Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ongoing projects

winterizing a 20 foot gertee
10 1/2 feet diamond willow center post

shiny new entryway has a dresser now

Put up a center pole for extra strength and the base for my loft. Figuring out how to arrange all our things, we want more storage and open space for Fred. Made sure I left room on both sides of the doorway, one side for wood storage and the other for a 50 gallon water bucket. Put 5 more ropes over the roof cover after the winds came and showed me where I missed. Ran out of materials but I may be eligible for Sarah's 1200. PFD energy bonus and if I get it I'm buying R-16 insulation for the walls and roof, another pool roof cover and heavy duty tarps and ropes. If there's anything left over I'm buying cords of wood because I am getting too lazy to cut it myself.

Fred's first day of homeschool

I can't believe how many things we're behind on, but Nordica keeps reminding me I camped all summer and built 3 yurts and a museum. We both forget how much time Fred takes up because he's such a fun little guy. But I finally gave her my edits on Jack's book and decided to revise the manifesto one more time before we go to print; I want to add one more article and that's it. We're also getting good advice on setting up internet marketing for our books, and writing a business plan for Camp Redington. I'm just not going to have much time to follow the election anymore, and if it wasn't for Palin I never would have given it the time I have. I decided the prediction/theory that made the most sense to me was the one that said McCain and Palin will win and then Hillary can save the country from the Republicans when she runs for president in 2012, maybe even against Palin. Whatever the outcome, we're in for a hell of a feminist future.

Making new mini scenes for ebay. Gotta get going on selling them or I can't justify the space. This one features a picture "window" of the Chugach Mtns over the Matanuska Valley from the Glenn Highway in Palmer. It has almost all handmade exotic hardwood furniture, Alaskan dried flowers, bottled herbs and teas (from T-Junction). I haven't named it yet, any suggestions?

Alaskan miniwerks

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