under attack. She was not interested in my work. She was interested in changing my thinking. She was harassing me. Zero Tolerance for Resisters

My headaches were getting unbearable. I began to loose a lot of time out of work. I just could not function with pounding headaches. I went to several doctors trying to get relief so I could do my job. She was harassing me about this also. She thought I should be at work regardless of my condition. She viewed it as unwilling to do my part. She kept telling me I had a behavior problem. She had no compassion whatsoever. It seemed that the more I hurt, the more she tried to hurt me. She seemed to enjoy it.

By this time, my co-workers totally alienated me. I was ostracized because they were fearful of her. They also were caught up in it at one time getting together and writing letters to personnel complaining about my Religion. They used my witnessing and expressing what great things the Lord Jesus did for me in my life against me. One of my co-workers had come to Church, got Baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ receiving the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. This girl was among those who wrote the letters. She later repented of it.

I had medical proof of my illness. I gave the boss documentation as she requested it. This woman put me on leave restriction anyway. In this letter there were demands put on me that I could not meet. She wanted doctor’s notes and documentation the very same day I was going to be out of work. There were so many rules to follow. I provided them as best I could. It just got worse and worse. They finally removed me from my position using failure to follow proper leave procedures as the reason for removal. It just was not true. I was not abusing leave. I was sick. She sabotaged and used my work to harass me. They suspended me for 2 days, then 14 days, and then finally removal.

I am going to include the letter I wrote in response to the proposal to remove so you can get some idea of the charges. If you notice none of the charges included failure to follow proper leave procedures.

October 7, 2004

Dear Ms. Philbin,

I do not really know how to respond to the charges brought against me. I am an honest and hard worker. My work history should speak for itself. I do not intend to try to prove to you who I am, how I work, or my character. I am candidly going to tell you my side of this sad story. My evaluations over the years have been outstanding and excellent. I worked hard with my previous bosses to make the Despatch Agency what it is today. I was involved with operations and training at all levels.

For two and a half years, I have tried to secure help for my situation. I first tried to contact HR with no success. They gave me the run around by not responding to my complaints; they ignored my requests for help. They actually did tell me that they were going to send a person down to the office as a mediator but she turned out to be a finger pointer towards me. She was sighting some letters my co-workers had written against me. I went to EEOC with no results accept for some admissions from Stephen Watts about those three letters written against me about my Religious expression. He admitted that Robert Sarofeen (Interim Despatch Agent while waiting for Ms. Pratt to arrive) asked my co-workers to write them against me.

This is my main reason for not responding to the two-day and the fourteen-day suspensions. I did not believe that it would do me any good to respond to you. I do not know you, and you do not know me. No one ever seemed to want to help me. They always pointed the finger at me.

I also sent a letter via e-mail to Melissa Lytell about my supervisor Stephen R Watts violent and verbal abuse towards me. In the letter to Melissa, I indicated Stephen’s destruction of my private bulletin board. I had personal religious material, which he tore down and destroyed. He did not touch anyone else’s personal desks, which had similar material. I also mentioned some instances of Ms. Pratt and her attitude towards my illness about her putting me on leave restriction without probable cause. I believe the punishment is greater than the crime. I did go a couple days AWOL but I was hurting, and no one would help me. There were times when I did not even want to come to work. She put me on restriction because the doctor advised me to stay home from work for one month. I was having headaches so bad that I could not function.

Ms. Pratt was not happy about that; she made it perfectly clear that the work was more important than my being sick. She took minor infractions on my part, twisted them and blew it all out of proportion. I have doctor’s notes, doctor’s evaluations, hospital records which are being ignored. I have a severe health issue, which has worsened with all this harassment-taking place over the past 4 years.

This all started in 2000 when I finished the USDA New Leader Program. My career which had been going up, up, up was now going down, down, down with no apparent reason. Ms. Pratt lied on my evaluation this past year, she made me look so bad and incompetent. She gave me a fully successful after years of getting Outstanding, and Excellent. How does someone who has such a great work history go down to being the worst employee in such a short time?

Do you know what Melissa did? She wrote a response to my compliant, which, is now being used against me as a "counseling letter" on "my" religious expression. How does this happen? How are things being twisted and turned against people. This is and has been a subversive attack against me.

Ms. Pratt has re-organized the office, which is her choice. I would have no problem with it if it was done correctly. The way she did it was wrong. She did not indicate new procedures. I have worked in this office for almost 20 years. Two years as a contractor and 17 years on board. We worked by regulations and standard procedures. I had my work, which I took pride in doing. She comes in and takes away so much of my responsibilities. She left me with nothing. She told me that I never managed my Foreign Embassies independently. She told me that she would handle all the problems, and concerns from these Embassies from now on. She tried to convince me this is the way the office always ran. I managed my assigned Embassies; I took care of their every need for over 10 years.

She had sent e-mails to all of the Posts indicating that they were to send her all requests for assistance. If you look at that e-mail from San Salvador, again you will see that Ms. Pratt is on the "action line" not me. I was just being cc’d. I was doing as Ms. Pratt asked me to do. I was letting her handle the problem with my posts even though I was not happy about it. After the second request went unanswered, I responded to San Salvador telling them that Ms. Pratt would respond. She did not respond, she then decided to tell me that it was "my" responsibility to do this. Ok, by now I have a major headache and do not know what I am supposed to do around here. At the same time, she is telling me everything I was doing was wrong. Telling me the way I talk is wrong. I am an adult, and I do not appreciate this treatment as though I was a child. The more I tried to do my job, the more she would accuse me of doing it wrong. She was trying to belittle me. Talking to me in a subjective manner and expecting me to follow what it is she wants from me. I answered the e-mail for San Salvador because they needed a response.

Ms. Pratt refused to answer it so I did not want to keep them waiting. I was truly frustrated beyond belief at this point. I do not need my work reviewed. I am a Specialist in what I do. My PD does not require my work to be micro-managed. If the procedures have changed it was not in writing. None of what Ms. Pratt is doing in the Despatch Agency are documented as new policy. I follow the procedures set forth in the Department.

There are also Hierarchy issues. I am over-looked; I have had my subordinated co-workers given my work, and responsibility. When Stephen or Ms. Pratt would leave the office, they are required to leave the next officer in charge. I am the third in command within the office. Ms. Pratt has been leaving the office with no one in charge since Stephen retired. Now that she feels as though I am being fired, she has been leaving Leyda Garcia in charge who is under me in grade and seniority.

I asked her many, many times "when did this change, or when did that change. She never responded to my questions only to say that this was her office and she would run it as she saw fit. Not how I expected it to be ran. Melissa Lytel would tell me that I had no right to ask. I do not believe this to be true since I am a veteran here. The things being done are not in accordance with Department Procedures, and regulations.

As far as the computer manager issue goes, I was very tired of being harassed. I was having daily run-in’s with her on procedures. She was on me all the time. After she had stripped my position down to a glorified data entry clerk, I decided it would be best if I not manage the computer system. It was very strange to me that she wanted me to keep this responsibility but took away everything else. I was suspicious. Even when I described to her why I wanted out which was personal reasons. I do feel that the security is way to tight now. I do not want to be the one who is responsible for enforcing such measures. Ms. Pratt made it sound like I did not want to follow any of the prescribed security measures, which is not true. I made it perfectly clear that I would abide by them but that I did not want to be the one to enforce them. Ms. Pratt made it look like I was refusing to follow the security procedures. She also gave A/EX/IRM the wrong impression. Now they consider me a security threat, which is ludicrous.

Ms. Pratt wrote me up for communications and attitude problems. I cannot communicate without facts. She speaks with open-ended questions, and half sentences expecting me to follow what she is saying. She asked me one day if I wanted to watch a DVD on shipping procedures. She had just brought it back from Washington. This DVD was made "exclusively" for the Embassies so that they would understand our procedures on how freight moves. I said no, that I was busy with work I had to complete. Everyone else in the office just waddled over to the TV.

Ms. Pratt was very upset because I did not watch the DVD. When I realized she was upset with me I, said Betsy you "asked" me if I wanted to watch it. If it was mandatory for me to watch it you should have said that you "wanted" me to watch it but you did not you asked me if I wanted to. She said well everyone one else watched it. I said I am not just going to follow the group especially when you asked me if I wanted to watch this DVD in the first place. The next thing I know is that I have a letter of warning concerning communication. Does this make any sense to you?

I believe that I have touched on all of the issues in the Proposal to Remove. I may not have done it in order but all of my paperwork is with my Lawyer. I was not able to get a Lawyer who was familiar with the procedures of the Department of State. I believe I have been falsely set up. I do not want to work where I am not wanted or appreciated. This is a sad conclusion to the promising career I once had. I have never had any problems all these years. I had a great working relationship with the last two Despatch Agents Mr. Stewart Neilson who requested and supported me through the New Leader Program and Mr. Gerald L. Writt who taught me everything I know. It is by this man, that my work ethics come. He trained me, and he disciplined me. He gave me the responsibilities I had; he made me manager over 14 Foreign Service Posts. He opened the office back in 1969. He would be sad to see what has happened to me. I also had a very good relationship with Stephen R Watts up until all this started back in 2000.

I ask that you consider early retirement for me instead of this harsh removal.

I believe, I was delivered from my tormentors. Jesus Messieh set me free. This could have killed me if I had not held onto Jesus. It was a terrible experience. The Lord was with me through the whole ordeal. I prayed for my enemies. I never got mad or angry having outbursts or fits of rage. The Holy Ghost is a keeper. He keeps us from falling. I maintained my witness. Thank you Jesus.

A month after I lost my job, I was scheduled for surgery on my neck. I had spasms so bad due to three herniated disks. Jesus healed me completely before the surgery was to be done. Hallelu Jesus! Glory to God! It was a total miracle healing. One moment I was hurting, and had no range of motion and the next I was under the power of the Holy Ghost. I got up dancing and rejoicing in the Lord and what he had done for me. Thank you Jesus.

I prayed to the Lord about never having to be in this situation again. I do not ever want to go through this again. Jesus answered my prayer. I now have a Cleaning Business of my own. I work alone, and I am my own boss. I have peace. Thank you Jesus, my Lord, the lover of my soul.

What I had experienced in the State Department soon became very clear that it was also happening in the Apostolic Churches. It is the same Systems Theory applied to Churches through the Purpose Driven Model Spirit Led or Purpose Driven. It is occult philosophy.

I am so grateful to Messieh Jesus. He brought me out of Mystery Babylon. I came out of all Purpose driven Churches. I no longer go to any Church. If I do go into one I will be an outsider and my only reason to go would be to meet my Jesus at the altar. I will not get involved or believe the interpretations of scripture they present. My spiritual life is me alone, with Jesus and his Holy Word..

I have peace that passeth all understanding.

I want my life and testimony to bring Glory to God. I want my life and all I have gone through to exalt the Name of Jesus Messieh.

If this testimony helps to bring just one soul out of this spiritual dark deception, which is in the Churches, and society, it will all have been worth it to me.

May the Lord Jesus Messieh Richly Bless all who read this testimony.

Edith Gorton



Anonymous said...

Thank you Niki for posting my testimony of the love, and power of Jesus Christ to keep me through this ordeal.

It was a test of my faith. I have to admit there is so much more detail involved including what I went through in many Purpose Driven Occult leaning Churches. I tried to warn them because Jesus also saved me out of New Age thought. I was involved in Theosophy for 6 years prior to Jesus bringing me out. So that said....I know the thinking and I know it has enveloped society and all Churches. They are in fact tools being used by the movers and shakers of British, Kabbalist, Talmudic, New Age World Government calling it the Kingdom of God on Earth.

The Kingdom of God is not of this world, it is spiritual and it is heavenly. Jesus said "My Kingdom cometh not by observation, he said My Kingdom is not of this world" The "Revival" so many are looking for is actually a Gnostic Occult Revival in which the Apostles fought and warned against. The Bible warns us of a Gret Falling Away of The Faith!!! It warns of spiritual deception, and seducing spirits who will lead the people away from the Word of God. I am Blessed and Humbled that I have been given eyes to see, and ears to hear what Thus sayeth the Lord.

You Niki are the first one to take me serious. I have been labeled a fanatic, extreme, unstable, unbalanced, radical and crazy by family and saints alike. Pastors, and saints think I'm nuts. My family avoid me like the plague.

As Bush said those who are not with "us" are with the terrorists. Those who love the Word of God...the Didactic King James authoritative language of God are persecuted ans shamed. The world is rejecting God, and his authority and falling into Dialectic occult thinking...all in the name of Jesus Christ, and christianity. Today's christianity is false, and a lie. Everything has been changed to mean something else for what truth is. As the Bible say's they changed the truth into a lie.

I stand with you against Zionism, and what it is doing in the world today. There are Jews who deny Zionism, and are against the Babylonian Talmudic teachings. There are Torah Jews to deny Mysticism. What is truth is that it's not about race, it's about Grace and ALL humanity must come through the door...that door being Jesus Christ. There is no other way. There is but One God, and his name is Jesus for Jesus shall save us from our sins.

Lord Bless you all.

the tent lady said...

Thank you Edith for your willingness to candidly share your experience. It is a rare human being who stands up to the force of group insanity. The fact that all the people who believe in the lie think you're crazy means you're totally sane in my book.

Sean said...

I think that Edith's story is one of the most personal examples I've ever heard of the dialectic, and of the saving grace of Jesus Christ.

Thank God you had the courage to hold your ground Edith!

I hope a few of the 'christians' bickering over on constance cumbey's blog had a chance to come back here and see this Testimony.

God has provided them an excellent example of the tennants of communitarianism, happening in the upper eschelons of our own government, if they only have eyes to see. Constance especially should read this.

I'm not trying to be funny, but: Edith has "transcended" the shallow new age opposition groups, and has a full understanding of how and why this spiritual/political battle is being waged. To bring mankind under world government and world religion.

Thank you for your story Edith! And thank you Niki for the years of fighting you've done. Keep it up ladies, you are true inspirations.

Bobby Garner said...

Edith is indeed very brave for daring to speak out about her experience from her unique inside perspective. Having spent 9 years in the US military where those government procedures are followed religiously, I can vouch for the validity of her comments on that.

This big shift was closely associated with the first Clinton administration. Having held a Top Secret security clearance for 7 years, I was particularly concerned by the news that no one in the Clinton White House could be cleared for access to classified information according to the existing standards. Then early in the second term, I received a brochure by First Class mail at my place of work announcing training classes on the techniques of electronically intercepting military intelligence. All of the code words that I was not allowed to even breath outside the workplace, were there in print. Many of the courses required no security clearance, and none required higher than Secret.

For those who may not know, there are four levels of security classification. From lowest to highest, they are: 1. Classified, 2. Confidential, 3. Secret, and 4. Top Security. Each level must meet increasingly tighter standards for publication and distribution.

Clearance allows access to that level plus all lower levels. A Top Secret clearance allows access to all four classifications plus "Eyes Only" documents. However, no one at any clearance level has access to information he does not "need to know" in the performance of his job. Field Commanders have broader access due to their obvious "need to know". The Commander In Chief has unlimited access, or so he believes. However, there is a little thing called "Plausible Deniability" which requires that certain information be withheld. Plausible Deniability simply means that information pertaining to the thing denied was withheld from the person making the denial. Sometimes of course denials are nothing but bold faced lies.

Access to classified information is controlled by the intelligence organizations, and as we have seen with the War in Iraq, the President is given whatever he is "supposed" to know, even if its wrong. Whatever is provided is subject to denial Every President knows this and their denials are worth less than the time required to voice them except for their PR value. The same goes for any government employee who has access.

Edith has obviously read The Union Jack, but she may not be aware of how that changed with the collapse of Communism. The Kingdom of God on Earth which she mentions is an open objective of the British-Israel World Federation, and it remains the secret objective of the New Age and Communitarianism. However, as we have learned, the Transcendence dumps all of that for Transtopian Transhumanism, which as the name suggests is unfriendly to humans (even New Agers and Communitarians) to the extreme.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

Proper cold:

Not at all politically correct.


Anonymous said...


After reading your story, I have had to do a lot of thinking back on my life and all of the brainwashing to which I have been exposed, but did not realize. Some of it was while I was employed at a major factory and had a period of time during an economic downturn that I was unemployed. After I returned, everything had changed and nothing made any sense. A few years after that, my marriage ended, and I was driven off my job. My whole life was in a shambles. I realize now that the "help" I got afterward was mostly to aim my life in a different direction. I've never looked at that period of my life closely, but I see now that I was pushed toward "new age" way of thinking for many years. Thank God I pulled myself out of that. You have inspired me to further look at that period of my life.

Thanks for your story.


Edith said...

I want to thank everyone who has posted comments concerning my testimony. I am really encouraged by reading them. You have blessed my heart.

Bobby..yes I am reading The Union Jack book but all it is really doing is confirming a lot of what I have already witnessed. I don't yet see how it has changed at all. It actually cemented for me what I thought I was seeing but questioned in my mind, and heart. I've been watching it all unfold while no one else around me I talked to could see it accept a very close friend Caya who sees these things also. Niki was the first person I talked to who could see all of this outside my close friend who is a Sister in the Lord. She was the only one I could talk to who did not think I was nuts. I have not finished the Union Jack book yet but I am going to. I was offline for 2 weeks due to my computer being infected while online.

I understand Communism was a creation to be the antithesis of Capitalism to bring about the synthesis of Communitarianism.

I too had a TS security clearance with the State Department. Only because of my work in having to talk to CIA people about there shipments of household goods. I worked in that area of Transportation and had no classified documents and such.

My experience with the Dialectic at work made it that much easier to see when the Dialectic Purpose Driven Church was introduced and applied to "change" how we did church.. I saw that and it caused me to be rejected and labeled. I went through 5 Churches before I finally gave up and am never going back. The Kingdom of God on earth they speak of is the NWO/British Israel whether they know it or not. It's the same New Age message as you said. Knowing the New Age message also helped me to see it when it crept into the Church. The Church is being used to promote the false kingdom message. Hidden? Hidden to those who don't believe but true believers will not be deceived. Jesus said it and I believe it.

I bought the book "And Men Wept" by Catherine Palfrey Baldwin that is reference in the Union Jack. If you have not read it you should