Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Radio interview tonight at 8pm pacific (7pm AK)

I'm not very well known and I used to think that who I am doesn't/shouldn't matter. In the early days of the ACL there were no pictures of us or our personal stories, except for the story of how we got involved in the ACL. I still think the only thing that really matters is the basis of my argument against rebuilding a global communitarian government. I always considered myself mainly as a researcher and hoped a "real" writer would pick up on my work. I was so naive I even sent 500 COMPASS docs to the New York Times!

As for public speaking, I was never interested in it. My stage performances were as a musician/vocalist and a dancer; whenever I had a few lines in a musical production I tried to give them away to other actors who loved talking on stage. The first time I signed up to make a public comment before Seattle City Council I almost left before it was my turn to speak. Most community meetings I attended I said very little and instead listened (and wrote furiously in my notes about what the others were saying).

Jeff Rense publishes many different views and theories at his website. Over the years I used several articles posted there, but I usually have a slow connection so I rarely get to listen to his or any other radio shows. When I first agreed to do his show I was a bit suprised since there was nothing on communitariansm in his published work. If I remember correctly it was Bobby Garner's writing to Henry Makow about the ACL, who then contacted Rense regarding my work.

He's billing tonight's show as "Palin and Communitarianism." Good thing I've read everything I had time to read about her... she took up the entire first section of the Sunday edition of the Anchorage Daily News. What a crazy turn of events.



Anonymous said...

Good luck on the Rense Show tonight, Niki!

I am looking forward to listening.



lark said...

Oh hell's bells - I missed it!

Will it be re-aired, Niki?

Incidentally, I found this link tonight regarding Sarah Palin, and I wasn't sure you and your readers had seen it:


Palin's Demon Haunted Churches and the Third Wave

Did a little more research on dispensationalism, millenialism, 'End Times', Darby, the early Pilgrims, and the Quakers today.

Little did I know I'd spend too much time re-reading Aleister Crowley's stuff again after I'd remembered his parents were intimates of Darby - who was, of course, called the 'father of the dispensationalist movement'.

Crowley was called an anti-semite, yet most of his friends were Jews, and I must say (at the Wikipedia entry on him) he provided a fairly cogent, concise insight into the collective Jewish mind that I found compelling and felt rather appreciative of.

However, too many zealots and political Zionists are only too happy to exploit those malleable enough to let them. I understand the mindset of the Sayanim who has felt put-upon by Christians and Muslims, and thus felt like s/he must always support the 'Jewish agenda' within his/her closeted community. But I sometimes resent their colossal arrogance and the fact that they openly humiliate these same 'Christian soldiers' who fight and die in the wars for them too.

Personally, I've always liked Jewish people very much, no matter their perceived faults. Life in this world would be a whole lot less interesting and enjoyable without them. Even though I happen to know they have infiltrated the Christ-centered churches for at least the past 2000 years I can't honestly say this is a reason to hate them - it's liars, thieves, murderers, and worshipful warmongers I find so distasteful!

At a widely-read Jewish site the other night... one commenter wondered... was the good governor a dominionist or a 'righteous Gentile'?

The commenter seemed to be saying, if I recall correctly, was she dangerous, or was she sympathetic to the Greater Israel cause for WWIV and the 'final' worldwide solution as advanced by her Talmudist rabbi friends.

I think she'd be quite willing to influence anything she can to advance the communitarian spiritual kingdom, as espoused by New Agers like Rabbi Michael Lerner... and 'willed by G-d.' Then too, I'm just as certain she would be like putty in the hands of those rich criminals who mean to do harm to our country and its 'non-elect' citizens, as well.

So when do we get to hear the replay, Niki? :)

the tent lady said...

Thanks for the cheers 4allofus.com! I went to your site and looked around, and because of it I wish I could have explained a bit more about how I see the animal rights platform in Alaska. Besides how convinced I am that wildlife, land and forestry management is a local matter in every state, I wanted to make the point about how all the issues are dialectically designed to divide us as a nation. The most controversial issues successfully create real conflict between friends, familiies and citizens. Issue driven political movements play a larger role in the global games than most participants are led to believe.

This might seem off topic, but the best book I can recommend for those wondering about the real Alaskan political scene is "The Firecracker Boys" by Robert(?) Johnson, a professor at the Geophysical Institute at UAF. It tells how our most prominent political leaders were willing to allow the most insane destruction of our coastline and how the first environmental impact statement was made by AK professors at Point Hope, AK. They were attached to a AEC project studying the feasibilty of using nukes to bomb a harbor on the western coast of Alaska in the 1960s. It was the Inupiat village people who stopped the plan to nuke Alaska. I learned so much from this book; I didn't know the first Greenpeace expedition came across from Canada to bring attention to the nuclear dumping going on off Kodiak Island.

Sorry Lark, I don't think Rense has replays and he charges for access to his old shows.

It wasn't one of the easier interviews I've had with him. I found it best when we discussed the proposed Ashland City charter and there was something to focus on. I was prepared to talk about Palin's participation in community policing and economic development but he had decided not to talk about Palin because of the ferocious way she's being attacked, and I really don't want to add to that smear campaign (especially since ALL Alaskans are being smeared along with her!) So I found myself telling the same story of how I got into my work 10 years ago and trying to explain for the 100th time what communitarianism is. I'm starting to feel like a broken record.

Bobby Garner said...

Maybe its in their interest to hold the anti-communitarian discourse at the present level. Damage control?

It may be an old record, but I didn't detect any scratches. Good job!