Friday, November 14, 2008

Financial Summit tomorrow! Now is the time for the world to unite, right?

Very little stands between the Communitarians and their plans for a more moral one world government. While their plan would have gone forward regardless of which team won the US Presidential election, Obama and Biden can be counted upon to change the US with a friendlier face.

Besides, now that I've confirmed his connection to John McKnight, ABCD, Amitai Etzioni, and the Communitarian Platform, I have no doubt anymore who trained Obama. It makes total sense that the Republicans never used the word communitarian to describe Obama's politics. If mainstream news had to tell US voters the communitarian principles behind community economic development, it would have been too easy for even the most uneducated citizen to see the similarities in Obama's community activism and Palin's community renewal. (Personally, I decided Palin was chosen to make sure Obama won, and I think she knew it. She told us in one of her many recent TV interviews that "nobody runs a campaign to lose...")

Here's the communitarians argument for a global regulatory "right":

A. The financial crisis in the U.S. is affecting markets worldwide.
B. The U.S. cannot solve their own emergency because the world's financial markets are interdependent.
C. Therefore: the U.S. requires a higher authority to control their local market.

I may not know much about banking and the history of banking, but I DO know their programme for centralized world rule requires a one banking system (and global taxes).

There has to be a consensus on which law rules supreme, worldwide:
Communitarian/Community Rule of Law has been established REGIONALLY via the WTO, Free Trade Agreements, Environmental Treaties, Congressional Acts, and Executive Orders.
The European Union is the model for regional integration. See the list of Communitarian Law Schools and programs on the right hand sidebar for quick confirmation of this.

There must be an established global state religion:
All religions are regulated by the new government if they accepted $= grants in public-private partnerships called faith-based and asset based community development. Programs include: Asset Based Community Development (ABCD), Problem Oriented Community Policing (COPS), community mental health, domestic violence prevention, and diversity/tolerance training.

All land use must be controlled and directed by the global state:
UN Local Agenda 21 Programme for Development is based upon sustainable development. This ideology is the principle for all land management plans, worldwide. Every government agency in the world states this term in their mission statement. Local Programs include: Vision 2020, Neighborhood Plans, Emergency Evacuation Plans, Revised Noise Ordinances, Scenic ByWays, Conservation Easements, Watershed protections, Animal Identification, Wildlife Areas, Wilderness designations, Clean Water/Air Acts, Rewilding America, and thousands more.

The entire bureaucratic structure for a central global government is underway in every sector of public life. From Ireland to South Carolina, the exact same ABCD datagathering program is being introduced under the lovely claim that the only aim is to help poor people on welfare.

People living in government subsidized housing and receiving government grants and other "help" have been the pilot tests for all the new asset mapping programs. Not only are our less fortunate and dependent neighbors more apt to willingly participate and "volunteer" their personal data, but they also are the LEAST likely to have the money to sue their government officials for gross violations of fundamental liberties under national and state constitutional laws.

Their assumption is that sustainability must be achieved at every level of human life, in every association we have. There's a reason why the sustainable development ideology was NEVER a topic in the campaign. It's not up for public debate, and it never will be, unless people insist on it. We will all be built from the inside out, and rest assured, we will all be required to contribute to the process. Many will give their whole lives to the cause, but the ones who reject it will be prosecuted as selfish and immoral. Only guilty people will be arrested for violating the new law. It's been called a Bill of Duties, and we can safely expect to hear more about that, real soon.

In a vital community, "everyone gives his/her gifts."
Guide to Building Sustainable Organizations From the Inside Out

This workbook is based on the work of SHOW-21, a project introduced by the Chicago Foundation for Women. SHOW-21 (Sustainability of Health Organizations for Women into the 21st Century) is an innovative example of how successful capacity building can be undertaken among nonprofit organizations. SHOW-21 is based on the assumption that sustainability can be achieved when organizations recognize and understand the full measure of their assets and capacities and then build upon them.


The Asset-Based Community Development Religious Network is a network of people of faith who are working to support and build community within their congregations and neighborhoods, following the basic principles of asset-based community development, which are:

  • everyone has a gift
  • vital communities are those in which everyone gives his/her gift.

Network members are currently focused on the following areas:

  • building congregations from the inside out, starting with the strengths and assets of their members rather than relying solely on outside "experts" and resources;
  • involving congregation-based people in building communities using the asset-based community development approach;
  • applying congregational and community asset-based approaches to vital public policy issues such as welfare reform

Some of the tools that local congregations and communities are developing for their work:

  • capacity inventories: an interview format to help discover the skills and gifts of members or local residents;
  • community assets maps: lists and surveys of local citizen groups and local institutions to involve in the community-building process;
  • self-help groups

For me it always leads back to what the comms were doing in my Seattle neighborhood in 1999. The same people who were gathering information about my assets and skills work for the same people who run the White House from behind the scenes, and none of them are Americans. The question I ask myself now is this: Would I be better off to "join" the communitarians and make a living off my asociations in the network, as opposed to using my precious "free" time left exposing them as frauds and scammers?

I know where the grants are, I know what they want most, and I know the language they use. I know that if I proposed an innovative way to implement a datagathering operation with a friendly face I'd get "help." I know if I joined a compromised faith organization and said all the right things I could become a community leader with access to millions. I can't get in on the big Wall Street bailout but that doesn't mean I'm excluded from all the "free" money. If Sarah Palin could find 27 million in grants for Wasilla, maybe we can do that for Kenny Lake. Maybe we could start a police station with COPS grants too, set up a neighborhood spywatch and find innovative ways to monitor our neighbors' financial assets and moral lives.

Everyone in the world is considered to be a financial asset. What law will be used in binding resolutions at tommorow's financial summit?


Angela said...

Excellent. The agenda is very familiar. I'm not fooled. The global religion thing is quite concerning. And I'm watching Bretton Woods II eagerly. You've hit on it all. Thanks for your work.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

The idea of a global religion really creeps me out. What is that going to be - Islam?

the tent lady said...

Thanks Angela, you're most welcome. Please feel free to add to this blog anytime.

It was interesting to watch the G20 group pose on TV after their earnest promises to each other to promote the markets and work on new ideas. Nothing binding, that's a sign to me they haven't assumed that final level of power yet. (Did Bush really say he's a "market kind of guy," while smirking the other night?)

And I have no idea what the new relgion is going to be, I'm assuming it's a combination of every religion, the ones we know already and the new one that teaches us the spiritual side of sustainable development. We already celebrate Earth worship in American schools, the Earth Charter's signed and sealed by US officials and housed in an ARK in the Temple of Understanding at the Peace Palace, Hague. Freemasons, Jews, Musilms, Bahai, Budists and fundamental Zionist-Christians are leading their neighbors, working together to bring their cities and towns under US local 21 initiatives. It's all about accepting each other and on the surface it sounds beautiful.

Plus, tere's the 7 Laws of Noah. Then Communitarian law is obviously based on the ancient Celtic Tree of Life, the Cabbala and oral Talmudic community law, and from what little I've read about the EU it seems that over there Islamic codes of justice are being enforced (correct me if I'm wrong). Obviously a Muslim would want their religious law to prevail at the community level whereas a Jew or a Christian would likely want theirs. The global religion will solve that.

Then there's the question of whether the Holocaust is a religion now too, and how Hate crimes for researching differing opinions in historical accounts wormed its way into the new religion.

One thing's for sure, they need more religious wars and conflicts, and the gay marriage laws against the freemason Mormon church is a great vehicle for modern Hegelian "change." I agree, the global religion will be creepy as hell.