Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Low Impact Development Conferences

Joy sent us a link to the Action Agenda for Puget Sound because it reminds her of UN Local Agenda 21. Obviously, regulatory enforcement isn't just a problem with the banks or the investors or the loan officers. Oh no. Every aspect of economic life needs ONE sustainable plan that solves ALL the problems. Right? Can we collectively agree on that, at least?
Charting a New Course for Puget Sound

The Action Agenda represents a paradigm shift in Puget Sound recovery. While efforts to clean up Puget Sound have been going on for decades – with significant improvements made throughout that time – the overall approach has been fragmented and failed to address the causes of many of the problems. In addition, many well-intended regulations aren’t properly monitored to ensure they even work, and some conflict with other mandates, reducing their effectiveness.

The Action Agenda incorporates these lessons learned into a long-range, broad-based, strategic action plan for the entire Puget Sound – from the mountain caps to the white caps. It will prioritize cleanup and improvement projects, coordinate federal, state, local, tribal and private resources, and ensure that we are all working cooperatively.

I took Action Agenda's link to the 2008 International Low Impact Development Conference. We left Seattle in 2003. Apparently it's been "on with the show" ever since we left.

Thinking a lot about infiltrating their bureaucratic system with our own subversive agenda. I'm considering the whole idea of the way they use Fabian trained change agents to undermine our nations. They are such experts at hiding the real agenda behind a lovely smokescreen. What if we began creating our own phony green companies and NGO's and used all their doublespeak language to take back control that way?

If the globalists game plan is to deceive and mislead us to embracing change we know nothing about, could we not adopt their winning tactics and proceed with our own devious opposition? Couldn't we then bury constitutional enforcement mandates down a few dark levels below our vague surface promises? Our elected reps do NOT read the plans because they're too long and they're too busy. Neither do our citizens. So what effect could a small group of like-minded people have if they created a group called Green Alaska to be the umbrella for a lot of sub-groups and partners who expertly bury our hidden gold agenda inside 700 page pdf documents, only available for a high fee?

Nobody would ever read our actual plans, and if one knowledgable communitarian did accidentally read our "vision for the future" and started freaking out or tried to expose us as infiltrators, we could dismiss them with a wave of our hand as "conspiracy theorists." We'd have to be justifiably "more moral" somehow too. We'd likely have to start our own confusing religion with rituals, secret signals and handshakes, and that would be just too weird. Oh well. Back to the drawing board.

But yeah, I like trees too.

And here's a perfect example of why the dialectic between the left and the right remains strong enough to keep most of the world captive. What's it mean to the debates when Fidel Castro provides the best analysis of the G20 Financial Summit?


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