Saturday, May 31, 2008

"Coercive democracy"

From Peter Myers' elist I got this link to this commentary by By ARNAUD DE BORCHGRAVE
UPI Editor at Large, called "Tower of Babble Rabble". Borchgrave thinks Scott McClennan's "expose" of the phony reason for the Iraq war merely states the obvious.

But then he mentions what I know is the real motivation for the war, and for every war the U.S. and the U.N. are fighting... "coercive democracy", also known to insiders and active participants as "rebuilding community."

"So McClellan is correct when he writes senior administration officials began a campaign in 2002 to "aggressively sell the war," even as he and other officials insisted all options were on the table. Of course, it was a war of choice, not of necessity, as he writes. The Bush administration's main motive for invading Iraq was to introduce "coercive democracy.""
Amazing how this prominent member of mainstream media calls Americans who believed the official "neocon's" disinformation forced upon them by mainstream media "a gullible, manipulated public." Why is it always the gullible, misinformed, lied to public who comes off looking like the big schmuck these days? Everyone thinks they have the right to call everyone else stupid, even the liars whose lies make us stupid.

I've always seen Iraq as a pilot test for violently exporting communitarian values, especially since I learned U.S. Marines were hosting Neighborhood Watch and helping to establish neighborhood councils. The the first government established was totally communitarian and even a few well known scholars called it that. Then Etzioni explained how the disestablishment clause of the U.S. Constitution doesn't prohibit the U.S. government from establishing a secular government in Iraq, uh huh. So, now we have this term coercive democracy, and it appears to exist without any need for a definition or even a trite explanation of what it means.

Mr UPI also defined the neocon's disinformation as leading us to believe we were "locked in an existential struggle with Iraq." Existential is an interesting choice of words in this context, especially since existentialism is based in Hegelian dialectical thinking... at it's most extreme. And I'm guessing not one of the 60% who believed Saddam Hussein was behind 9/11 have the first clue what existentialism is and not one of them would describe the pre-war struggle with Iraq by using that term. This is the biggest barrier between the American people and their communitarian trained captors. We don't speak the same language.

Democracy, to our Republic's fonders, was a formula for tryranny and mob rule. Today the U.S. and much of the world believes democracy means freedom and free things. Wonder what they think it means in Iraq and Afghanistan.

On a personal level,

I'm still getting letters from people who think I should be doing more to get the word out or that I should find a way to lead our people to freedom. In a way it's like they want me to practice a form of coercive democracy. I'm supposed to find a way to trick people into understanding they're being tricked. It's been suggested that I simplify my "message" and focus on one thing, like the International Bankers because they're an easy to identify target. So it just isn't enough that I focus on the one thing that ties everything together, to some people this means I should do more (or less) depending on what they need from me. I'm also noticing a resentment against what I'm doing in Alaska, which is just living and trying to keep food on the table, like everybody else. Even NWO researchers have to eat sometime, and it's getting harder and harder to make a living if you can't comply with communitarian employment requirements. I also have to think about my daughter who has been with me through all of this. We're working day and night trying to get ourselves set up so that we can afford to let me work on the ACL full time again. I just spent eight months of winter in an 18' round tent. I have to allow myself time outside to plant a garden. I'm making my own job because one does not exist for me. It is my life after all, and as far as I know, it's the only one I'll get. I want to finish the Hegel series but I'm so far behind in other projects that bring in money that I doubt I'll get to it before fall. If things go right this summer I can write all next winter without any distractions other than an empty woodbox. And my writing is often much better after I've moved dirt... it helps me to see things differently. I'm thinking a lot lately about how much better land is after a human hand has groomed it, not to mention how much safer it is to cut back the trees and high shrubs because of the fires.

Maybe I should start telling people what I think they should do.

If there's one thing I think everyone should do it's this: go read your local Agenda 21 Plan, whatever it's called. If every American and foreign national read their local plan, maybe then we'd have a global uprising and massive recalls at the local levels. We could destroy the plan from the bottom up, tier by tier. We are powerless to do anything at the top but we hold ALL the power at the bottom, which is where most of us live anyway. And there are many local groups around the country and abroad who are doing what they can to expose it to their neighbors and elected officials. If you're unsure of how to read your LA21 plan and how to identify the communitarian councils and laws used to coerce democracy in your community, I wrote a short little book called 2020: Our Common Destiny, which explains exactly how to do it.


Anonymous said...

Great post. Very scary. Thanks.

S. said...


I'm glad to hear you are out of the Gertee and digging in the dirt. Please ignore the people that encourage you to "spearhead" the "opposition". You are already doing this. And you are doing it without falling into the trap of being a "leader" or finding the right "group to blame".

In one of your radio interviews (I think that's where I heard it,)... you said that three subjects are taboo: Zionism, Communism and Masonry or the secret societies. People need to realize that not only are these taboo groups doing a lot of work to subvert and manipulate us, but that they all work together, even if it is begrudgingly. WE cannot expose them effectively, we cannot identify them definitively, and we certainly cannot fight them at the top.

We can do as you say. Read our local plan and understand it. Then we can organize across the bottom. Slowly building small groups that encourage change via exposure and "accountability"... one small area/town at a time.

I've been busy. I took my family on vacation to the Oregon coast. I'm changing to a new job in the Home Medical field. Johnny's wheelchair project is only months from being ready. I'm looking forward to better wages, more time off and opportunity to advance quickly in my new job. This will free me up to study the LA 21 here in the rural Pacific Northwest, and then maybe I can get some farmers and soccer moms to help me put these people to task. Some very basic issues can be addressed. I already see "their plan" everywhere. If I can get a few people to read/research it with me, then we can start to make them feel the pressure. The pressure of knowing we know. Maybe we can coerce their "consensus democracy".

Peace to you's up there. Hope Freddy's doing good...Baby Carly May sure is!

Your chance to write will come in due time... Just get some nice colors going in the garden and you'll feel relieved. I know we do!

Bobby Garner said...

Religions and governments have used persuasion and coercion for control purposes for as long as they have existed. The people who refuse to support either of them today are extremely few. Everyone else is either actively supporting some program or agenda, or they are totally detached and doing or thinking absolutely nothing. In any case, they all "believe" that persuasion is both good and necessary. Many of those are unable to make a distinction between persuasion and coercion if the coercion favors something they sincerely believe in. Therefore, a democratic society will eagerly support Coercive Democracy because democracy is so sweet and dear to them. What they are incapable of understanding is that the very moment Coercive Democracy has been achieved, the agenda will move to the next level of enslavement where the MOB voice will no longer be heard, in fact will not be tolerated.

It is only those very few individuals who possess the ability to achieve the requisite understanding of how all this works, who can possibly be effective in making any kind of beneficial impact.

My studies have convinced me that the only possible activity which has a chance of succeeding at all is what I try to do myself, which is to present the proof that persuasion is the liars primary tool for the establishment of widespread belief in his lies.

When someone tries to use persuasion to establish belief in the truth of whatever he is teaching, his audience has NO effective method of determining the essential difference between his message and that of the best liar. In short, the 'truther' cannot possible top the best liar in the effective use of persuasion.

What this means to me is that the only thing which makes any sense is not so much to make the truth available, but more importantly, to give them access to the tools they need to understand the psychological methods use against them which causes them to believe the best liars that comes along.

Until people develop the ability to figure out who the liars are, they will never be capable of understanding the truth. It is pointless to try to teach the truth about anything to anyone. All we can really do is encourage people to figure it out for themselves. This doesn't feel right because it deviates so far from anything most of us have ever experienced, but it is in fact, the only thing which has any chance of success. It will succeed one person at a time for every person who sees the need to do his own research and study.

Those who expect to be persuaded are like a Boxer who outsources the workout exercises before a championship match. The one doing the work will without fail reap the full benefit, and no one else.

I have been roundly criticized for quoting John Ruskin and others with whom I would obviously disagree on many thing. This is an example of how the truth is so easily dismissed by people who are blinded by their own beliefs.

John Ruskin said: "Without seeking, truth cannot be known at all. It can neither be declared from pulpits, nor set down in articles, nor in any wise prepared and sold in packages ready for use. Truth must be ground for every man by itself out of it such, with such help as he can get, indeed, but not without stern labor of his own."

We cannot do the heavy lifting for those we may wish to reach.