Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The assassination of William McKinley

One of the most interesting discoveries we made in the course of our anticommunitarian studies was that President William McKinley was shot in a building built especially for the World's Fair in 1901 called the Temple of Mvsik, and his tomb in Ohio bears a striking resemblence to the structure of the Temple of Mvsik.

What is MVSIK? (See: http://mum.org/armemcc.htm) The best explanation I could find for the word "mvsik" is that it has something to do with menstrual blood and withcraft ceremonies. Once I found that little tidbit of weirdness, I pretty much took off in other directions. As I refresh myself in preparation for Part II of my Hegel series I have come, in a roundabout way, back to considering the "deeper" implications of McKinley's torturous death. He did not die from the assassins' bullets, he was saved by a black man named Big Ben Parker. He died at the home of an attorney representing big business at the time, and there's the fact that NO qualified surgeon was allowed to treat the President's wound. McKinley was treated by a gynocologist who had never performed surgery in his career. At the time it was just all weird... but now that I think about it again...why choose a gynocologist to treat a man wounded in the menstrual Temple of Blood? And, McKinley's dying words of acceptance can be understood in several different ways. He had a full Scottish Templars funeral procession, as he was a fellow-traveler too.

What role (if any) did witchcraft and freemasonry really play in American political history? What am I to make of the connections between LSD and the 60s drug culture, the Order of the Red Dawn, alchemy, sorcery, qaballa, witchcraft, hocus-pocus, Satanism to the CIA, MK-ULTRA and all the other creepy possible aspects of the Communitarian Church? I grew up in the 70s and did more than my share of experimentation. This former 70s wild child tripped along without the slightest idea of who was behind the manufacturing and distribution of our local drug supplies. 15 year olds don't ask those kinds of questions, do they? Then, when I got sober in 1990, there was (magically?) a whole "recovery" movement just waiting to "help" me by introducing me to "advanced" spiritual beliefs, that, as it turns out, were the same beliefs held by the people who designed the drugs. By 1995 I quit the program after I recognized it as a cult, but I had NO idea what the basis for the cult actually was. Not that I "know" any more today, but the evidence I am reading is leading me to re-look at some of things I've previously ignored.

My Christian upbringing forbade indulging in the occult, yet everyone in my family was a witness to numerous psychic occurances. My mother later in her life expanded her beliefs to include astrology and reincarnation, among other things. In 1979 when I was living in Hawaii I had a dream about a car crash on the Waimea bridge, which was so vivid I told it to my roommates when I woke. Two days later I was in that car crash, and I sat on Waimea Bay alone (a very dangerous thing to do if you're a blond!) long past sunset. I was so absorbed in thinking about all the years I had ridiculed my older sister for her psychic visions, that I forgot where I was.

My sister Susan has this belief that when children suffer attrocities at the hands of their caretakers, parents or otherwise, their soul "flees" and takes refuge someplace else. I always thought that was a cop-out ideology as it removed the ultimate personal responsibily for criminal acts and it was also my pattern, as I easily discounted most anything that I couldn't understand (or gave me the creeps). The truth is, even if it's highly unlikely, my dad could very easily have been more than what he was. His military connections include special forces operatives and they all work in close association with the CIA. Recently released government records show the U.S. Army was spraying the American people with chemicals including LSD. This seems so nuts, but all these years I've been trying to figure out WHY I devoted myself so intensely to studying the Communitarians, and I can't help but wonder if I'm a CIA experiment gone awry. Of course that wouldn't (or would it?) explain my dad's absolute rules against my drug use (which I never heeded). But, one main purpose of all the CIA experimentation was mind control, and so in my case it would appear the opposite occured, unless I consider what I might have become had I not stopped my natural progress and devoted twenty years to getting high.

Either way, I was one of millions of unwitting teenage "volunteers" in U.S. government sponsored drug induced behavior research. But, instead of joining the Theosophical Movement, a witch's coven or the orgies, I just partied at keggers and in the discos, and when I was ready to quit partying, the best option for my recovery from partying was "them." I thought I was "done" with the bulk of my research (and my recovery), now I find that I haven't even begun to peel back the layers of the Communitarian Church's influences on the U.S., let alone my own psyche.

So now I have to learn more about The Nine, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Baily (who's so far not even mentioned in this book I'm reading) alchemy, freemasonry, sorcery, Christian and Judaic Cabbalah, and MVSIK. How's that for going "deeper?"

For some time after we published the Hegel tutorial I continued to seek documents that would prove/disprove our thesis. I logged what I was finding at http://nord.twu.net/acl/dialectic.2.html

Thanks to all commenters on the last post. I appreciate the input and the concern. I am a bit suprised so many of my readers don't think I should bother "debating" upper academia even though I understand that they are as programmed to think their way as I am to thinking mine. I'm still foolishly hopeful that a genuine debate is a good thing, thinking that, at the very least, it would open it up to commoners across the globe who are being manipulated into believing the big lie. Someone from Vassar has spent a lot of time at our manifesto... maybe we'll hear from them sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Niki,
ZOMG, you are so smart. You are proof of that saying 'cream rises to the top'. I have to sit down and read this post more closely. But it reminded me of something else you may like to read in the meantime. It is real first person, primary source material. -And it's free!

'Under the Prophet in Utah:
The National Menace of a Political Priestcraft'

It was written by a former Congressman sometime back in the 19th century. It is highly instructive if you read it with an eye to the present day.