Monday, November 3, 2008

"Vote for me and I'll set you free! Right on, brother. right on."

Every time someone asks me who I'm going to vote for on Tuesday, or I get reminded to vote, I can't refrain from thinking about that song, Ball of Confusion. I try not to sing it out loud, not only because my voice is pretty shot after 35 years of smoking, but I can't turn off the radio in my brain.

Music was the salve throughout the stark and often brutal reality of my childhood. For most of my young adult life I was in musicals, bands, orchestras and street shows. Quilters at UAF was the last musical I did; Nordica was 2 years old at the time and we were living in a dry cabin with wood heat during a cold Fairbanks winter. The commitment to a stage production, especially if the music is difficult, is 24/7. I was tending bar part-time, in classes full time and living pretty much like I live today. There wasn't enough time in the day to do what had to be done. Water jugs have to be filled. Wood has to be brought in and the water freezes if it's left in the car. And 2 year olds just aren't a lot of help around the house. Quilters is an intense, dramatic show, we had a "real" NY director, and between Ken Richie and the gorgeous handmade quilts from Oklahoma University, it was spectacular. I'm grateful that I had that incredible and memorable experience, especially now that I can see it was the last one I'll ever do.

I almost stopped listening to radio music when I learned the role of the musical bards in the NWO plan. I threw away my Jewel CD when I saw her promoting sustainable development. I had just finished memorizing her entire "Spirit" CD, the only one I took camping with me on Johns' pond winter of 2002. There were many nights I went out into the fog down by the pond (with its great acoustics) and wailed to the frogs and the deer. I especially loved singing, "If I could tell the world just one thing it would be, we're all okay. Not to worry, 'cause worry is wasteful and useless in times like these. I won't be made useless, won't be idle with despair, I'll gather myself around my faith and light the darkness most feared.... " Many times I cried so hard I couldn't finish, but those songs gave me the strength to stay out there in my flimsy tent and keep working on the Dawson timelines, which was so all important to me at the time. Back in 2002 I still believed in my people and my nation; I still had hope that the communitarians would lose. And I still thought everyone who said they were a Christian really meant it.

I've let go of pretty much everything now, and I stopped voting for U.S. Presidents after 2000, when I realized every candidate offered for my consideration is a communitarian. I will register to vote again when there is a possibility that the American people will get to vote on whether or not we support eliminating the constitution in favor of communitarian values. (The ACL homepage poll shows 90% of Americans are against it.) I'll register to vote for someone or something that matters, but so far there are no Paul Barnes or Dick Mottas in my state.

Maybe I should learn more about how to introduce a state referendum so Alaskans can vote on supra-national integration. But nobody here knows what the hell that is so it would require explaining it at every door I went to get signatures.

I think it's amazing what's happening in Europe with the EU constitution. Even with all I've read it's still pretty shocking to read the way the free traders openly talk about the Irish people who voted to reject their globalist Lisbon Treaty. The EU is the model for all regional government, I think that means Americans should probably show as much support as possible for the the Irish, French and Dutch voters who voted NO. It could even be in our best national interest to support all the commoners across Europe who haven't got to vote, like us. It might also behoove us to pay attention to the million Gazans who petitioned the UN for redress of grievances.

My neighbors told me if Obama wins we should ask the UN to recognise our state as an independent republic and elect Sarah Palin President. I offered a counter suggestion of us declaring our state a constitutional monarchy and anointing Sarah Palin our Queen. I said my goodness, she's certainly experienced enough for that. They thought I was serious.

Here's why I want to make a comedy video of American election idiocy, I may as well, American "politicos" already think I'm the Daily Chuckle (and still insist on calling the ACL a "tin foil" site) :

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OldDog said...


Your agony makes me want to murder and maim those responsible, but my friendship to you, and my dedication to awaking the masses to support you, would make that action counter-productive.
If I could ever do anything productive for you, it would be in convincing you to google “The United States is still a British Colony” and learning how that info meshes with the communitarian manifesto.
Although it surely seems like we will lose this great battle, it seems much better to me, that we die fighting.
James P. Harvey,