Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Sean Dix's War with Johnson and Johnson and CNN

I just got an email from the inventor of sterilized floss rings and string, and I found his story to be a good example of how naive we all can be when it comes to names and agencies we've been taught to "trust." Many of my good friends insist I should watch CNN so I know what's "going on in the world." Most people I know watch the TV "news" every morning and every evening. They think it means they're well-informed.

After ten years of study we do not trust or believe anyone on TV, period. We hope somebody we know will order some of this new floss and tell us what they think about it. I already lost all my teeth so it can't help me, but maybe it can help some of you. Plus, this is a story of one man's perserverance and acts of desperation while facing formidable opponents. It's also a shameful expose of the U.S. Dept of Justice's refusal to investigate a crime. (Someone from DOJ was here this morning reading my COPS-Israel post, maybe they'll come back and read this one tomorrow and check into Sean's claims, as per their job description.) I did NOT know Johnson & Johnson's dental floss is not sterilized, did you? Like Sean, I just assumed it was.

Sean Dix, The American Dream, And Justice
(Floss At Your Own Risk) Part I
By Mary Sparrowdancer
© Copyright, July 2008
7-17-8, rense.com

"In 1993, a gifted young inventor in Manhattan named Sean Dix created and then patented a new dental flossing device called FlossRings. His next patented invention was sterilized dental floss in five-inch segments that would be inserted into the FlossRings. These were revolutionary advancements in dental health care, but Sean did not realize how revolutionary they were at the time. He would not discover until 1995, that his would be the only sterilized and sterilely packaged floss in the industry. Like most of us, Sean assumed that all dental floss was sterile. The unfortunate truth is that it is not."

For more information about Sean Dix and how to order STERILIZED Dental Floss directly from his company, go to: http://www.flossrings.com/

Hey! Maybe Clinton's Global Initative will make a difference in Sean's fight for justice. They have a committment to action and a huge funding base to help people all over the world. If Sean becomes a "global citizen" will that help his case? Sterile floss is a global health issue, isn't it?

In the meantime, I am way behind on answering all your emails because I have to take time to finish the manifesto by the 30th and get ready for winter. It's already down to 15 at night and we don't have insulation yet, which means we're buring too much wood and I have to cut and haul it myself. It may be late summer outside, but in interior Alaska it's almost winter. My lifestyle requires that I prepare accordingly, or we all freeze to death. Thanks for you patience and understanding and offers of supplies. The answer to all your questions starting with "Do you need?" is "Yes, thank-you." The answer to all the letters asking, "what can we do?" is the same. I don't know what to do, but maybe if you think about it you'll come up with something good and share it with the rest of us. The goal of my work is not to tell people how to react, it's only to get them thinking in that direction.

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