Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Speak Your Piece: Palin Makes Alaska Even Cooler, by Kathy Kitts

My sister Kathy/fishtaxi is writing for the Daily Yonder. Her first article shows the diverse Alaskan reactions to Palin's candidacy and how it doesn't have to become a dialectical conflict between people of vastly different views. We have enough reasons to bicker as sisters, we don't need a new "issue" to divide us. My sisters supported our ACL research from the beginning. Kathy has donated a laptop, both her and Judy donate warm clothes and materials. Judy got me passes to fly to our mom's hospital bed in 2002 and to get me out of Fairbanks after my caretaking job on the Wood River. The ACL's Girl Scout tent was pitched in Kathy's backyard in 2004. My sister Sue is one of the original founders and writers for the ACL (she was the one who suggested our name). Thanks for including us Kath! We like your style. :)

Kathy stopped by on her way to a cookjob in a hunting camp in Cold Bay. She's a great cook and they're in for a real treat. Catherine Fletcher-Gilbert stopped by with some Balm of Giliad (we use it for bug dope and lots of things). She wants to give basketweaving seminars in our gertee. We've discussed it before and hope to incorporate it in with classes from Tim on dog mushing, sled making, trapmaking, winter skills, wildlife photoshoots and all the other good stuff he knows. We watched Catherine weave one today while we visited and it's amazing to realize how essential baskets are to life, the fact that they've been a staple of human life forever, and none of us besides her know how to do it. Moving to the country I quickly grasped how disenfranchised I've become from my cultural heritage. Humans used to make things that fit their needs perfectly.

Lots of old material on the walls of the former "museum gertee," but it has a partial tile floor and still feels sunny and inviting inside. Now that it's warm too it's a gorgeous improvement over the last model. I can see the stars through the roofhole and there was a hint of Northern Lights last night.

Summer walls under winter modifications

Radiant Guard and tar paper insulation

Stove installed... changes EVERYTHING

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