Monday, May 12, 2008

More miniatures from PrimitivWerks

Making all kinds of things out of the box of wood I bought off ebay for 11 bucks. I used it to make eleven miniature Alaskan scenes and now I've made three tables and two benches, a cutting board, and the new door is lovely. It's like my dream gertee, I can only imagine what this would be like to live in. It will definitely give people a very different idea of what living in a yurt is like. I see it like how realtors use a furnished model home to sell new and unbuilt houses, and the only thing I can't do the same as they do is make cookies so it smells homey too.

So far feedback for the scenes is great, even burly men ooh and ahh when they realize how many things are in them. Everyone asks "How'd you get the Chitina bumper stickers so small?" It's amazing how few people out here know what we can do with photos these days. The fishing scene is the most popular so far, but everyone loves the miniature beers and vodka, heh. It's backbreaking work and killing my eyes but I'm finding it gratifying and thinking that in another life I would have been a carpenter for sure. My style is simple and very rustic but the wood is so nice it makes up for my lack of skill. By the third table I started sanding them, huge difference.

miniature cutting board on hutch
(I added the shelves)

miniature kitchen in gertee

miniature island with bench

miniature dining table and bench (in LR)

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