Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is the European Union a Pilgrims Society project?

Several months ago our good friend Bobby Garner began researching a group called the Pilgrims Society. I posted his research article (and challenge to Peter Myers) called Pilgrims, Zionism and the New Age here. I've had such a crazy summer and fall it has taken me all this time to find a spare night to start studying his research.

I vaguely remember reading something about the Pilgrims Society at the Project for Hidden Institutions website back when when I was looking for more info on Schumann and Monnet. It's now the Institute for Study of Globalization and Covert Politics, and it still has nothing about the Communitarian Network or the supremacy of EU communitarian law. As a supporter of some form of globalism with oversight, the author makes good use of the conflict theory to discount the "anti-globalist" sentiments on the American far-right. He doesn't mention the ACL, but in case you're wondering where I stand, Chuck Baldwin, Pat Buchanan, the John Birchers and Phylis Schafly do not "represent" my individual objections to Etzioni's vision of Utopia. I am neither right, left, or middle/communitarian/3rd Way. I believe we'd all prosper under some basic enforceable legal principles that protect individual liberty and economic freedom for the common man, such as what I was taught we had in the USA. And I don't know, maybe I'm just tired, but how can the idea of a global government that was cooked up by snobby elites somehow be changed into a good idea for the common man? If the original plan was born of evil can the "good" people of the world change it into something beneficial to all?) http://home.planet.nl/~reijd050/).

Bobby's ongoing research paper is: Meet the World Money Power: The Pilgrims Society.

I'm still reading Charle's article below, but Bobby is right, this does appear to a very important piece to the whole "Who's behind the NWO?" question.


Jean Monnet, the "father" of the EU and another elite society called Le Cercle is mentioned often in the following list of Pilgrims Society members and their associations:


So far as I can tell, Bobby Garner is the only researcher who ties the Pilgrims' goals to Etzioni. He leads us to another level of forced social evolution, called the Third Organization of Society: http://www.congregator.net/articles/dialectic-tetrad.htm

In case you're wondering why I am sending you to a "Christian" website, I have a great respect for many authors who cite the Bible as a part of their work, even though I myself don't believe in it the way they do. I've learned a lot from Bobby Garner, Berit Kjos, Joan Veon and the writers at watch.pair. One of the first things I realized was the extent of the Christian research available in 1999 when I first started reading, and the quality (much to my suprise) was often first rate. Where Bobby and I absolutely agree is on our approach. Neither one of us expect our readers to just believe us; we both hope our work inspires people to do their own further studies. We do not have to have the same religious, political or economic beliefs to share what we find out about the emerging religious, political and economic synthesis (or what comes after that).

What I hope I share is my desire to know how America and the world is quietly changing into a global communitarian system. Maybe that's all I'm capable of doing.

I do think the communitarian plan is evil, and to me evil is anything that harms innocent people on purpose. I also know many of the globalists believe in Luciferian "doctrine," which means Satanic worship has to be understood as part of my studies. (Madame Blavastky was a Satanist and she had a big influence on the plan.) But, the whole good versus evil dialectic is one of the earliest forms of managed conflict.. and it remains the most prevalent. I am suspicious of it.

So, today we either get our new messiah or our new queen. Either way we'll have to bow.


Amawalker said...

Mmmm?? On another forum, members from non-EU countries are complaining that is is getting harder for them to travel for any length of time in Schengen countries.
Before 2007 there were 15 Schengen States - now there are 24 (with Switzerland joining the party in December). The period of stay has remained at 90 days in any 6 month period - no exceptions! So, if I wanted to travel the world, I would only be allowed to go for three months - hardly enough time to see one country let alone 25.

Bobby Garner said...

Niki, They never ask you or I what we believe. It doesn't matter. What 'they' believe is the controlling factor. Buried somewhere in my research is a link to this information: "In the late 1930s, the British Israel World Federation Movement's Destiny Magazine published articles identifying September 2001 as the target date for beginning their planned global theocratic state -- a 'Kingdom of Heaven on Earth.'" - LINK

How come the 9/11 truth'ers know nothing about this?

Anonymous said...

"Bobby's ongoing research paper is: Meet the World Money Power: The Pilgrims Society"

NO, that's not Bobby Garner's research paper---it's MY research! It does not fly with a court for someone to copy my entire article, post it on a site, then appeal to the "fair use" doctrine. Fair use does NOT allow for copying the ENTIRE article! It would be decent for a change if people like THIS blog would get facts straight as to who put out which research in the first place!!! Don't make me contact Blogger.com, correct it! NOT "Bobby Garner's research paper," CHARLES SAVOIE'S research!!

This is NOT "anonymous," but it's only working that way!!

I'm still reading Charle's article below, but Bobby is right, this does appear to a very important piece to the whole "Who's behind the NWO?" question.


Niki Raapana said...

Charles, my sincerest apologies. It appears congregator.net is gone from the internet and none of his pages are on the wayback machine. I had a falling out with Bobby a few years back so there's no way to ask him about this now.

If this was my mistake, which is very possible, I will take full blame. If it was Bobby's, which doesn't make any sense because he always produced original work that I was aware of. I must have wrongly assumed it was his project.