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Obama's plans for mobilizing America- ABCD

Here's the guys who trained Obama in his community activism. Capacity building combined with faith based datagathering is one of the main methods for achieving the change Obama promises. John L. McKnight wrote Obama's letter of recommendation in his application to Harvard Law School, and McKnight is one of the first endorsers of the Communitarian Platform (although Kretzman denies ANY affiliation with Etzioni..heh). I haven't checked into who Mike Green is, or if Obama attended his ABCD Community Organizing seminars.

I do know who Jim Diers of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods is, and I can testify to what a scam they pulled off with this in Seattle in 1999. Diers book is a TOTAL lie. I was there and I can guarantee you the poor people in my neighborhood were targeted as "transients with a significant negative impact on the neighborhood," insulted at community meetings (called "pigs" and "trash") and their homes were raided by interdepartmental swat teams. I spent 4 years on the Dawson v. Seattle lawsuit, I filed hundreds of un-redressed complaints against the City's "helping" programs and you'll find ZERO references to our opposition to ABCD in any of the City's success stories.

The goal of community development is the same as all urban sustainable development, their "vision for the future" is of controlling private property and directing the lives of the people who live on it. Poor people are not the beneficiaries of community development, but their skills and abilities will definitely be used to achive the ultimate goal.

I explain how ABCD ties into ACL research and the Community Police in 2020: Our Common Destiny. But, if you ever wondered how the emerging community oriented government plans to utilize your skills and abilities, here it is. The community activists go door-to-door accompanied by a Community Services Officer gathering the following information. It's added to the extensive COMPASS database for future reference. Refusing the "interview" places you in the "Problem" category and this is logged into another layer of COMPASS. :)

The Capacity Inventory

This copyright material may be reprinted with the following attribution: "Reprinted with permission of John P. Kretzmann and John L. McKnight, pp. 19-25, from Building Communities from the Inside Out: A Path Toward Finding and Mobilizing a Community's Assets, Evanston, IL: Institute for Policy Research (1993)."

Hello. I'm with (local organization's name). We're talking to local people about their skills. With this information, we hope to help people contribute to improving the neighborhood, find jobs or start businesses. May I ask you some questions about your skills and abilities?

Part I -- Skills Information

Now I'm going to read to you a list of skills. It's an extensive list, so I hope you'll bear with me. I'll read the skills and you just say "yes" whenever we get to one you have.

We are interested in all your skills and abilities. They may have been learned through experience in the home or with your family. They may be skills you've learned at church or in the community. They may also be skills you have learned on the job.


Caring for the Elderly ________
Caring for the Mentally Ill ________
Caring for the Sick ________
Caring for the Physically Disabled or Developmentally Disabled ________

Now, I would like to know about the kind of care you provided.
Bathing ________
Feeding ________
Preparing Special Diets ________
Exercising and Escorting ________
Grooming ________
Dressing ________
Making the Person Feel at Ease ________

Typing (words per minute) ________
Operating Adding Machine/Calculator ________
Filing Alphabetically/Numerically ________
Taking Phone Messages ________
Writing Business Letters (not typing) ________
Receiving Phone Orders ________
Operating Switchboard ________
Keeping Track of Supplies ________
Shorthand or Speedwriting ________
Bookkeeping ________
Entering Information into Computer ________
Word Processing ________

Construction and Repair

Painting ________
Porch Construction or Repair ________
Tearing Down Buildings ________
Knocking Out Walls ________
Wall Papering ________
Furniture Repairs ________
Repairing Locks ________
Building Garages ________
Bathroom Modernization ________
Building Room Additions ________
Tile Work ________
Installing Drywall & Taping ________
Plumbing Repairs ________
Electrical Repairs ________
Bricklaying & Masonry ________
Cabinetmaking ________
Kitchen Modernization ________
Furniture Making ________
Installing Insulation ________
Plastering ________
Soldering & Welding ________
Concrete Work (sidewalks) ________
Installing Floor Coverings ________
Repairing Chimneys ________
Heating/Cooling System Installation ________
Putting on Siding ________
Tuckpointing ________
Cleaning Chimneys (chimney sweep) ________
Installing Windows ________
Building Swimming Pools ________
Carpentry Skills ________
Roofing Repair or Installation ________


Window Washing ________
Floor Waxing or Mopping ________
Washing and Cleaning Carpets/Rugs ________
Routing Clogged Drains ________
Using a Handtruck in a Business ________
Caulking ________
General Household Cleaning ________
Fixing Leaky Faucets ________
Mowing Lawns ________
Planting & Caring for Gardens ________
Pruning Trees & Shrubbery ________
Cleaning/Maintaining Swimming Pools ________
Floor Sanding or Stripping ________
Wood Stripping/Refinishing ________


Catering ________
Serving Food to Large Numbers of People (over 10) ________
Preparing Meals for Large Numbers of People (over 10) ________
Clearing/Setting Tables for Large Numbers of People (over 10) ________
Washing Dishes for Large Numbers of People (over 10) ________
Operating Commercial Food Preparation Equipment ________
Bartending ________
Meatcutting ________
Baking ________

Child Care

Caring for Babies (under 1 year) ________
Caring for Children (1 to 6) ________
Caring for Children (7 to 13) ________
Taking Children on Field Trips ________


Driving a Car ________
Driving a Van ________
Driving a Bus ________
Driving a Taxi ________
Driving a Tractor Trailer ________
Driving a Commercial Truck ________
Driving a Vehicle/Delivering Goods ________
Hauling ________
Operating Farm Equipment ________
Driving an Ambulance ________

Operating Equipment & Repairing Machinery

Repairing Radios, TVs, VCRs, Tape Recorders ________
Repairing Other Small Appliances ________
Repairing Automobiles ________
Repairing Trucks/Buses ________
Repairing Auto/Truck/Bus Bodies ________
Using a Forklift ________
Repairing Large Household Equipment (e.g., refrigerator) ________
Repairing Heating & Air Conditioning System ________
Operating a Dump Truck ________
Fixing Washers/Dryers ________
Repairing Elevators ________
Operating a Crane ________
Assembling Items ________


Writing Reports ________
Filling out Forms ________
Planning Work for Other People ________
Directing the Work of Other People ________
Making a Budget ________
Keeping Records of All Your Activities ________
Interviewing People ________


Operating a Cash Register ________
Selling Products Wholesale or for Manufacturer (If yes, which products?) ________
Selling Products Retail (If yes, which products?) ________
Selling Services (If yes, which services?) ________
How have you sold these products or services? ________
Door to Door ________
Phone ________
Mail ________
Store ________


Singing ________
Play an Instrument (Which one?) ________


Guarding Residential Property ________
Guarding Commercial Property ________
Guarding Industrial Property ________
Armed Guard ________
Crowd Control ________
Ushering at Major Events ________
Installing Alarms or Security Systems ________
Repairing Alarms or Security Systems ________

Upholstering ________
Sewing ________
Dressmaking ________
Crocheting ________
Knitting ________
Tailoring ________
Moving Furniture or Equipment to Different Locations ________
Managing Property ________
Assisting in the Classroom ________
Hair Dressing ________
Hair Cutting ________
Phone Surveys ________
Jewelry or Watch Repair ________

Are there any other skills that you have which we haven't mentioned?

Priority Skills

When you think about your skills, what three things do you think you do best?
Which of all your skills are good enough that other people would hire you to do them?
Are there any skills you would like to teach?
What skills would you most like to learn?

Part II -- Community Skills

Have you ever organized or participated in any of the following community activities?
Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts ________
Church Fundraisers ________
Bingo ________
School-Parent Associations ________
Sports Teams ________
Camp Trips for Kids ________
Field Trips ________
Political Campaigns ________
Block Clubs ________
Community Groups ________
Rummage Sales ________
Yard Sales ________
Church Suppers ________
Community Gardens ________
Neighborhood Organization ________
Other Groups or Community Work? ________

Let me read the list again. Tell me in which of these you would be willing to participate in the future.

Part III -- Enterprising Interests and Experience

Business Interest

Have you ever considered starting a business? Yes _____No _____
If yes, what kind of business did you have in mind?
Did you plan to start it alone or with other people? Alone _____Others _____
Did you plan to operate it out of your home? Yes _____No _____
What obstacle kept you from starting the business?

Business Activity

Are you currently earning money on your own through the sale of services or products?Yes _____No _____

If yes, what are the services or products you sell?
Whom do you sell to?
How do you get customers?
What would help you improve your business?

Part IV -- Personal Information





Sex: F_____ M_______

Who paid Obama's tuition to Harvard, does anyone know?


Lark said...

The definitive answer remains elusive, but here are the best ones I could find online so far.

It seems at one point during the campaign season his staff didn't want to go there for some odd reason.



For me the answer is unimportant since all the major universities are leftist; and they have been for a long time.

the tent lady said...

Thanks Lark! I'm finally going to be able to make comments back, my old dialup was to slow for it to load right and I lost so many I gave up doing it. I fianlly start getting comments and couldn't answer or keep anything going, which was the point of allowing comments to begin with.

There's not one university in the US that offers anticommunitarian studies. Even if it shouldn't matter that over 4000 visitors have responded to our Hegel poll, I'm amazed nobody cares that our great bastions of academic intercourse are one big circle jerk.