Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My public apology to Constance Cumbey and all our readers

I am most embarrassed to realize how far I've allowed this situation to deteriorate. It is not my purpose or my goal to use this blog as a personal vendetta against those who I feel have wronged me. I don't need to care so much about what people say about me. I can't afford the time; none of us can. We are in a serious crisis that means we put out petty differences aside if we expect to save anything, especially ourselves. Like Constance and all of you, my work hours are so limited by the conditions under which I've chosen to live that that fact alone should have been a good enough reason to ignore the bs.

I know who my enemy is. It's not Constance Cumbey or the people who comment on her blog. My only excuse for indulging is the charges of anti-Semitism hurt me more than any of the other mean things that have been said about me since I started full time volunteering for the "War to Save the American political system." I've been called a wacko, nutcase, screwball, conspiracy theorist, tin foil hat, ignorant, stupid, blah, blah, blah. While I quit letting all that kind of ridicule get to me, I can see now that I have not reconciled my extreme reluctance to having to write about religions which other people totally believe in. It's one of the most brilliant parts of the whole game plan. If I reject religion and the conflicts between them, my only option is to agree with the Marxist Communitarians and believe it's the "opiate of the masses." I wish I could remember the name of the writer who called it "the cyanide."

My most humble apologies to Constance and anyone else offended by my words. I've made many mistakes but will try my best to avoid making this same one in the future.


REB said...

At the risk of sounding like a religious nut, God bless you for being such an honorable woman! I know that you see the bigger picture clearly and hope to reach others so that they can see clearly too.

The most sinister part of the dialectic is the aspect that strips our ability to discern meaning, to the point where we think that we can't know truth.

Let's not lose faith in Truth!

Anonymous said...

Great apology, Niki! Now we move on, like we know we have to, because...What else is there to do?

Cyanide comes from Tom Robbins, in Skinny legs and All, unless I miss my guess.

Your perpetual, unalienable friend,

Tikkun Olam said...

Darling Niki,

I followed nearly all the posts at CC's site and I'm familiar with your invaluable work. You are too kind to apologize when you were clearly not at fault.

I look at Zionism this way. Recall that Zionism is a political movement, one that counts around 20-30 million "Christian" zealots on its side, who outnumber even those "who say they are Jews and are not," so charges of anti-Semitism, besides being unfounded for the fact that nearly all Jewish Zionists aren't even Semites (nice trick, that, usurping the dominion of the Palestinians in yet another sense), it isn't even accurate in the sense that Jews are only a minority of Zionists. But above all, when Zionism was established as a political movement it lost all claim to religious protection.

What's more, anyone that's done some research knows that Zionism is the enemy of good Jewish people, majority Ashkenazim and minority Semites alike.

Paul B. said...


Don’t be so hard on yourself; you’ve done a great job of exposing the thin ice we are all now standing on, it is natural for some to deny it or even lash out when they first realize the all encompassing nature of it all and the lack of a path out, that is not included in the plan.

Those who understand tread lightly and are cautious of every step thereafter. It is all too easy to get drawn into the dialectical shredding machine, especially when we identify with either side of any dichotomy but, more important for us is the role that ignorance plays in setting the dialectical hooks and you and Constance have a cure for that, by exposing the ideology and the tools they use to maintain that ignorance and I think it pisses them off :)

I know about this all too well, after investing so much time and energy in vehicles of opposition, only to find out later I was only helping to synthesize that which I most despised.

We all have to ask ourselves, if Communitarianism is such a great solution why do they have to use so much deception to sell it to us?

They lead on the moving edge of our acceptance of the implementation using dialectical tools and “they” for the most part are US as Edith Gorton found out.

Realize your part, stop participating in the dialectics of your own demise, understand the Communitarian symptoms of systemic disease and share the knowledge you have learned to help the suffering.

Weiner Falk said...

Some interesting links from my online storage collection:

mudlurk said...

When I looked at Constance Cumbey's blogspot, I did wonder why you would want to enter into dialogue with her. The fact that she is a fundamentalist Christian means that she is hardly looking at the world impartially and would hardly see eye to eye with you. And, anyway, all Christians of her ilk won't say a word against Zionists, so it was always going to end in disagreement at best.

Having said that, I have a deep respect for you and how you live your life. You have helped me to understand better the web that is being spun for us. I wish you well. Stay strong.


Edith said...


You can be against organized religion and Communitarianism at the same time and STILL be a Christian!!!

As Jesus said "Come of of her my people"

I admire you, and I am glad to call you friend!


Edith said...


I believe the problem with today's Christians is their minds have been bent with the Dialectic from the very pulpits they trust!!! The biggest push for transformation in the Churches is the use of Rick Warren's materials which are based upon Peter Drucker's Systems Theory which is formulated out of Theosophy. Talmudic Zionism is behind a great deal of the Churches transformation into Christianized Judaism in the name of Jesus and therefore false. Today's churches are pro state of Israel and believe that these are of the people of God. This couldn't be further from the truth. The true Bible speaks entirely different on the matter!!! The True Israel of God are those who are in Christ Jesus. The seed of Abraham are the children of "Faith". It's about grace not race. Dispensationalism is a lie and most Christians buy into it.

Constance may be sincere but she needs to study further and realize who the enemy really is.

You are sincere but also need to study further to understand the Bible in the Received text (Textus Receptus) is not a Dialectical tool. The Dialectical Bible is those who are based upon the Alexandrian Texts and are New Age frauds!


P. Barnes said...

Pray for hope and change? Yes they can

Politics will enjoy a prime place at the pulpit today as several churches and houses of faith in Toronto weave the upcoming inauguration of Barack Obama into their Sunday worship.

Since Obama was elected, hope, faith and change have become the catchwords of an economically unstable and war-weary nation praying for a brighter political future. Similar hopes are held, though less urgently, by many Canadians.

To find out how this moment in history is being approached by people of faith, the Star secured advance texts of some sermons being delivered today throughout the GTA and in Hamilton.

This is rich:

Name: Senior Pastor Raj Sandhu
Faith: Associated Gospel Churches
Size of congregation: About 150
Location: Hamilton

Service: 11 a.m.

Selection from sermon: "This Tuesday is going to be a historic day – a new president will be inaugurated. ... If I had an audience with him I would affirm him and promise to pray for him – it is our responsibility as Christians to pray for him and his leadership, and the apostle Paul in Romans says we are to remember the ruler of this country by name in our prayers ... "

Do you often talk politics: "We always go back to Romans 13 where it talks about God wanting us to respect and obey our rulers ... whether they are local or national or international. For democracy to work well we have to respect our authorities."

Edith said...

Romans 13 does not speak of civil governments of nations. In context it speaks of the Man of God who preaches the Word. Take verse 4 for example
"For he is a minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword (word of God)in vain: for he in the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him which doeth evil."

Religious church organizations who teach Romans 13 to mean civil government are leading the people astray and into the Communitarian New Age NWO.

There are not many Men of God today who stand against this coming ungodly world spiritual darkness. The Kingdom of God is not earthly but spiritual. It is eternal not observed by carnal men.

Resist the pull to be collective, unified by the spirit of error!


Baal said...

Constance Cumbey and the people who post on her blog such as "Dorothy" are nut cases. "Dorothy" in particular see antisemitism under every rock. You really should not read the writings of Cumbey, Marrs, as they are nuts and will rot your brain.

So you probably did nothing wrong with the exception of apologizing to a lunatic and her minions.

Anonymous said...

They are nuts. A Byzantine Catholic priest made the mistake of going on her blog and by the end of the "conversation" thos enuts at her blog and her had accused him of everything from witchcraft to new age movement and then finally said he was a fake priest. They deleted his responses and most of those from some of us trying to defend him and then lied about it saying it never happened even tho about 5 of us saw it happen. Anyway I wouldnt apologize to that gaggle of loons.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

"They are nuts. A Byzantine Catholic priest made the mistake of going on her blog and by the end of the "conversation" thos enuts at her blog and her had accused him of everything from witchcraft to new age movement and then finally said he was a fake priest. They deleted his responses and most of those from some of us trying to defend him and then lied about it saying it never happened even tho about 5 of us saw it happen. Anyway I wouldnt apologize to that gaggle of loons.
October 13, 2010 at 2:56 PM "

I missed some of that action, Constance is the only one besides himself who could delete his responses, the same gaggle of loons has been after me hammer and tongs for two or three years. When I don't post the things they complain about (such as how to use some thing NEw AGe uses against New Age) they still scream about them and find every conceivable excuse. No matter how often exposed as hypocrites and rebuked from Scripture they never shut up and start again the same old already refuted stuff sooner or later.

I think aside from a rabid devotee of the idea of Roman Catholicism as harlot Babylon and disguised paganism, maybe another, there is likely a New Age occultist mole or two looking to destroy the blog comments section as a research mode.

I discuss this on

Also there is at least one who complained that too much information meant they couldn't discuss it and come to their own conclusions, which means such are sunk in a New AGe mentality kind of subjectivism and Delphi Method and group think hive mind sort of thing. Another considers any exegesis of Scripture is usurping The Holy Spirit's role which can only operate supposedly by some small group discussing (a few I assume) verses.

When some really blatant pagan posts were made NOT ONE OF THOSE who accused me of being New Age and teaching occultism (because of saying that chakras exist and are damaged by NEw AGe practices and cited Eccles. chapter 12 on this) spoke up against them. I was the only one to call them out and analyze what is wrong with their ideas posted.

I really think some of these are deliberate saboteurs, also perhaps a clicque sort of thing that allows no outsiders in, and lately a snake Grant from New Zealand who is pushing the Frank Viola house church nonsense which is again subjectivistic and outside of any accountability and other problems.

Constance is too busy to moderate, so prohibiting anonymous posts, that even with a name added is not a clickable name giving a profile, is too hard to do. Apparently some of these are known to her and are friends which caused her expressed distress that they engaged in bullying. But also hamstrings appropriate restraint or rebuke of them.

Buried in the mess they make however, are often some useful research URLs. And Constance's front page posts are always valuable.