Saturday, November 15, 2008

Is the US a British-Israel Colony?

Bobby Garner has found evidence that plans for establishing a new world order in the American colonies were made in England during the 16th century. According to Bobby,
"The Union Jack is a rare book by an anonymous author. Certain portions are published on several websites, but chapter 3 was thought by some to be missing. I discovered it at in a pdf version of the entire book. Other pdf versions I have found do not include this chapter. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only html copy of the third chapter on the Internet. After reading it we may know why. Complete pdf version of The Union Jack as a single download (1.72 mb)"

Here's another version of the same idea without the Israeli connection. The anonymous author of "The US is Still a British Colony" has a very detailed analysis of the use of charters, and I'm glad, because the treaties signed by our founders are essential to understanding the power modern treaties signed by modern leaders holds over us. I'm certain now that the status/contract information Todd wants me to learn ties directly into this. The main problem for me is I am no longer a full-time student of communitarianism, I simply cannot afford to put in the hours I used to. I also decided it's not healthy for me to keep up the same way. Which means no matter how important it is that I see every possibility out there, it may be just as important that I let go and let others do what they know how to do, then I can stick to writing and studying what I know and maybe even move on to solutions like gertees and DIY ideas. Communitarianism is here and shows no signs of going away. I'd like to focus on that current topic for a while, like how the hell are we going to survive outside it if it's everywhere?

Is that even a possiblity? Can I ever expect to masquerade myself as a Stepford Wife? People really have no idea how mind boggling I find all this information stored inside my head, and how little value it will have when we're all told we need to report to our designated community center. I'm thinking maybe a sustainable gertee eco-village might have a chance of existing within the new land use regulation but there'd have to be a secret oath that negates the communitarian contract members would have to sign. The problem is a lot of Americans believe in their contracts in Homeowners and Community Associations, so they'd be scary if they joined. What I want to know now is which groups of people have the best chance of survival (and not the "get the guns and run to the woods and hide" kind). We have to somehow hide in plain sight or we have to go totally off the grid, and I don't have the first clue how to do either.

Anti communitarian studies has so many focus areas a genuine academic field of study would involve numerous 4 year sub-programs. This was validated by the NAS stuff posted on the ACL homepage. It's a HUGE study. After 10 years my focus is still current legislation, programs and intiatives, because that's where I was trained. History is a whole different ball game. I have a hard enough time figuring out what's coming down now without having to become an expert in things I know nothing about. I want to rely on other experts to fill in the blanks for me. I so much appreciate writers like Bobby and Paul and Philip and Nancy (who's back btw!). They take their precious time to delve deep into areas I can't. I just wish all writers would put their names on their books and articles; as with "Time Bomb" I am reluctant to cite "American Patriots Past and Present" and/or anonymous sources.

If I cannot cite a source that means I have to find a way to verify the information in sources I can cite. Which means reading a lot of books and finding it that way. This takes a lot of time and solitude, sometimes it takes hours just to grasp the basic idea in a book (particularly philosophy, and we did that already).

I don't have an expert opinion on banking or economics because I'm a current affairs journalist, not a historian. But I do love reading and studying history. It was essential to go back and see how we became a communitarian sub-nation. When I started studying Etzioni I had never heard of the CFR's role in American politics, nor the Royal Society. I didn't know anything about the British Fabian Society or that Tony Blair and Bill Clinton went to Oxford together. I really didn't have a clue what Rothschilds banks were, or that they funded Clinton's campaign for president. I only recently learned of the Pilgrims Society and their connection to Jean Monnet and the EU. (In 2000 I swore I was not taking my research beyond the WA State level, hah.)

Do I still have a LOT to learn? Yes, no doubt about it. Will I ever have the time to read everything I need to read? Probably not, especially now that I'm taking my life back. This book is filled with great sources that look like they'd all be easy to verify:


Thanks Jim!


Bobby Garner said...

British-Israel doesn't have colonies. British-Israel is a component of a conspiracy run by the people who control the British Commonwealth. It is also a religion, but that appears to be its cover. The British-Israel-World Federation was founded in 1919. This along with the rise of communism and the appearance of Zionism all splashing onto the world scene coincident with the end of WWI reflects a common plan associated with the disbanding of the British Empire and the beginning of the British Commonwealth.

As stated in The Union Jack, its initial function was to manage the conflict between communism and fundamentalist Christianity which had become virtually synonymous with western civilization. Christian fundamentalism has obvious attachments to Zionism , so it all works together. The idea appears to have been to promote the conflict between the different ideologies to justify the later calls for unity. Since the end of the Cold War, the influence of British-Israel is most easily seen in adapting Christianity to the New Age spirituality, in effect destroying whats left of Christianity in the process. That is most obvious in developments such as the Toronto Blessing which seems to have spread in some form to nearly all Christian Churches. British-Israel therefore, is the common link between Communism, Zionism, fundamentalist religion (including Islam), the New Age Movement, UN Agenda 21, and world government.

The question of whether the United States is still a British Colony, is almost a mute point. As factual as the argument may be, it misses the mark because it doesn't identify the real problem and it focuses attention away from the larger picture. In my opinion, that would be a project of the conspiracy itself.

Anonymous said...

I read the Chapter 3 of Union Jack (thanks for posting the link) and I learned something new.

The chapter talks about how "British Israel" has been conditioning the American people to accept their world government through the churches and the code phrase is "Kingdom of God". I was raised Mormon (I quit years ago) and we were taught about the impending "Second Coming of Christ", that Christ would personally reign on the earth and there would be 1000 years of peace, called the Millenium.

The Mormons believed in "The United Order" which was alot like Communism. My mother explained that Communism was "Satan's Counterfeit", and the "The United Order" was the real thing.

The book says that many, many christian religions have been infected with this propaganda, in order to condition the people to accept a New World Order...they just don't know their highly anticipated "Kingdom of God" really amounts to Communitarian rule by British/Israil imperialists!

Bobby Garner said...

The influence of British-Israel is an important piece of the puzzle, and The Union Jack exposes it rather well in terms of what was known at the time of writing (including updates), over twenty years ago. Communism has since been declared dead, meaning that the winner of the managed conflict was religious fundamentalism, which we now know that in addition to Christian fundamentalism, also includes fundamentalist Islam, and the New Age spirituality which in reality is the most fundamental of all dating back to ancient pagan practices. So British-Israel lives on, easing into its apparent new role of promoting unity among all religions and steering them toward extremely fundamental Talmudic Judiasm.

If we can accept that scenario then British-Israel must be seen as the spiritual wing of the one world movement. Communitarianism is the political/economic wing, and this puts it all under the purview of one Great Conspiracy working primarily through the United Nations. But lets not forget the Money Power of the Pilgrim Society which is funding it all, and creating the economic stresses which are obviously pushing us along to whatever the final outcome may be.

Another significant part of the picture is the influence of secret societies known generally as the Illuminati (for lack of a better word), and the source of their influence and power which we have traced back to the Theosophical Society and most notably, Alice A. Bailey who gave them The Plan channeled to her from an Occult Demonic Source. The Plan provides the essence or theme of the Big Picture, which as known in the arts, identifies the artist, architect or author of "The Great Work".