Monday, November 24, 2008

People of Lakota Launch Private Bank for Only Gold and Silver Currencies

Think anyone's ever told Russell Means what happened to President William McKinley after he promised to work to restore the U.S. back to the gold and silver standard in 1901? (I added info about McKinley's bizarre assassination, the Fabian socialist who shot him, the American black man who saved his life, and the industrialist monopolists who murdered him after he recovered, to updates on my dialectic research,

If the US Congress or their global banker buddies had a way to stop the Lakota Nation from achieving financial independence wouldn't they have stepped in when they declared their independence in 2007? Hmm. Was not issuing our own currency and forming our own national bank the first step Washington's administration took? Wonder if the Lakota need to worry about international bankers infiltrating their nation's bank too. Sure would be nice if the men and women starting this bank truely exist independent of the whole banking system. Of course I have no idea if it's "legal," and if it's not, then I'd need to decide if I recognise the authority of law that outlaws an independent nation from creating currency with value.

This may not seem like the "right" path to take, since it recognises the "right" of the Lakota to de-invite the U.S. But anyone who's ever been to Pine Ridge can testify that the Souix deserve their freedom now, and who has the authority to deny them every inalienable right they claim? Unlike many Americans, this is not begging for handouts. They want to take control of their lives and their people's financial future. How many generations of Indians must pay for their ancestor's crimes against the white settlers? (How many generations of Germans must pay for Hitler?) Are these people to suffer infinity for what some people from their same tribe or village did several generations past? When do the grandchildren get to say "the debt is paid in full?" to bad deals, bad treaties and bad blood passed down from their great-great-great grandfathers?

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Subject: People of Lakota Launch Private Bank for Only Silver and Gold Currencies
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People of Lakota Launch Private Bank for Only Silver and Gold Currencies

Hill City, Lakota - November 24, 2008 - In a stunning development, the Free & Independent People of Lakota announced today the introduction of the world's first non-reserve, non-fractional bank that accepts only silver and gold currencies for deposit.

"Today is a great day for us, a day that we begin to exercise our rights as a sovereign people with strength and pride," comments Canupa Gluha Mani, Tetuwan Council Judicial Member of the Cante Tenza "Strong Heart" Warrior Society. Mani's 2500 member warrior society has contracted to provide private security services for the Free Lakota Bank.

"We invite people of any creed, faith or heritage to unite in an effort to reclaim control of wealth. It is our hope that other tribal nations and American citizens recognize the importance of silver and gold as currency and decide to mirror our system of honest trade." Mani, also known as Duane Martin Sr, is a member of the delegation that declared Lakota independence on December 17th, 2007.

The launch of the Free Lakota Bank is also an incredible victory for StrikeForce Technologies, the access control experts providing depositor Out-of-Band Authentication. As the Free Lakota Bank does not require a name, photo identification or social security number to transact, StrikeForce's technology met the challenge of limiting fraud without requiring controversial biometric technology.

The People of Lakota invite depositors to establish accounts and invest in the Free Lakota Bank's General Investment Fund, the fund it uses to develop profitable free-market enterprise inside Lakota territory. Mani comments that the nation despises donations and charity, and instead insists instead on "earning our wealth by creating value for those that place their faith and trust in our system."

The Free Lakota Bank issues an American Open Currency Standard Approved currency, making it readily accepted for trade by over 10,000 merchants and businesses across the continent.

For more information, visit the Free Lakota Bank website at

Canupa Gluha Mani
P.O. Box 512
Hill City, LK 57745

###, 3149 Dundee Rd #176, Northbrook, Illinois 60062, USA

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