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Community Reinvestment Act - Subprime

Does Rebuilding Community have anything to do with the fianancial crisis summit? Yes.

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From: Vicky Davis
Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2008 09:51:18 -0800 (PST)
Subject: Community Reinvestment Act - Subprime

I just realized that I have more information on the subprime meltdown. Several years ago, I did a research project for Eagle Forum of Idaho. There is a small rural town named Star that is outside of Boise. A builder had built a large number of homes for which there were no buyers - and there was no business activity that would signal that there would be a market for those homes. One of residents of Star was most unhappy about it because they changed the rural character of the town - and the homes were sitting empty and she wanted to know what was going on because that's not normal. So I agreed to look into it.
What I thought was going to be a simple little research project turned out to be a Pandora's Box. I spent a couple of weeks reading and searching and by the time I got enough of the story together to put up webpages, I was worn out so rather than writing it in a story format, I produced a timeline of who did what - when and I put links off the timeline to source documents and in some cases to other webpages that explained more fully what was being done.
Basically, what happened in Star was that they were building a planned community that was part of Clinton's 'Sustainable Development' - Agenda 21 implementation. I was more focused on the Agenda 21 issues because the financing of the project wasn't an issue at that time.
What happened in brief was that Mayor Brent Coles of Boise, was solicited at a Mayor's Institute Conference and he was guided into the scheme by an economist from Berkeley, Dana Belzer. She "helped him" by advising him to establish a private partnership between himself and the Mayors of the surrounding communities. She also helped him get a $500,000 grant from the EPA for a "study". The story goes on - but the bottom line was that Mayor Coles was being facilitated into establishing a regional "governance" structure and - in my opinion, the $500,000 was payoff money for the mayors. Mayor Coles ended up resigning as Mayor on a trumped up charge that he attempted to get reimbursement on his expense account for theatre tickets for himself and Belzer while they were at a conference.
A part of the story that I covered on the surface but didn't really look at in detail was the community development funding. That's the part of the story that relates to the subprime meltdown.
The organization that doing business in Idaho - buying loans was named the Community Development Fund. Their website was taken down, but I did recover a lot of the pages including presentations they did explaining how their business worked. If you read those pages, you'll understand how the secondary market for subprime mortgages was working. And you'll see who the big players were behind it.
The following are links to the story and the timeline. I'm also including one link that is in the time line but that is about the community development financing.
Note: some of the original links on this don't work - but look on the 'Recovered Links' page because I have added a lot more pages from the Community Development Fund website that I recovered from the archives.
Considering everything else that happened during the Clinton Administration concerning the 'reinvention of government', the Summits of the Americas, the NAFTA agreement, the WTO agreement, the Executive Order to implement Agenda 21, and the financial condition of our country and the reasons for it, it is my opinion that this subprime meltdown was strategically planned. The CRA was put into law and it sat there like an explosive device on a timer. The taking down of our economy has occurred in exactly the same way that a building is taken down - a series of blowouts in sequence - timed to knock the foundations out from under us. Why? Because the globalists have in mind to create a world government - and to do that, they have to destroy competitors to power. That would be the United States.
On September 8, 2000, Bill Clinton signed the Millenium Declaration, mandate for global governance.


Stop Common Purpose said...

Hi Niki

This global financial meltdown has been planned and in the works for years.

Here is a bit of light relief:

And subprime is not the only problem.

Don't forget Credit Default Swaps and credit card debts.

Anonymous said...


I worked with a guy who bought a house in Star. Its a very strange place. A Stepford community like model. He also paid for the place with grant money using his wife as caretaker of his disabled mother. It was so lucrative he was able to get other monies for raising kids with disabilities and he ended up not having to work. Government money was paying his mortgage.

Its creepy when you're driving down the highway and you pass through the small rural community of Star. A strip mall was built there that looks like a Hollywood film set. The store fronts are so phony you can't believe there is anything behind them. Little do they tell just how deep this story goes.

Love you,

the tent lady said...

Thanks SP. Those guys are funny, I'll watch the whole thing later since I can actually download media files now!!!! we're thinking about doing a short video or audio with cartoons and pictures, dying to put some humor into this boring, badnews project.

And yeah Susan, Philp Jones describes the Stepford communities in Denmark on his site, you'd like the way he sees the people acting like robots.

Everytime the news comes on I sing, "hollywood...dadadada Hollywod!"