Monday, September 1, 2008

Community Policing, LA21 and Sarah Palin

"A 1992 Palin ad called her a "new face, new voice," who would work for "a safer, more progressive Wasilla.""

Did Sarah Palin implement any portion of LA-21 in Wasilla while she was mayor? 1992 is when Wasilla changed into a sustainable shopping mall. The comments in the Frontiersman seem to indicate she supports several LA21 goals including government controlled land use.

A further search turns up this:

The land debate began several years ago over property near the city's municipal airport.

Lundgren planned to build an industrial park there, he said. He is a former Fairbanks resident who owns business parks and mini-storage warehouses in Alaska, Idaho, Washington, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Panama and Colombia.

Lundgren negotiated with the national office of The Nature Conservancy to buy the land. Meanwhile, Wasilla city officials decided they wanted the land too, and began negotiating with the Alaska office of The Nature Conservancy. Offers were extended to both parties. Lundgren closed the deal. Wasilla sued both Lundgren and The Nature Conservancy for title to the land. The case went to a federal appeals court, where Lundgren won rights to the property.

Meanwhile, a city-appointed citizens' committee studying where to put a new sports complex agreed that the land near the airport was the best place for a city-owned hockey rink and turf court. City voters in 2002 approved a half-percent sales tax hike to pay for the new facility. The appeals court ruling in Lundgren's favor came after construction was underway, Klinkner said.

Wasilla filed for eminent domain to get the property. That case has sputtered along while Lundgren and the city disagreed over appraisals and other details.

Wasilla City Council met in executive session June 11 to talk about settlement. Afterwards, the council unanimously agreed to pay an unspecified settlement price.

Klinkner said that the council agreed to pay the court-ordered fee of $770,332 plus interest, but that attorney fees remain unresolved.

On her nomination of Keller in 2007: "The candidate's vast experience throughout the state bodes well for our shared vision of all regions working together for Alaska's good," Palin said.

The Anchorage Daily News has a page called "All Palin-All the Time:

Here's the Mat-Su Coordinated Transportation Plan It sounds like a great plan to help people, but from page 10 onward it includes all the communitarian buzzwords we have already learned to mistrust. Lots of emphasis on data gathering and sharing, marketing the idea, and public-private partnerships with the community... it's a familiar "vision."

Here's a comment on race42008: ThatLibertarianGuy Says:
May 30th, 2007 at 7:15 pm

"Yeah, the more I find out about this Palin lady, the less I like her. Check out her Wikipedia article. She’s a populist/communitarian. Not a small-government type lady."

Here's a nice COPS grant:

Bureau: Office of Justice Programs
Account: Community Oriented Policing Services (15-0406)
Certifying Official: Deputy Director for Management
Contact Information: http://WWW.USDOJ.GOV 202-514-2007


1 recipient will receive $987,000. This is a first-time earmark. Year Enacted: 2005
Code: 82014
Description: for the mobile computers for police squad cars

Beneficiary/Recipient Amount ($K) Program Type Address
Wasilla, City of
Recipient ID (DUNS# or OTHER) (2188548) $987 Locality 1800 East Parks Highway
Wasilla, AK

Source: Appropriations Report Language - Conference
Reference: P.L. 108-447
Method: User entered excerpt
Citation Excerpt: $1,000,000 for the mobile computers for Wasilla, AK, for police squad cars;


lark said...

Questions: "Senator McCain, are you a New World Order, big government communitarian or a patriotic, capitalist constitutionalist? Do you believe one can be both, and still preserve, protect, and defend American sovereignty? How about our Bill of Rights? Have you been tested thoroughly for Alzheimer's disease... or any psychological disorders related to the selling out of your country?"

Questions: "Governor Palin, do you believe it's the U.S. government's duty to provide for the common good? Are your communitarian goals consistent with the American Constitution and its Bill of Rights? Have you hired yourself a nanny and a foreign policy tutor yet, governor?"

Questions: "Senator Obama, is the communitarian law you taught more consistent with UN laws or U.S. Constitutional laws? Are you familiar with the "supremacy of communitarian law" language that's inserted in American treaties and trade agreements with foreign governments? Were you really born in this country? Are you queer?"

Questions: "Senator Biden, are you a practicing Catholic or an avowed political Zionist? Are you an Iraqi citizen or an American citizen? Are you both? Does that mean you're an Israeli citizen too? Senator Biden, are you a thug?"

the tent lady said...

Wouldn't it be something if our free press asked even one of these questions?

I guess it's as Bob Schultz and We the People Foundation learned through their ongoing redress of grievances process (the unknown 1st amendment right reserved by the individuals in the states); now we are informed not even Ron Paul will abide by that old useless contract called the U.S. Constitution.

If we have the "right" to petition our elected representatives for redress then wouldn't it stand to reason that our elected reps have to answer and rectify any problems we have with them or their congressional laws? Shouldn't our politicans have to answer legal questions from the people who govern them? What exactly are the consequences for breaking an oath of office? Is that why America is building so many new prisons?

lark said...


Of course, one would like to think our new concentration camps - along with those trumpeted, multi-million dollar, technologically state-of-the-art (The ads say "infinitely cleaner and brighter, more professionally managed, and far more humane...") new prison cathedrals - were actually intended for warehousing this country's astonishing number of white collar criminals. And given all its fat cat traitors, embezzlers, thieves, murderers, spies, pimps, whores and pampered "dual citizens", one would also like to believe this extraordinary embarrassment of riches - of so much splendid new prison space, that is - could potentially handle the historic, multitudinous overflow of poverty-stricken Latin "illegals" and CIA-employed drug mules. Especially now that the citizenry apparently requires a bevy of new cops-on-the-beat, community volunteers, mercenaries, and a plethora of newly-trained experts in the art of advanced interrogation techniques.

Or... well... what's the use in denying it anymore? Let's call this phenomenon... of building a slew of new-type, government-sponsored housing projects... for what they probably represent - the future death camps and torture chambers for dumb-witted, often troublesome American citizens... known nowadays as "useless eaters"... or economically worthless, non-productive "consumers."

"But, alas, the bell tolls just for thee..."

Niki, I had occasion the other night to see and hear past Republican convention speeches... in grainy, poor quality black-and-white on C-Span... and I couldn't help but detect some cryptic language related to our present situation. Sadly, it only made me realize our leaders had understood America was under the jackboot of a secretive "alien" cabal... even then.

Today America herself seems to have devolved into one gigantic forced labor and re-education camp - a kind of weird post-modern zoo - which suggests to me that Dr. Paul more-than-likely decided years ago he liked those generous government medical and retirement benefits too much... to piss off... or incite the subhuman flocks from paying tribute to their otherworldly zookeeper patrons... entirely.

So for all his entertaining talk about the preciousness of America's original Constitution, and the sanctity of its Bill of Rights in particular - not to forget, personal fiscal responsibility and less reliance on centralized, big brother government - it sure might have been nice if he'd honestly let his spirited supporters know not to waste any real volunteer time... or real counterfeit money... on his "just for show" presidential candidacy... beforehand.

Oh well, I guess in hindsight, he did like to remind his innocent young supporters to "always have fun, no matter what."

Listen if you will to Congressman Paul's definitive signal to his supporters now... in his Rally for the Republic speech Tuesday night... that "our" dear departed American Republic had indeed, some years ago, already been lost (past tense)... and then note too, how he deliberately mixes his signals... when the good doctor calls for a typical AMA physician's-style prescription - their infamous "no-cure-at-all" - for just about everything that's been ailing us... lo, these past one hundred years or so.

With the kinds of sainted medical doctors (duly-licensed, robotic drug dealers, blood suckers & organ harvesters) American schools keep turning out, how could we not have imagined our nation's respected lawyers, attorneys, courthouse judges, "policy experts", and legislators (duly-licensed, elitist fraudsters, blood suckers & power mongers all) wouldn't turn out any different?

I keep wanting to find a little bright spot in all this - but maybe I'll make out like Rumpelstiltskin and catch up on my sleep instead.

Do you think after awhile... I could possibly avoid the thought police... in relative peace and quiet... for a change?

At this cheery moment in time - with the slaphappy, sleep-deprived state I'm in - I'm way beyond expecting any redress for my grievances.